5 Best VPS Hosting Services in Australia

Choosing the best VPS hosting service in Australia is probably the right choice, especially if you are looking for something more than basic but unfortunately cannot afford a dedicated server for your hosting needs.

Buying a high-quality virtual private server means that you have got access to your private virtual server environment where you will have complete control over your operating system, the overall extensions & apps you install, and every setting related to the environment.

Unlike traditional shared hosting where you have to share resources that are connected to a single computer, you don’t need to worry about splitting resources in the VPS hosting system. In short, the VPS system allows more guaranteed resources, and it’s a quite faster and more reliable solution.

However, many people feel confused when they have to choose the best VPS hosting service in Australia. Here we have mentioned the best VPS hosting services in Australia’s hosting landscape, so you can easily choose the right option that seems right to your needs.

Best VPS Hosting Services in Australia – An Overview:

Some best VPS hosting services that most people love to use in Australia are:

  • VPS Blocks
  • Network Presence
  • Entity Data
  • Digital Pacific
  • Crucial

Best VPS Hosting

1. VPS Blocks:

VPS Blocks is undoubtedly a favorite hosting service of all the Aussies today. Why?

It tailors all the specific needs of clients and the company also provides CentOS 6 or 7 + cPanel (or Plesk) operating systems that seem excellent for hosting various types of websites. If you want to choose any other operating system, the services will give you an extensive list and help select pricing & packages mentioned on their website.

Since using VPS is technical for many users, you may have any queries regarding the solutions, and luckily VPS Blocks can happily assist you in every possible way. When you have a professional on the other end who can guide you through all the, you really feel great relief and peace of mind.

Their customization page is a great feature for people using the service. You can select almost everything such as the number of CPU cores, your operating system, dedicated ram size, and the SSD disk capacity as well. The payment options are also much suitable for every need. You can either pay monthly or weekly, it’s up to you.

The best part about using their service is, that they offer a 30% discount to all the new members.

2. Network Presence:

If you are looking for high-performing, reliable, and affordable service, Network Presence has got you covered.

The service gives 100% results and awesome performance, which makes them an ideal choice for every client. They are popular for having great data centers and connectivity all across Australia. IaaS, Paas, and open-source SaaS are a few to mention that give actual peace of mind. With blazing fast speed and zero performance issues, they are the favorite choice of most Aussies.

Network Presence also allows some custom hosting as well as collation for the Internet with cloud servers. They tend to go the extra mile in providing excellent services. Not only that, but they also ensure 99.9% Uptime SLA over the last 1 year.

When it comes to supporting and reliability, you won’t experience a single issue. They work with local Australian support staff who help you 24/7 no matter what. You can approach them at any hour for quick technical assistance.

Features of their plans are:

  • Big CPU
  • Big memory SSD VPS
  • High power VPS
  • Value VPS
  • Core
  • Storage
  • Value SSD VPS.

3. Entity Data:

Entity Data is the oldest hosting service in Australia. They have been in the business since 2007 and since then, they are proudly serving customers with varying needs. The company offers a big range of services while addressing all the requirements. From startups to well-established companies and even big government hosting organizations consider their services for hosting needs.

They are the best premium hosting provider which focuses only on quality and professionalism. They are maybe a bit more expensive than others, but their services worth the price.

Entity Data features a Velocity SSD VPS platform which is very fast and built completely on Samsung enterprise SSD disks launched by EqualLogic. The company also guarantees customers 10,000 disk IOPS for every VPS and this is something no other service offers in Australia.

They also offer 99.9% availability of the VPS as well as SLA backing up that you can download anytime from their website.

4. Digital Pacific:

Looking for self-managed and managed VPS plans? Don’t worry, Digital Pacific is designed for the same purpose.

They just prefer to provide the best services to all the VPS management levels. They tend to provide customers with everything they need the most.

When you choose their self-managed plan, you will receive a VPS available with the highest level of security protection from around $24.95 every month. The plan is quite popular among small businesses who want a dedicated hosting provider, but do not want to invest more in physical servers.

This option is best for people with a high level of skills and who feel confident in managing their VPS entirely on their own.

5. Crucial:

Crucial is another reliable and trustable VPS hosting service in Australia that has crafted three VPS solutions for individuals and business levels.

They pride themselves on offering superb consistent performance. The company has more than 7,000 VPS solutions running from the moment they start the business.

The company is locally run and operated, and its staff is also quite brilliant and offers round-the-clock services. You can enjoy 99.9% uptime which offers a reliable and fast experience.

Their three VPS solutions include:

  • Barebones VPS
  • Control panel VPS
  • Managed VPS


So, when it comes to choosing the best VPS hosting in Australia, you may want to rely on a service that is more reliable, professional, and promises to offer high-speed with 24/7 support.

Cost is an incredibly important factor when you have to decide the best choice. You may find many VPS providers in Australia who provide the same features for the pricing. However, you want to find the service that seems all-around best for the charges you afford to pay.

Therefore, we mentioned the best VPS hosting services at the top that are good both in terms of performance and costs. Whatever your needs are, you can always trust them and choose them for your varying hosting needs. Make sure you visit their website for getting complete ideas about their pricing, features, and specs.

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