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12 Birth Month Flowers, Symbolism and Their Meanings

Flowers are one of the most fascinating gifts that make anyone happy regardless of their colors, types, or sizes- which is exactly why they have become a cornerstone gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.

Speaking of birthdays, we tend to choose something unique and according to the preference of our recipient. But what if we tell you that you can now choose a flower based on their birthday month?

How can you discover which flower is associated with your birth month? What’s the right flower to choose if your recipient is born in May? You’ll find out everything in the birth month flowers chart that tells you about the month corresponding with different flowers, their meanings, and symbols.

1. Carnations- January Birth Flower

Have you ever heard about a flower of God? If not yet, then here we will tell you about Carnations that is commonly called Flower of God due to its impeccable characteristics.

The flower represents feelings of love and is a great symbol of romance.  It describes January-born people who are very emotional and have feelings of romance and passion.

The flower is available in different strong colors and shapes with each representing its own meanings and symbols. The ruffled blooms of carnations also represent loyalty, friendship, and devotion.

2. Violet and primrose- February Birth Flower:

Interestingly, the rose is not the flower associated with this lovely month February, violet, and primrose are two flowers associated with Feb-born people.

Violet flowers symbolize humility, modesty, and virtue. These exotic purple arrangements exist for years, these flowers have heart-shaped petals which is why they are commonly used in potions of love.

Another flower primrose is also associated with Feb that represents everlasting love, rebirth, and innocence.

3. Daffodils- March Birth Flowers:

Daffodils are undoubtedly the most beautiful flowers that also let you welcome the Spring season in an excellent way.

The flower symbolizes new beginnings or rebirth. These strong and resilient flowers are bright yellow in appearance and represent positivity and optimism which can often be seen in March-born people.

Jonquils also represent March that is the symbol of happiness and love. Both of these flowers have the same meanings, and they also have the same shape. You can differentiate them from the shape of their leaves.

4. Daisies- April Birth Flowers

Daisies- One of the most beautiful and pure flowers that look stunning in every bouquet when combined with roses and tulips.

The flower has domed yellow centers that represent purity, calmness, and peace. The flower also symbolizes happiness and joy. Since people who were born in April feel happy about small things, so this is the perfect flower that describes their personality traits.

Sweet pea is another flower associated with April-born people that symbolizes intense pleasure because of its amazing fragrance.

5. Lily of the Valley- May Birth Flower:

People born in May claim to get Lily of the Valley as their birth flower. They symbolize purity, uniqueness, sweetness, and kindness.

These flowers only bloom for a very short season, making them rare and unique in nature. In the Victorian era, flowers also symbolized the return of happiness.

6. Roses and Honeysuckle- June Birth Flowers:

Roses, perhaps the world’s most favorite and beautiful flowers that are associated with June-born babies.

These flowers are long, and always cherished by their stunning appearance and fragrance.

The ancient Greeks always connected roses with love and passion. The flower is primarily associated with love, so it can be given to someone very special in our life. However, each rose color has different meanings. For example, yellow roses symbolize friendship, and white roses are pure and usually given to someone at their wedding.

Honeysuckle is another sweet-smelling flower associated with June. They are available in yellow, pink, and white colors. The flowers symbolize pure love, happiness, and sweetness.

7. Larkspurs- July Birth Flower:

Larkspur flower is perfect for people who are born in July, as the flower is associated with dignity and power which are the exact characteristics of July-born babies.

Similar to roses, the flower has different colors. However, the meaning behind this flower is heartwarming, and a person with an open heart.

8. Gladiolus- August Birth Flowers

August-born people are usually associated with this tall-looking flower called Gladiolus. The flower represents integrity and persistence. This is also known as an old-fashioned flower since it’s been growing in gardens for decades.

If you know someone who is born in August, they must be honest and powerful as this flower is associated with the same meanings.

9. Aster and Morning Glory- September Birth Flowers:

The birth flowers for September are Aster and Morning Glory. These wonderful flowers are the perfect representation of love, faithfulness, and wisdom.

The Aster flower is basically named after the Greek word for Star, as the flower has the same star-like shape.

Another bell-shaped flower called Morning Glory is also associated with September that is a pure reflection of love and affection.

10. Marigold- October Birth Flower:

The traditional flower associated with October is the Marigold.

These orange flowers are quite popular for their strong, unique, and spicy fragrance. These are the autumn flowers, and they are said to be the powerful representative of will and determination.

11. Chrysanthemums- November Birth Flower:

Chrysanthemums are one of the most unique flowers that were first cultivated in the 15th century in China. The flowers are known to be versatile due to their unique properties and appearance.

They are available in different bright colors and each color is symbolic with different meanings.

Chrysanthemum flowers are believed to bring good luck and best wishes. People believe that these flowers bring happiness and joy to the home. They can also be given to your mother on Mother’s Day as they represent undying motherly love.

12. Narcissus- December Birth Flower:

Narcissus is the birth flower for December that is named after a character of some Greek mythology. These are cheerful yellow flowers that symbolize rebirth, innocence, and new beginnings.

The flowers are also the symbol of faithfulness and bring peace and goodwill.

Send a spectacular bouquet of birth flowers to your loved ones:

After knowing the flowers associated with your birth month and the characteristics that make them unique, you must want to send them to your dear ones and make their occasion extra special.

In case you want to get more details about each flower and associated birth month, you can check out our birth month flower chart guide that further tells you which flower is perfect for your recipient based on their birth month.

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