EyeQue Review 2022 – Must Read This Before Buying

Our eyesight gets weaker with time and age. This is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone. Our lens get hardens in our eyes with age and we slowly lose our focus. Sure, not all of us experience this, but many people have to go through this reality.

And as a result, they go to several opticians and spend tons of money on checking vision. This seems a great hassle, why? Because you have to travel and spend time and money of course.

However, things get easier when you have gadgets like EyeQue at home. This small and innovative tool helps you check your vision at home using the EyeQue vision test app.

Many people have used it and recommended it to others. While many people are still not aware of the effectiveness of this product. If you are one of those, then I bet this article is the best read for you. Learn how the product works, what are its features, and how to use it in this detailed review.

What is EyeQue?

If you are experiencing eyesight issues, the EyeQue gadget allows you to perfectly measure your vision at home. It’s best for nearsightedness, farsightedness, as well as astigmatism.

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker simply helps you turn your smartphone into a functional vision test. You don’t need to do any expensive steps or visit your optician. This is a good MIT-patented technology that allows you to do your full vision test in only 3 minutes.

To test your vision, all you need to do is, attach this EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker to your phone and follow the instructions appearing on your screen. The manufacturers have deliberately kept it simple so that everyone can easily follow. Consider it like a video game. Adjust green and a red line with buttons on your device and merge them to form a single yellow line.

The test will give you accurate readings that include the axis, sphere, and cylinder – which are important to create the right spectacles for you.

What is EyeQue

How Does it Work?

First, you need to attach this device to your mobile and then scan both eyes for refraction errors that are responsible to generate “Eyeglass Numbers.”

Once you complete this process, numbers which include sphere size, cylinder depth, and axis tilt, will be available to check through the app. These numbers will send out the low-cost custom-made test glasses for confirming the EyeGlass Numbers before buying new ones.

how does it work

How to Take Your First Vision Test with EyeQue?

To get an accurate reading of your vision, make sure you hold your smartphone steady by using both hands. Hold the phone at the reading distance and then gradually move it closer until the line appears in front of your both eyes— red and green.

Take 3-4 seconds to find the lines. If you cannot see them, then gently move the miniscope left and right or up/down positions. If you find that both red and green lines are appearing now, then open up your left eye (the non-testing one) and start focusing on some large objects present at least 6 feet away.

For creating a single yellow line, you need to tap on the plus (+) or minus (-). Once you are satisfied that the red lines are now above the green lines, then click “Next”!

Now rotate the miniscope to your position 2. It’s time to turn the rotating eyepiece in the arrow direction until you see the number “2” is above the white dot. And then look into the scope. You will see that the red line is present at another angle than the green one, and they are overlapping each other. After that, click next when only a solid yellow line appears on your screen.

In the end, rotate the eyepiece to position 3 and then repeat the process. After that, complete all your nine measurements for both eyes.

How to Take Your First Vision Test with EyeQue

Features and Benefits of EyeQue:

Let’s find out some amazing features of EyeQue before buying the product.

  • Accurate Results:

EyeQue claims to deliver accurate results. It serves as your personal vision tracker and gives strikingly similar results when you go and check your optician.

  • Saves Money:

As compared to your expensive optician, this is a very money-saving device that helps you check vision at home for only $49.

  • Safe and Non-invasive:

The product is a class-one ophthalmic refractor which means that it is registered by FDA as well as a non-invasive product to use.

  • Convenient Solution:

You don’t have to book appointments with your doctor now. Simply order the device and get your vision check at home anytime.

features of eyeque

Pros and Cons of EyeQue:

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use Need a smartphone for a vision check
No technicalities involved Limited stock
Reliable and durable
Gives accurate results
Money saving solution
Satisfaction guaranteed
Affordable for all

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can use EyeQue?

The device is perfect for all. People above 18 years old can use the device without any worries and it works for both far-sighted and near-sighted folks.

2. Does the product deliver accurate results?

Yes, 50,000+ people have used it and more than 92% of people believe that EyeQue is the best product that delivers accurate results.

3. What’s the price of the EyeQue vision checker?

The price of this highly reliable device is only $49.99. However, if you want to buy 2,3, or more, you can leverage the benefits of different deals available on their official website.

4. Where should I buy the device?

The device is available on their official website where you can enjoy the 30 days of money-back guarantee as well as an authentic product.

5. What’s the benefit of EyeQue?

You don’t need to get a prescription from your doctor. You can easily check your eyesight at home and order your glasses online. This means no appointments, no expensive checkups, and hassle-free examinations at home.

Should You Buy EyeQue?

According to highly satisfied customer reviews and success rate, yes! You should buy EyeQue as it delivers 100% accuracy without having to pay tons of money to your doctor.

It is a cheaper, reliable, durable, and amazing solution to get your vision checked. So, why not give it a try and save enough time and money?

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