Best Smartwatch for 10-Year-Old Australia

Which is the Best Smartwatch for 10-Year-Old in Australia?

If you love wearing a smartwatch, chances are your kids will want it too, and you can never say NO to them. Well, the good news is, there are lots of age-appropriate smartwatches introduced in the market that feature cameras, games, fitness trackers, GPS tracking, pedometer, and whatnot!

So, if your kid is 10-year-old and really keen on wearing a smartwatch, then let him do. After all, you also want to stay connected with him when he is out with friends and not allowed to use a smartphone!

Today we have compiled a list of some best smartwatches for 10-year-old in Australia that are available with no hefty price tags and equipped with plenty of features and specs that make these smartwatches extra special and remarkable.

Kids Smartwatch – An Overview:

A smartwatch is a much different thing than a tiny timepiece you used in your childhood. Now this timepiece is transformed into a bigger smartwatch which also serves as a mini-mobile device you love to wear on the wrist.

Unlike an advanced adult version, a kid’s smartwatch is available with different parental controls so that you can track all the activities like their location and screen time. This is a small portable device that does not just tell you a time, but also has a lot of interesting educational apps, fun games, cameras, texting or calling features, and much more.

Smartwatches are usually available for children of every age. From 5 years to 10-year-old, and 15 to 18-year-old, every kid can enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch.

Our list includes all the best smartwatches that are specifically designed for kids of 10-year-old.

So, what is the Best Smartwatch for a 10-year-old in Australia?

Searching for a good and kid-friendly smartwatch? Have a look below and find out what smartwatch is more reliable for your 10-year-old.

Brand Reviews Price Quality Overall Link
TOPUSER Smartwatch  87% 5 Star Rating  $129  10/10  10/10 Buy from Amazon
Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch  75% 5 Star Rating  $120  9/10  9/10 Buy from Amazon
Spacetalk Kids Smartwatch  50% 5 Star Rating  $249  10/10  9/10 Buy from Amazon
BIGGERFIVE Kids Smartwatch  60% 5 Star Rating  $42  7/10  7/10 Buy from Amazon
PTHTECHUS Smartwatch  48% 5 Star Rating  $59  7/10 7/10 Buy from Amazon

Best Smartwatches for Kids:

Looking to buy the best smartwatches for your kids? Maybe the options I mentioned below are perfect from all regards. Have a look below and choose the right one for your kids today:

1. TOPUSER Smart Watch for Kids: 

TOPUSER Smart Watch for KidsIf you are thinking to give your children a bit more independence without letting them off the leash, then this is the right smartwatch to buy today.

The TOPUSER Smart Watch features everything your 10-year-old needs. It includes Geofencing tech which means that parents can easily set up some boundaries for kids to explore. And when those boundaries break or children go beyond them, parents can even get notifications. You can send out your children with the knowledge that you are still aware of them wherever they go.

This smartwatch also features a small SOS button as well as two-way communication so that your kid can contact you in an emergency situation and you can reach him out instantly. The watch also contains a selfie camera, calculator, pedometer, alarm, and digital clock. The best thing is it’s fully waterproof.

Pros and Cons of TOPUSER Smart Watch for Kids


  • Geofencing tech options
  • Easy to use and explore
  • SOS button feature
  • Two-way phone call and video call
  • Supports 4G network
  • Real-time tracking
  • High-quality water proof materials


  • A bit expensive choice

Buy from Amazon

2. Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2:

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Here is a new and stylish addition to the smartwatch category that is packed with more fun and exciting features. This ultra-classy Vtech Kidizoom is one of the most reliable, entertaining, and top-rated smartwatches in Australia for kids- available at Amazon.

This smartwatch is fun to use, easy to operate, durable, and equipped with a lot of interesting games. It features amazing activities, a pedometer, fitness tracking, motion sensor, voice-changer, as well as a dual camera to take pictures with friends.

The watch is suitable for kids of 5-10 years old.

Pros and Cons of Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch:


  • Child-friendly design
  • Capture photos and videos
  • Play games
  • Stylish design, secure, and reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Dual camera


  • Cannot be charged with another adapter

Buy from Amazon

3. Spacetalk Kid’s Smartwatch with Phone and GPS:

Spacetalk Kid’s Smartwatch with Phone and GPS

This all-in-one wearable device is perfect for your growing kid. The best part is your child can easily make and receive calls from that device too.

This smartwatch features a high-powered 3G mobile as well as a GPS tracker. That stylish and unique smartwatch is suitable for your 5- 12 years old children and keeps you connected with them wherever they go without having any distractions from social media.

You can set the list of all-important numbers so they can call and text anyone in a time of need. The watch also features an SOS alert function so that your child can immediately contact you when require help.

The watch also contains a GPS which makes sure that its location is visible via your smartphone which ultimately gives you great peace of mind.

