LifeVac Review – Is that the Best Anti-Choking Device?

Imagine you are alone at home; you just ate something and you start to choke. There are no anti-choking devices at home and you cannot call anybody to do the Heimlich technique. What would you do?

I know it’s extremely terrifying for a person who experienced the situation.

Choking food is one of the most dangerous occurrences that can happen to anyone. But according to Forbes publication, these frightening occurrences are more common among infants. What’s even more surprising is, that it causes the mortality of more than 10,000 young children all around the world.

According to an estimate, 20% of mortalities in Children arise in the US alone.

So, with all that danger that seems to lurk in every home today, we need to be very careful and keep some anti-choking devices at home so we can save ourselves from these terrible situations. Among all the devices, people trust LifeVac, a lot. Why? Because it greatly contributes to the fight against terrible choking and helps save thousands of lives already in Australia.

Let’s find out what makes LifeVac an effective solution than others and how does it work?

What is LifeVac?

LifeVac is one of the most patented lives saving devices that clears your airways and saves people from breathing difficulties. Founded by Arthur Lih, the device aims to aspirate children and adults by using the safest method.

It is extremely effective in saving a child during any minor or severe choking emergency. With the great rise in choking emergencies, people explore different gadgets and devices to save lives. That’s the reason, LifeVac has become a prominent solution to the problem.

As it is FDA registered and used by thousands of people in Australia, the product is considered the safest anti-choking tool that clears all trachea obstructions without undergoing any invasive procedure. It is medically approved and can be used at home or anywhere.

what is lifevac

How Does this Anti-Choking Device Work?

When a person places the LifeVac device over his mouth and nose, it immediately creates a seal.

This seal serves as a one-way valve that immediately prevents air from pushing food downwards when it is pressed. After that, you pull and create a one-way suction that removes the blocked object within 2-3 seconds.

By using LifeVac, you can save yourself from any kind of choking emergency as it’s a device that works for all without causing any more pain or discomfort.

How Does this Anti-Chocking Device Work

How to use the LifeVac device?

LifeVac is very easy to use. Follow these steps for operating the device efficiently.

  • Put the mask on the face of a choking person
  • Hold the mask firmly to create a seal and prevent all the air from leaking
  • Grab a handle to depress the plunger. Now push the handle down with the other hand while holding the mask
  • After that, quickly pull the handle up and make sure that your other hand is still on the mask
  • Turn the head of the victim to the other side so the stuck object can easily pop up from his mouth
  • Remove the debris and mask too

How to use the LifeVac device

Features that Make LifeVac the Best Anti-Choking Device:

You must be thinking about what edges LifeVac over other products available in the market. Well, there are tons of features that might answer this question.

  • Time-Saving & Life Saving:

LifeVac is not only lifesaving, but it is also a very time-saving device. When a person chokes, every second counts so you don’t want to waste a minute over other methods. It is a handy device. All you need to do is a place, push, and then pull.

  • Best for All:

Unlike other devices that are meant for only children, this is the best tool that can be used by both children and adults.

  • Portable and Lightweight:

LifeVac is portable, small, and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere whether you are traveling somewhere or going to the office.

  • FDA Approved:

As mentioned above, LifeVac is FDA approved and medically recommended solution. So, you can use it without any worries.

  • Non-invasive:

Another best feature of the device is, that it is completely non-invasive. You need to put it at the mouth and nose, and do the rest without undergoing any surgery or invasive technique.

  • No Latex:

The device doesn’t contain any latex. So, if someone is allergic to latex, he can use it without any worries.

Features that Make LifeVac the Best Anti-Chocking Device

Pros and Cons of LifeVac:

Pros Cons
Safe and effective Not good for severe choking
Easy to use and time-saving
Works rapidly
Best for both adults and children
Affordable for all
No prescription needed
Worth every penny
Medically tested and approved

Some Reviews from Users who Trust LifeVac:

“Our seven-month-old child swallowed a piece of a toy. It would have been something else if I didn’t have the Life Vac as a precaution. I never believed I would use it until that moment. I’m still in disbelief. I urge everyone to get this product as a precaution.” Kelly

“For all those who are doubting, the LifeVac saved my 1-year-old’s life, yesterday morning. I kept it because it was given as a gift to me. But when my son started choking, and nothing was working to dislodge the food from his throat, the LifeVac is what saved my son’s life. He was turning red and purple, there was no air coming in or out of his body. The LifeVac removed the food that he was choking on, in less than 5 seconds of use. My baby is still alive because of the LifeVac!” Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the cost of LifeVac?

LifeVac is very reasonably priced. You can buy one kit for only $64.95. Buy two kits and get one free for $139.90 and buy three kits and get two free for $209.85.

2. Is the device risk-free?

Yes. The device is medically tested and FDA approved, which means its risk-free and doesn’t cause any negative consequences.

3. What makes LifeVac the best device over others?

LifeVac is user-friendly and medically approved, unlike other devices. Moreover, it is very time-saving and acts rapidly without wasting a second. Not only that, but it is also non-invasive and doesn’t create any discomfort while using.

4. Does the product really work?

Of course. The product has been tested and used by hundreds of people. You can even use it on yourself as it is very easy to use for everyone.

5. Where to purchase the LifeVac device?

You can purchase the device from the official website and can also request a complete refund within ten days of buying the product.


According to studies, 1.6 deaths occur due to choking. But luckily, the world can decrease the number by using the LifeVac device that works for everyone. It delivers amazing results and must be a part of every first aid kit. To save yourself and your family from a choking emergency, we’d definitely recommend LifeVac as it has been proved the best anti-choking device in Australia.

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