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5 Best Dummies for Newborns in Australia

Finding the best dummies for newborns is such a daunting task. You need to consider a plethora of elements before choosing the right dummy for your newborn.

Buying dummies, soothers, or pacifiers, whatever you call them in your language totally depends on your personal preferences. Many parents consider it the best way to satisfy their baby’s sucking instincts. Dummies help newborns relax, dissolve their discomfort, and settle them down for sleep.

These dummies are created with a special kind of mouth shield that prevents choking or even swallowing. So, they are completely safe and effective. In fact, many dummies are designed based on your unique custom needs and are best for both babies and toddlers.

However, the real challenge is, finding the best dummy that is made of high-quality materials, fully orthodontic and does not cause any allergy or inflammation.

Here I have compiled a list of some best dummies for newborns in Australia that are available at a very decent price and recommended by 95% of moms.

Best Dummies for Newborns in Australia:

Have a look at this mom’s favorite list of best dummies for newborns.

  • Medela Baby Soft Silicone Soothers
  • BIBS Dummies
  • Nanobébé Flexy Pacifiers
  • Haakaa Silicone Dummy
  • Avent Bear Soothie 2 Packs
  1. Medela Baby Soft Silicone Soothers:

If you are looking for a super soft soother for the sensitive oral health of your newborn, Medela is the right choice to consider.

It is extremely soft, flexible, and just lightweight like a feather. This efficiently created soft silicone baby dummy is even the best choice for babies over 6 months. It is designed to support the baby’s natural sucking instincts.

It is small, compact, and orthodontic. Plus, it is a Swiss-made product and completely BPA free.


  • No harmful material
  • Soft like feather
  • Available in different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Duo packaging
  • Lasts long


2. BIBS Dummies:

BIBS is a traditional-looking cherry-shaped dummy, which is probably the favorite choice of all moms in Australia. By far, they are the best-looking dummies all over Australia that come in extensive varieties of colors.

These dummies are originally created in Denmark by including 100% food-safe materials. You can pick any color that can attract your baby the most. These dummies feature a uniquely designed one that usually mimics your actual nipple shape. The BIBS dummies also have a natural rubber teat that makes them ideal for breastfed and bottled-fed babies.


  • Attractive design
  • Comes in 36 colors
  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and other materials
  • Orthodontist’s approved choice
  • Trusted by parents for more than 40 years


  1. Nanobébé Flexy Pacifiers:

Finding a pacifier that is ideal for both newborns and growing babies is quite difficult. If you are looking for the same dummy, then you are lucky. Nanobébé Flexy Pacifiers is the one that can suit your baby’s needs. It is also one of the affordable choices for mums with a strict budget as you can only get it for $5.49.

You can easily use it, as it bends and flexes. This pacifier is very lightweight and has a unique design. It is made of 100% silicone that is designed to stay fit in your baby’s mouth. It gives comfort and relaxation to the baby and has extra soft nipples that satisfy his sucking instincts. This dummy can be used for more than 3 months of baby.


  • Extra soft and breathable
  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect for babies
  • Familiar shape with natural nipples
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Award-winning and trustable product
  • Long-lasting


  1. Haakaa Silicone Dummy:

One of the best dummies for newborns is made of food-grade materials which are considered to be a safe and effective choice.

The product is beautifully designed that usually mimics the shape of a mum’s breast. This Haakaa silicone dummy is made of 100% silicone material which has proved to be an all-rounder. It has a unique u-shaped design that automatically stimulates breathing through the nose.

You don’t even need the cranky teether in presence of this super-soft Haakaa silicone dummy that is designed to give relief and comfort to your baby. According to manufacturers, you can even put it in the freezer as it can relieve sore gums if your baby is teething.


  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Best for sore gums
  • Made of soft silicone
  • Ergonomic shape and design
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Free from all the artificial colors
  • Soft like natural nipples
  • Affordable for all budgets
  • Trusted by every mom
  • Easy to clean


  1. Avent Bear Soothie 2 Packs:

Avent bear soothie is one-of-a-kind dummies for newborns that soothe and calm babies if they are crying or feeling restless. It is best for 3 months and older babies. The unique part about this dummy is, it is made of hospital-grade materials. It also features latex-free silicone that gives you baby strength, relaxation, and comfort for a long time.

Its shape is very unique and attractive. It features a ‘Beary’ cute design. You can simply put a finger in the nipple so you can help your baby suck properly.

It also has a collapsible nipple that comes in a symmetrical shape and is designed according to the teeth and palate of your baby. The product has also been used by doctors and nurses in Australia to soothe crying babies. Moreover, its bear-shaped design also attracts newborns and they ultimately feel relaxed while holding or sucking.


  • Great orthodontic design
  • Medical grade materials
  • Super soft and lightweight
  • One hole in a nipple for easy sucking and holding
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in blue and green colors
  • Long-lasting product
  • Best for both 3 months and older babies
  • BPA free dummy

Avent bear soothie

Have You Ever Used these Best Dummies for Newborns?

So, after reading this detailed review about the best dummies for newborns in Australia, you must have been planning to buy the one for your newborn. Well, if you aren’t yet, then let’s decide what’s the right choice for you as they can help your baby feel relaxed, comfortable, and much more active.

However, whatever dummy you plan to buy, make sure they are free from all the damages and cracks. In fact, purchase them from the official website so you can get an original product free from all defects.

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