Fuze bug vs Buzz B Gone

Fuze Bug vs Buzz B Gone – What Works Better?

Mosquitoes are one of the most irritating insects that not only create annoying buzzing sounds but are also quite harmful to your health. You cannot even sleep peacefully if there are mosquitoes and flying insects around. Unfortunately, insect repellants also do not give much relief for longer hours.

Until now, these chemical products have never given satisfactory results. That’s the reason, people are using advanced products like Fuze bug and Buzz BGone to get rid of mosquitoes and flying insects.

But do these products actually work? And what is the best product that gives effective results? If you are also looking for the answers, read this Fuze bug vs Buzz B Gone review till the end and figure out the right tool to keep bugs away.

Fuze Bug vs Buzz B Gone – Comparison Chart:

Have a look at this comparison chart first so you can decide which product you need the most.

Product features Buzz BGone Fuze bug
Natural and risk-free Yes Yes
Operates with UV light Yes No, UV-free light
Runtime 3-6 hours 20-24 hours
Rechargeable Yes Yes
Easy to clean Yes Yes
Weatherproof Yes Yes
For indoors & outdoors Yes Best for indoors
Compact and portable Yes Yes
Affordable and reliable Yes Yes
Power 600v 1000v

What is Buzz B Gone?

Buzz BGone is an innovative insect killer that features a 360-degree lamp emitting high-quality UV light. This light draws insects closer as they consider it a source of food. Once they come in contact the electric grid zaps them and kills them on the spot.

Buzz BGone has received a lot of appreciation in the last few years due to its impeccable qualities and features. The device is 100% safe, natural, and travel-friendly. On top of that, it is very affordable for every budget. Especially when you purchase it from the official website, you can simply get a 50% discount on each purchase.

what is buzz b gone

Special Features of Buzz B Gone:

Let’s find out some special features of Buzz B Gone before spending your money on the device.

  • Small and Easy to Carry:

The device is small, compact, portable, and lightweight. You can easily carry it in your bag when heading for an outdoor trip.

  • 100% Natural and Safe:

Buzz BGone features a purple UV light lamp that lures insects and kills them instantly. The device doesn’t contain any harmful chemical or pesticides, which make it a safe choice for everyone.

  • User-friendly:

It is very user-friendly. All you need to do is charge the device with a UV-C cable for a few hours. When the light turns green, it means it’s fully charged and ready to kill mosquitoes.

  • Easy to Clean:

The device is also much easier to clean. It features an electric grid that can be easily cleaned and maintained with a soft cloth.

  • Lifelong Battery:

When charged fully, the Buzz BGone device can run for 3-6 hours without any hassle. Within that time, it kills all the mosquitoes surrounding the area.

features of buzz bgone

How to Use Buzz BGone?

Buzz BGone is simple to use. Follow these steps to make the most of your purchase:

  • Plug into the electrical outlet
  • Let it charged fully for a few hours
  • Once charged, hang it using its hook and press the button
  • The calming purple light of the lamp attracts insects and kills them on the spot.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Lightweight and travel-friendly Doesn’t come with a battery to save power
100% safe, even for kids Limited availability in stock
High-quality UV light
Bugs can be removed and cleaned
Energy-saving device
Easy to use
Uses tiny space
Available with a 50% discount

What is Fuze Bug?

Unlike Buzz BGone, the Fuze bug doesn’t operate with UV light. It features a UV-free purple light that attracts and kills insects instantly. The product is completely non-toxic and free from all harmful chemicals.

This powerful and portable device can run for 20 hours and covers a radius of 375 feet. You can either hang it with the hook or set it on the table as per convenience. The device is best for indoors and outdoors as well. However, many people witnessed good results for indoor use only.

what is fuze bug

Special Features of Fuze Bug:

If you are interested to purchase Fuze bug, be mindful of these features first.

  • LED Light Powered by Sun:

It features a strong LED powered by the sun. You can alter the brightness of light from the dimmer settings.

  • Easy to Recharge:

It comes with a micro cable that charges the device completely for 24 hours. You can use it anywhere to get rid of flying insects for hours.

  • Waterproof and Weatherproof:

The device is waterproof and weatherproof as well. It doesn’t get affected even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Double Protective Grid:

Fuze Bug features a double protective grid. This makes it safe for even pets and children.

  • Natural Approach:

No pesticides or chemicals are used for killing insects. It only operates with a harmless LED that effectively kills flying insects.

features of fuze bug

How to Use Fuze Bug?

Look at the steps for using the Fuze Bug device.

  • Charge the device completely
  • Plug into the electrical outlet
  • When the light turns on, it will start attracting mosquitoes and bugs from your surroundings.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Affordable for all Sometimes doesn’t kill all mosquitoes
Safe for even kids Takes time to kill bugs and mosquitoes
No wires or cords attached Bulbs need to be replaced very often
Effortless cleaning
Works for long hours
Could be used as a lamp at night

Fuze Bug vs Buzz BGone – Differences Found!

  • Buzz BGone features 600v power but Fuze bug comes with 1000v, which makes it more effective but also a bit dangerous.
  • Fuze Bug operates with UV-free light. This means it’s less effective in killing insects as compared to Buzz BGone which comprises high-quality UV light for killing mosquitoes.
  • When it comes to sleek and smart design & construction, Buzz BGone is again a favorite choice. Fuze Bug looks like a lamp and is smaller.
  • Fuze Bug can be used both as a lamp and as a mosquito killer.
  • Buzz BGone emits calming purple light that never irritates the eyes. But the Fuze bug features a light that sometimes bothers the eyes.

Conclusion: Your Choice?

According to customer experiences and growing demands, Buzz BGone looks like a better solution due to its high-quality UV light feature that sets it apart from devices. Its bright UV light kills insects within seconds.

However, the Fuze bug takes some time to kill some big mosquitoes. In fact, many people believe it’s more effective in killing moths, wasps, and gnats as compared to mosquitoes. This means Buzz BGone is definitely a more reasonable option to choose to get rid of mosquitoes. Even according to the top picks, Buzz BGone is considered the best overall mosquito trappers in Australia.

Keep in mind that these products are available with 30 days guarantee, so in case you think that product is not giving desired results, you can simply return and get a full refund.

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