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10 Best Dating Sites in Australia

Cuddling up in bed, eating popcorn, and watching Netflix are great, but that can’t be compared with the joy of having someone closer to you and with whom you can share all your interests.

If you have never been in a relationship, I am sure you must be looking to create a meaningful connection with someone who stands with you through all thick and thins. Making a connection with a person which leads to long-term commitment is a big challenge today. And getting that special person in some traditional setting is almost like fishing in the dead sea – totally impossible!

But don’t worry, that’s where dating sites come from. They have made it incredibly easy to scope out the options and find your desired person from the comfort and privacy of your home. The best part about using these sites is, that they work fabulously and help create better connections.

So, by keeping everything in mind, here I have compiled a list of the best dating sites in Australia that help you mingle with someone who has the same goals, likes, and dislikes as yours. Find out what these dating sites do and what makes them an excellent option among others.

Best Dating Sites in Australia:

Here are a few dating sites in Australia that are currently the big hit:

  • Tinder
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hater
  • OkCupid
  • Clover
  • eHarmony
  • Elite Singles
  • Happen
  • Zoosk
  • Bumble

1. Tinder:


When it comes to online dating sites, Tinder is probably the #1 choice of most people in the world, including in Australia.

It’s no surprise that Tinder has changed the concept of online dating. Due to the iconic swipe method, it has already won the hearts of so many people in Australia.

You can swift left and right to see if there is someone your match with or whether someone is interested in dating you. It is fun, quick, and very effective as compared to other dating sites.

The overall process is easy to understand and hassle-free. You find some subscription options as well which offer some added features like someone can message you whenever they want.

2. Plenty of Fish:

plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish is another reliable and original dating website that was first launched in 2003 and now has become the easiest use dating site in Australia.

If you want a long-term relationship with the right person, this is the best app to choose. It has an algorithm that helps meet your expectations of a special person.

Its goal is to help people find a person which is well-suited to their needs and romantic interests. Now due for that reason, it has got lots of users even more than Tinder.

3. Hater:


Hater is not much popular in Australia, currently. However, it is an interesting dating app. Unlike other apps that follow the traditional concept of helping users make connections through shared likes and interests, Hater creates matches according to the mutual dislikes of people.

So, if you are bored of answering those standard questionnaires, this app might attract you a lot. It will give you an extensive range of topics that you need to swipe and which indicates if you like the person or not.

4. OkCupid:


OkCupid is an ideal option for people because messaging people and viewing their profiles is totally free. The app is best known for being LGBTQI friendly.

So, when you will sign up, you need to specify what type of relationship you want. Whether you are looking for a simple hookup, long-term relationship, or marriage.

5. Clover:


You might not know about clover, but it is also very reliable and easy to use.

Like other dating apps, it allows you to scroll through different members and then swipe left and right based on your interests. You can discover different added features with Clover that other apps do not offer.

You can also filter members according to your interests and preferences. More importantly, you don’t need to scroll through every profile, instead, a user can filter different members and look through people who meet their requirements.

This saves a lot of time and gives you a secure feeling while knowing that you are going to match someone who has shared interests.

6. eHarmony:


This dating app is best for people who want long-term commitment and looking for a person to get married to.

Unlike other sites, this site is not best for hook-ups or casual dates. It boasts a special algorithm that helps people find a perfect match easily. More interestingly, a website features a formula that helps users identify some best possible matches according to the desired dimensions of compatibility.

eHarmony also offers free membership but in a restricted way. In order to find the right person for a long-term relationship or marriage, you need to pay a specified amount every month.

7. Elite Singles:

elite singles

Elite Singles is the most reputable website which is primarily best for educated people who are extremely qualified but couldn’t find true love in their lives. Instead of casual hookups, the site is not ideal for casual hookups.

You can fill out a highly detailed personality profile using this app. You can easily contact people who have the same goals and preferences as yours.

When you join the app, it asks a lot of questions about your likes and personality, which means a person is more likely to get the right match.

8. Happen:


Happen is one of the most interesting apps that follows a different approach to dating. You can easily merge your daily life with online dating by showing your profiles to people you actually met. If you are a shy person and walk past people every morning in the park but couldn’t approach them directly, then happen could be your best bet.

You can find people in chronological order which allows you to click on their profile to create a connection. The creators of this app implemented all the necessary measures to save a person from embarrassment.

For example, the person won’t know that you liked them unless they also do the same! When both parties like each other, the system will automatically allow you to develop a connection and start communication.

9. Zoosk:


Zoosk is the most popular and reliable dating app in Australia that has more than 1.1 million members. The best feature of this app is, that it is free to use. You don’t have to pay a single dime to start communication with someone you like.

However, it comes with different subscription options that give you access to use multiple features.

When you will join the website, you need to complete the profile and perform a compatibility quiz. By doing this, the app will allow the algorithm to identify some “smart matches” that fit your specified criteria.

10. Bumble:


Though many Aussies do not know much about Bumble, but it is gradually making its waves in the country due to its effectiveness. There are more than 1.1 million Australian members in the Bumble app, so the chances of finding a suitable match are comparatively higher than in other apps.

Like Tinder, users swipe left and right to find a perfect match. And when the match is created, a woman is required to send the message first.

This is just because women feel more confident and empowered while preventing them from being bombarded with tons of irritating “Hellos” from men.

Have You Ever Used These Dating Sites?

So, what’s your experience with using dating sites? Have you ever used any one of them? If yes, what’s your favorite site?

However, if you have not currently used any dating site, but planning to use them for finding the perfect match, make sure you try one of these best dating sites in Australia that allows you to find the suitable person based on your needs, interests, and other standards.

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