GoPure Pods Review – Is This the Best Water Purifier?

Water is vital for our life. It’s precious and irreplaceable; we all know that! Since our body is also made of 70% water, it makes sense to drink clean and pure water.

Therefore, it’s time to ditch a plastic water bottle that contains harmful chemicals and opt for a GoPure water filter pod that purifies water and is free from all contaminants and toxins.

So, whether you are at home or traveling with your friends, now you can drink a lot of excellent quality water every day. You must be wondering why you should choose GoPure water purifier among other options?

Well, it’s cost-effective, portable, and long-lasting. Let’s find out more in this detailed GoPure Pods review and learn what makes it the best choice for all.

What is GoPure Water Purifier?

GoPure water purifier is a portable, easy-to-use, and ceramic pod that efficiently absorbs all the soluble and chemical impurities in tap water. The purifier simply balances the water PH as well as re-mineralizes and alkalizes your water. As a result, you can enjoy the improved taste, color, and odor of water- as nobody likes to drink yellow or unclean water.

The water purifier instantly eliminates 99% of lead and arsenic, as well as 97% of chlorine and fluoride from the water- which is hard to do for any other filter. This reusable pod is long-lasting and can easily last for more than 6 months. It can treat more than 264 gallons of water while replacing the need of buying 2000 water bottles.

Specifications of GOPure Pod:

Specification Details
Product Type Water purifier pod
Dimensions Approx. the size of a thumb
Materials Ceramic core with diatomaceous earth
Contaminants Removed Bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, microplastics, etc.
Filter Lifespan Up to 6 months
Application Suitable for water bottles, containers, pitchers, etc.
Ease of Use Place in water container and let sit for a few minutes
Compatibility Can be used with various water storage devices
Portability Easily carried and used on the go
Environmental Impact Reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles
Purchasing Availability Official website of the manufacturer
Warranty Limited warranty (varies by manufacturer)

How Do the GOpure Pods work?

Its simple, convenient, and easy to use.

All you need to do is, add the GoPure pod in the mug, jug, glass, hydration pack, bottle, coffee maker, or pet bowl, add some water, and it will start doing its job. It will continuously purify water for you and keep you free from all germs and impurities.

Due to its ease and convenience, the product is appreciated by almost every person who used it. With 4.8 ratings on their official website, you can find 100% customer recommendations.

gopure pods review

Important Features of GOpure Water Purifier:

GoPure water purifier has an exceptional quality of removing health risk contaminants, unlike other common filters. This makes it the most ideal and well-designed product that reduces bacteria in water. Have a look at a few more interesting features of the GOpure water purifier.

  • Earth-friendly:

GoPure product is fully natural and safe to use. The high-quality product is made of food-grade diatomaceous earth, which ultimately makes it the best earth-friendly filter available in nature.

  • Works for Any Container:

Yes, that’s true. Whether you want to use a cup, glass, jug, or pet bowl, it works for almost any container as long as it utilizes 3 liters of water.

  • Reduces Germs and Impurities:

Each pod is responsible to purify 264 gallons of water and completely purifying it from all kinds of germs, contaminants, and impurities.

  • Puribloc Technology:

It features a high-quality and innovative purification process through Puribloc which is advanced ceramic technology

The GoPure Pod Works Like a Magnet for Impurities:

According to the customers who used GoPure, the product works magically like a magnet. As it features a ceramic core made of DE as well as trace silver which attracts and absorbs like a magnet all the heavy metals such as bacteria and chemicals.

gopure pods

Design and Functionality:

You must be wondering how this tiny water purifier can remove all the toxins from the water so easily?

Well, the fact is, the product is designed ridiculously tiny, easy to use, and reusable and the GoPure pod is also available with a small plastic housing on the outside as well as a porous advanced ceramic core on the inside.

With every physical movement, continuous convection currents, as well as Brownian motion, the water inside gets in contact with the core, which acts as a magnet and then attracts all germs and impurities.

This easy and quick process efficiently removes all the germs and contaminants in tap water such as arsenic, lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, mercury, chlorine, and E. coli, while removing the bad taste and smell. It perfectly balances the pH to almost 7.4 which is an ideal scale. If you are traveling somewhere or planning a camping trip, this small handheld water purifier is a perfect companion for you.

Benefits of Using GoPure Pods:

There are tons of benefits of using GoPure, here we have highlighted some important ones for you:

  • Clean and pure water regulates your digestion
  • It supports recovery
  • The product is affordable for everyone
  • It quickly purifies water as you add it to the water
  • With clean water, your energy level boosts
  • It improves immunity and circulation

puribloc gopure

Pros and Cons:



Provides clean and safe drinking water Only available for purchase online
Portable and easy to carry Potential for counterfeit products
Removes a wide range of contaminants Limited availability in certain regions
Long-lasting filter (up to 6 months) Dependent on availability of official website
Environmentally friendly
Cost-effective alternative to bottled water
Easy to use and compatible with various containers

Comparsion with other filters:

Comparison Criteria GOPure Pod Other Water Filters
Functionality Removes contaminants, impurities, and metals from water. Portable and easy to use. Varies by brand and type; may focus on specific contaminants. Can be stationary or portable.
Contaminants Removed Bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, microplastics, etc. Depending on the type, filters target specific contaminants such as chlorine, lead, etc.
Filter Lifespan Up to 6 months Varies widely based on filter type; may need frequent replacement.
Ease of Use Simply place in water container and wait a few minutes. Instructions vary; some require installation and maintenance.
Portability Highly portable; fits in various containers. Some portable options available; others are stationary.
Environmental Impact Reduces plastic bottle waste. Varies; may reduce plastic waste but also generates filter waste.
Price Affordable pricing; discounts available. Price range varies; initial cost and ongoing filter replacement costs.
Availability Exclusive purchase on official website. Available in stores and online from various brands.
Effectiveness Removes a wide range of contaminants. Varies by brand; some may not effectively remove certain contaminants.
Warranty Limited warranty (varies); check manufacturer’s terms. Warranty varies; check individual product details.
User Reviews Positive feedback on effectiveness and convenience. Mixed reviews based on brand and model; effectiveness and quality vary.

Customer Reviews:

GoPure Pod has been reviewed over 990 times and has an unimpressive average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

According to one regular customer Roxanne who used the product recommends it to everyone:

“I found out about the product and got immediately interested due to efficiency, and that it gets rid of bacteria and viruses. The water tastes better than the water bottles I previously used. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, I recommend it 100%”

What are the Costs of GoPure Pod Water Purifier?

The costs depend on your uses because it’s available in four easy price options. here is the price breakdown of Subscribe and save 20% category:

  • The starter pack (2 pods) is available for $43.96
  • Pet Pack (pod plus pet) is available for $45.96
  • Three packs are available for $63.96
  • The family pack is available for $87.96

Want to Buy GoPure Water Pods Today?

If yes, then you have a chance to visit their official website and order your desired pack today, based on your requirements. This is the right time to buy the product as it’s available at a 20% discount, so you don’t have to spend hefty amounts. Make sure you purchase the product from the official website so you can enjoy the discounts, as other sources may not offer you the same privilege.

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