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7 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2022

When your kids leave for school in the morning, you make sure that they have already carried a few essentials with them like their water bottle, backpack, colors, books, and homework. No matter your children are in pre-school or high school, they must love to buy the best lunch boxes for kids to pack their nutritious food.

Whether your kid is a picky eater or one who loves to try new eatables, the right lunch box can make things a bit easier and help him finish his lunch in a more convenient and exciting way.

So, if you are in a market in search of the best lunch boxes for kids but couldn’t choose the one that suits their needs, then wait! After a detailed analysis, here we have compiled a list of a few interesting, reliable, and lightweight lunch boxes for your kids that are surely easy to open, convenient to carry, and keep their lunch hot all day!

Best Lunch Boxes for Kids:

  1. Bento Kids Childen’s Lunch Box
  2. DaCool Kids Lunch Box
  3. FlowFly Lunch Box- The Best Travel Companion
  4. OmieBox- Separate Containers for Hot and Cold Food
  5. Go Green Lunch Box- Equipped with Turn- n- Lock Technology
  6. Planet Box Shuttle Lunchbox
  7. HomeSpun Cute Lunchbox

1. Bento Kids Children’s Lunch Box:

stuck on you

Thanks to this pretty Bento Kids Children’s lunch box, your little foodie will never mix up his lunch box with other kids again as the shape of this box is unique and different from than traditional lunchboxes you see.

You can personalize this lunch box easily because it has a specific labeling area where you can mention your child’s name. The lunch box is available in various interesting and fun colors as well as unique designs.

The best part is this lunch box is dishwasher safe and features six labeled compartments each for fruit, proteins, grain, dairy, and vegetables.

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2. DaCool Kids Lunch Box:


Dacool lunch box

DaCool kids lunch box comes with five separate containers, which makes it a perfect choice for your little foodies.

This stainless steel lunch box is not only free of all toxic chemicals such as BPA and metals, but it is also quite pretty, cool, and practical in appearance!

Dishwasher-friendly, super-convenient, and easy to open lunch box is surely a favorite choice of every kid today. Its double lids are equipped with a seal-proof ring which always ensures that your kid’s lunch will not spill on other parts of his backpack. It is also available with a spork and a bag.

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3. FlowFly Lunch Box – The Best Travel Companion:

flowly lunch box

Made of eco-friendly materials, super-attractive design, convenient to carry, lightweight, and travel-friendly FlowFly Lunch box is probably the best choice among all the options.

Especially if your kids are going to a picnic spot with a group of friends, then this is definitely the right lunch box to consider as it features a handle to carry and a spacious design for accommodating all his favorite snacks.

The only flaw we noticed in the lunch box is, it is not dishwasher friendly due to its eco-friendly materials; so, you will need to wash it carefully with your hands.

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4. OmieBox – Separate Containers for Hot and Cold Food:

omiebox lunch box

Let’s talk about something different that you rarely see! This OmieBox is exactly the one you and your kids need, especially if they are always on the go!

There is something unique and special about OmieBox. This uniquely crated lunch box is available with a removable insulated container.

Yes, you will find a separate hot & cold lunch container in one box, isn’t it awesome? Now your kids can keep both ice cream and hot baked brownies in one place without any worries about the food’s insulation.

One thing that got our attention is, the lunch box can retain enough amount of heat, but then it cools down quickly. The Omie is made of high-quality plastic and it’s completely BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your kid’s food.

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5. Go Green Lunch Box – Equipped with Turn-n-Lock Technology:


The best option for kids who love to try new foods. The Go Green lunch box solution features multiple compartments that can hold different kinds of delicious food separately in their designated area. The compartments are not even leak-proof, so you can easily add yogurt, ketchup, or anything that your kids love.

It also contains a large compartment for placing water bottles, so this means all the things can rest together in one place. It further features an insulated bag and an ice pack. Besides, you can find a turn-n-lock technology that ensures freshness as well as prevent any kind of spillage.

Another interesting element is, this unique and attractive lunch box includes a whiteboard and a marker with a pocket to store different items. It is completely BPA-free and suits every kid’s needs. Plus, it’s quite lightweight and affordable for all budgets.

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6. Planet Box Shuttle Lunchbox:

Planet Box Shuttle Lunchbox

This unique, convenient, attractive, stainless steel and space-themed bento lunchbox is currently the talk of the town due to its many amazing features.

The Planet Box Shuttle Lunchbox is 100% safe and a perfect alternative to non-toxic chemicals and plastic. The lunch features different Individual compartments that make sure your foods are safely accommodated. The food further looks tasty and yummy, which means there are no chances that you see any leftovers after school.

You will also find an extensive range of fun magnet designs to personalize the lunch box so it can look different than other kid’s boxes.

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7. HomeSpun Cute Lunchbox:


If you want some extra insulation for food, then this homespun cute lunchbox is a wonderful choice to consider. It features a felt and foil design that surely offers more exceptional insulation than other lunchboxes on the list. It is made out of pure stainless steel and silicone materials that help keep your food fresh and prevent any spillage.

It is available with a detachable hand strap for convenient carrying, and also contains cutlery and chopsticks as add-ons. You will find three tiers of cleanliness which makes it easy for your kid to use each compartment.

The only thing that makes you worried is, that it is not a dishwasher-safe option, but its price is extremely affordable for every budget.

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Remember, buying the best lunch boxes for kids should be a balancing act between choosing the product that works and the thing your children will like. So, make sure you get that perfect combination to make his experience exciting and cherishing every day by having a collection of these lunch boxes that are truly tried and tested.

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