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Barxbuddy Review – Harmful? Or Helpful? Must Read Before You Buy

If you are a dog owner, you must know how adorable dogs are. They provide endless fun and entertainment and are probably your best and most faithful companion. Your love for your beloved dog is definitely unconditional. But unfortunately, the barking of your dog can be quite annoying sometimes!

As much as you hate to accept the fact, dogs are not perfect! From annoying to dangerous and cute to faithful, they can be anything in between. Especially when they bark continuously, we often fail to understand the reasons. There could be countless reasons, hunger, excitement, danger, loneliness, and many more…!

Barking is a natural response, and it means they are trying to get your attention. And unluckily, sometimes this best friend can turn extremely bothersome when you hear them barking for hours and couldn’t do anything to stop. But you don’t have to worry anymore! Now you can safely get your canine companion to stop barking with a single push of a button.

That’s what Barxbuddy claims. This small device says that it can easily stop your dog from barking and offer you great peace of mind when you are sleeping.

But is it actually worth buying? Isn’t it harmful to the dog? What benefits does it offer? There must be lots of confusion and questions in your mind, so in our today’s Barxbuddy review, we are going to clear every confusion for you.

What is Barxbuddy?

Barxbuddy is a small device that generates a sound on a particular frequency that only dogs can hear. The device features a small button. When you press that button, your dog will hear that specific sound and stop barking due to whatever reason.

Also note that the Barxbuddy device emits an LED light, which means that the device is properly functioning. Its sound may be confusing and startling to dogs the first time they hear but the sound is not dangerous or uncomfortable, so you don’t need to get worried about the health conditions of your dog. Its noise is a little bothersome for them and can stop them from barking.

Some Notable Specs of Barxbuddy:

Here are some notable specs of the device that you may need to know before buying it.

  • Range- 11 yards
  • Size- 9 x 1.7 x 1 inches
  • Colors- Available in yellow and black
  • Weight- Around .63 ounces
  • Settings available- Bark stopping, training, and LED.
  • Functionality- Requires a single 9-volt battery.
  • Frequency-25 kHz

Here’s How Barxbuddy Device Works:

According to the customers who bought the device, Barxbuddy responds instantly to the sound the device emits.

  • When you feel that your dog is demonstrating an unwanted and annoying behavior, turn the device on. Press the lower training button after which it emits a high-frequency pitch heard by your dog only.
  • After that, your dog will instantly stop barking and will focus on the ultrasonic waves emitted by the device.
  • Once they get calm, let go of the button.
  • Make sure you are using positive reinforcement while appreciating your dog.
  • The device also features a high-powered LED light which is mainly used to get the attention of your dog.

So, Does the Device Really Works?

The answer is yes. This small device actually does work. That’s not only confirmed by me, but you will find many positive reviews on their official website.

Every dog owner who used the device found out that their dog stopped demonstrating unwanted behavior once they heard the high-frequency sound.

With time, the device helps owners to train their dogs and teach discipline. It will help them learn that their behavior is wrong, and they need to fix it.

Features of Barxbuddy Device:

To make the most informed decision, you need to learn its incredible features.

  • Easy to use: The device has adjustable settings, and is available with one-button activation. You don’t have to go through some complicated instructions to use the device.
  • Safe: The device produces 30,000 Hz sound, so it is safe and powerful to use for your dog without getting it hurt. Its frequency is never heard by a man, so it is not harmful to anyone.
  • Compact: It’s a very small device that makes it easy to carry even while traveling. You can keep it in your pocket or purse as well.
  • Durable and effective: Barxbuddy device is very durable and effective. You can use it every day for your dog. Even if it drops a few times or you are not using it carefully, it will still function normally.
  • Affordable: Another amazing feature is, the device is extremely affordable. You can easily get it from as low as $39.9. But keep in mind that the device may cost you a bit more during certain times of the year or when you don’t buy it from the real manufacturers.

What Makes the Device Popular?

If you want to curb your dog’s bad behavior and put an end to their incessant behavior, the device is for you!

  1. Multipurpose training uses
  2. It improves the quality of life
  3. Saves time and money
  4. Deter aggressive dog behavior

Is Barxbuddy Harmful to Dogs?

No, BarxBuddy is a device that is declared non-harmful and completely safe for your dogs. The device features ultrasonic technology as well lasers and lights that are not harmful to dogs or humans. The device never causes any pain for dogs or other animals.

Where Should the Device be Purchased?

If you are looking to buy a Barxbuddy device on different platforms such as Walmart, Amazon, or from different online retailers, you may not be able to get it from anywhere.

The reason is the device is only available on the original Barxbuddy official website. They are the only ones who are selling it right now.

So, this means if you do find the device anywhere else, you should be very careful and consider the features and specs before buying because it will be likely to be sold at a higher price and might be a big scam or imitation.

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