The best quality of this smartwatch is, it has a fully scratch-resistant glass touch screen. It also has a dust and shower-proof rating which is excellent for durability. Moreover, its cute design is quite easy to operate for your 10-year-old.

Pros and Cons of Spacetalk Kid’s Smartwatch


  • Keep your child connected
  • Enjoy REWARD stars
  • Gorilla Glass touchscreen, IP67 water resistance
  • Durable wristband
  • Powered by GPS and Google maps
  • Set reminders for child’s device
  • Protect kids with SOS alert


  • A bit expensive choice

Buy from Amazon

4. BIGGERFIVE Kid’s Smartwatch:

BIGGERFIVE Kids SmartwatchWhether your kid loves to take pictures or is fond of playing games, this Kogan Play + kid’s smartwatch can do it all with a single click.

This smartwatch is excellent for active kids who love traveling, playing, or exploring new things. The durable BIGGERFIVE watch is an absolutely great choice for 10-year-old and above due to multiple features and specs.

The watch features five sports modes that track steps, heart rate counts, calories burned, workout schedule, sleep quality, and even tells you about the body temperature. Your kids can play plenty of built-in games and choose customizable face designs for entertainment and fun.

Pros and Cons of BIGGERFIVE Kid’s Smartwatch


  • Comes with a sleep tracker and alarm clock
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Built-in USB design
  • Easy to operate for kids
  • Long battery time
  • Ultra-slim and sleek design
  • Best for both girls and boys
  • Activity tracking features
  • Sedentary reminder


  • Very slim and thin design

Buy from Amazon

5. PTHTECHUS Smart Watch for Kids:

PTHTECHUS SmartwatchThis high-quality smartwatch helps you know where your kid is at ALL TIMES.

PTHTECHUS Smart Watch is basically practical and waterproof, it also features the capacity to add a SIM so that you can keep in contact with your kid when he is out. It has a lot of fun games that help your child learn new things.

Like other smartwatches, this child positioning smartwatch also has an SOS function that helps him deal with emergencies. Parents can keep an eye on their children by using a GPS tracking system.

Also, there is a small camera inside that helps your 10-year-old take photos. Since the smartwatch is water-proof, your child can wear it every time even during swimming.

Pros and Cons of PTHTECHUS Smart Watch


  • Quick access to notifications
  • Never miss any calls or messages
  • Personalized information settings and health tracking
  • Help make calls and send messages
  • Watch movies and listen to your favorite music
  • Equipped with map and GPS features
  • Limited battery life
  • Expensive choice

Buy from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is a smartwatch a good choice for kids?

Yes and No. If kids use these brilliant devices for positive reasons then sure, smartwatches are excellent for kids. They allow parents to keep in touch with their kids and track their activities with the map and GPS features. Moreover, it’s the best replacement for smartphones as kids don’t feel the need to use the phone when they already have this modern wearable gadget.

2. Which is the best smartwatch with the phone for kids?

There are lots of smartwatches available with phone abilities these days that allow you to make calls and send messages wherever you want. However, not every model is reliable and ideal. So according to my opinion, you can try Spacetalk Kid’s Smartwatch with a Phone and GPS that is best for 5-12 years old and comes with an SOS alert function.

3. Can kids use a smartwatch without a phone?

Yes, a smartwatch for kids that don’t come with the ability to call and send messages gives your children a little freedom, and in fact, they are a better choice than using a smartphone. Especially if your kid is only 4-5 years old, then a smartwatch without a phone is an excellent choice for him.

4. Why do kids need smartwatches?

Smartwatches allow parents to keep in touch with their children and help them monitor their everyday activities without being annoying or invasive. As the smartwatches come with GPS functionalities and other features, they look more reliable to track your kid’s activities when he is outside.

5. Can you text on a kids’ smartwatch?

Yes, you can. It’s just like a tiny computer worn on your kid’s wrist. Smartwatches allow your kids to communicate with you by sending text messages and making voice calls. Plus, parents can also track activities and locations using GPS features.

6. Which smartwatch is best for a 10-year-old?

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is probably an excellent option for your 10-year-old. It is equipped with a simple activity tracker that simply encourages your kids to participate in different games. This is ultimately a best suited gadget for younger kids and parents who do not want any GPS tracking feature or call capabilities

Ending Thoughts:

Never wonder where your 10-year-old is right now, or what he is doing because you can keep an eye on him every time, thanks to the above collection of smartwatches. These mini-computer devices are equipped with all the necessary features that your kids need these days.

So, if you were on the hunt to find the best smartwatch for your 10-year-old in Australia, we have got you sorted. Make sure you visit the official websites of these smartwatches first, or maybe just look carefully at Amazon to learn about their features in details. If you think that these smartwatches are best for your kids and may improve their technical skills or knowledge, then go ahead and buy them confidently without delaying it anymore.

Explore some more features of these smartwatches before you choose, and let your kid enjoy every bit of his life.

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