Bondic Review – Is it Better Than a Glue?

We all need to repair a lot of things in our house, and the tool we use the most is GLUE. Whether it’s a simple piece of furniture, a broken handle of a mug, or a shoe staple, we need some adhesive materials to fix everything in place.

Recently I broke a beautiful vase I bought at a festival. It was badly torn apart, and I just cried my heart out because there seemed no possibility to give it the same beautiful shape.

But luckily, a friend of mine suggested a very awesome type of glue, which is actually not advertised as glue but just a liquid plastic welder that is efficient enough in fixing almost everything, yes you read it right! It fixes EVERYTHING. This magical product is called Bondic. It’s very simple to use and works well on almost every surface. Unlike other adhesive materials and glue, the product doesn’t dry out and hence stays in liquid form.

Let’s read all its features, functionality, and benefits in this detailed review.

What is Bondic?

Are you also afraid of dentists? If yes, you are not alone in this. I have also experienced the same fear a few years ago.

In fact, this is the most common fear of adults in Australia. But here, you need to thank them enough as they are involved in the creation of this exceptional product.

This plastic adhesive is basically designed and developed by a very reliable dentist. This glue-like product is actually quite similar to the dental cement doctors use in their offices. Bondic is available in a small bottle as well as features a very thin viscosity that gives it the same glue-like appearance. Once you use this adhesive, you will witness that the product is extremely beneficial than all the adhesives and glues you have used before.

Bondic is similar to dental glue. This dental glue can keep the metal wires from braces attached to your teeth for years. Surprisingly, Bondic has the same capacity when used with certain materials, such as metal and wood. When you create a bond and then use the adhesive, you also use a UV light which is directed right at the liquid. Now, this UV light helps the adhesive dry effectively. After that, you can sand the surface and remove extra things.


Some Important Uses of Bondic:

Bondic is useful for almost every surface and broken item. It’s not only suitable for fixing broken electronic items but also best for damaged cookware and other things. Some of the important uses of Bondic are:

  • Reduce the stains on different items.
  • Help to replace an old and damaged plastic piece
  • Generates a connection between two materials
  • Fix those items that cannot be handled with glue
  • Add insulation to wires
  • And repair minor leaks

Surprising Benefits of This Magical Product:

This is the most obvious question of every person who wants to buy Bondic. The fact is, there are a lot of surprising benefits of this magical product.

  • Bondic can be used as a filler function. You can simply replace missing pieces if there is any breakage. Also, it creates a bond between pieces.
  • The product is capable to create both permanent and temporary bonds. creating both temporary as well as permanent bonds. It’s your choice to choose the product based on your needs.
  • Bondic is very non-sticky. It gives you the ability to modify parts that have no remainder left.
  • The product is completely chemical-free, unlike traditional adhesives. This is non-toxic as well as easy to use anywhere around.
  • It features properties that help it to retain the liquid state and doesn’t get dried.
  • It works on every surface. You can use it with a variety of products, unlike glue which is only capable of fixing some common items.

bondic LED uv starter kit

Pros and Cons of Bondic:

Pros Cons
It creates a solid and durable bond Needs UV light to work
It dries out quickly May not work on some extremely
Works on different materials  hard materials.
Requires little effort to glue things
Easy to use
Doesn’t stick to your skin, like glue.

Testing the Product on Different Materials:

I have mentioned earlier that Bondic is suitable for almost every material and gives varying results. So, I thought to give it a shot on a few products.

I tried using Bondic on my vase first. It was broken into two pieces and glue wasn’t good enough to hold the pieces together. After applying Bondic, honestly, I wasn’t so sure if the product will actually work or not.

But surprisingly, within a few hours, the vase was in its original shape like there is nothing happened to it ever. That was incredibly shocking for me.

Next, I tried to fix an old cable with Bondic. It was torn badly, and a wire was coming out from it. It was hard for me to fix and apply. But fortunately, it worked perfectly. This awesome glue created a plastic molding around the wire.

I also noticed that it forms a bond within 5 seconds-but for small items. For large items, it takes a while, which is sometimes quite annoying.

What’s Available in the Starter Kit?

Before buying this product, keep in mind that it’s available in three kits. the starter kit is the most frequently used.

It includes:

  • Bondic bottle
  • Applicator kit
  • UV light tool
  • Carrying case

Where to Buy?

When you Google Bondic, you may find various reputable sources like Amazon and Walmart that sell Bondic right now. But we generally recommend buying it from their official website. They offer you 100% original product with discounts and special offers.

Should You Buy Bondic?

Now the next question is, should you buy Bondic or not? Well, it depends on your needs. if you are more often involved in fixing broken items at home or office, then Bondic can really help you out. Otherwise, you can simply use a common glue, but it won’t be so effective for other products as well.


Bondic is the most reliable and useful adhesive available in the market right now that can fix anything. You cannot only use it to repair your car bumper but can also fix a leaky pipe and save money on the plumber’s fee. The product works well for both interior and exterior things and equally does great for craft projects. This makes Bondic a must-have addition to your toolbox.

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