10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Australia

Did you know every 1 in 4 Aussies work remotely and earn money online without leaving the comfort of their home?

Yes, it’s true. It may sound like your dream job- earning money from the comfort of your couch while holding a hot steaming cup of coffee and enjoying the sound of rain, isn’t it? You must be willing to earn some extra bucks and start a full-time hustle to meet your financial goals in 2022. So why not accomplish your goals and figure out some best ways to make money online in Australia?

Here we have outlined some legitimate and realistic ways through which you can earn 10k extra every year. That’s not an exaggeration, the internet has made it easier to make money online.

Whether you want to work with a company remotely, earn through a freelancing platform, or take part in any lucrative money-making opportunity, there are tons of new ways that emerge every month. However, we are going to focus on some highly popular and proven ways that have helped a lot of people in Australia.

So, you don’t have to rely on your single source of income or become a delivery boy that involves lots of risks and problems, follow our favorite money-making ideas, and get ready to earn a fortune-without investment!

1. Start Freelance Writing:

If you have great writing skills and can write on every subject, then you are lucky! You have a chance to earn through different freelancing platforms that can help you make money online every week. Once you establish yourself as a reliable and acknowledged writer, you can even earn more than $100,000 every year- all by working from your desired place.

I personally did a lot of freelance writing with UK, US, Canada, and Pakistani clients and was routinely earning more than $200.

Freelance writing includes articles, tutorials, white papers, social media posts, blog posts, email writing, and much more. You can choose any particular area in which you have more grasp and knowledge.

freelance writer

2. Affiliate Marketing- For Handsome Commission:

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to earn money online. Throughout the years, affiliate marketing has seen tremendous popularity and has also experienced several ups and downs. However, it’s still continuing to be the most reliable and stable way to make money online.

The best part is you can be an affiliate marketer for your desired company. From Uber to Amazon, and Shopify to Jumpseller, there are lots of companies that offer a chance to work with them.

You can simply earn a handsome living by promoting different brands. So, if you are a savvy and skilled marketer, then you can easily earn plenty of commission from sales while promoting their products, services, and apps.

Affiliate Marketing

3. Become an Influencer:

Let’s build your personal brand, it can help you earn whopping thousands of dollars every year.

According to experts, Cristiano Ronaldo has earned more than $975,000 for every sponsored Instagram post. This huge milestone made him the highest-paid influencer in the world.

After that, many tiktokers, reality stars, business professionals, singers, and athletes tried their luck in influencer marketing, and they earned a great amount in a short time. Even a smaller-scale influencer is making handsome money by using different skills and tactics. You can charge for sponsored posts, include links in your bio and posts, sell your ads and photos, create a book, and become a brand ambassador for popular brands.

Influencer Marketing

4. Publish Your E-Book:

Have you ever thought about publishing your e-book? It’s never been easier before.

All you have to do is, write your e-book, create its cover, format it, and then publish & promote it. In 2013, my friends created a lot of e-books for Amazon, they were not even of high quality, but the fact is, they are still earning money from them.

If you are not a good writer, you can take help from experts or even hire an ebook writer. Ask a freelancer to format it and get the cover from Canva or other online sites to save money.


5. Consider Freelancing:

This is another easiest way to earn money and kick your 9-5 job. You can be a freelancer in every field. For example, you can become an online teacher, developer, designer, virtual assistant, writer, or anything in which you have full grasp and command. You can market your skills and find clients who need your help.


6. Build Your App:

If you are not an app developer, then you must be thinking that this is not the right trick for you as this involves a lot of complicated and technical skills. Fortunately, app development doesn’t involve any kind of programming which makes it an ideal method for people who have zero knowledge of app development.

After learning via different tutorials, you can easily create your own app. However, you can also hire a developer for purpose who has efficient development skills.

app development

7. Do Some Translation:

If you want to earn some quick money, then a translation is probably the most reliable and underserved niche. You should be fluent in more than two languages so you can do it successfully. If you have a good command of English or you are bilingual in popular languages, then this is an ideal money-making idea for you.

You just need to show some proof of your language skills so you can convince your clients that you are the right person for the job. Upwork, People per hour, and Translators Base are some popular platforms for translation work.


8. Become a Tutor:

Do you know you can make a lot of desired money by choosing your own hours? Yes, with online tutoring, earning quick money is possible. Especially if you have a language or a teaching degree, then it is more likely to land a highly paid job.

Most people need tutoring for subjects like English, Math, and Science. So, if you have great expertise in these subjects, it’s your chance to earn some extra bucks by spending a few hours in front of the computer.


9. Work As a Virtual Assistant:

With so many people starting their own businesses in Australia and different parts of the world, the demand for efficient virtual assistants is tremendously increasing with time.

When you become a virtual assistant, you will be responsible to manage an array of tasks. For example, making lists, writing, order processing, managing finance, bookkeeping, social media, as well as customer support. You can reach out to different brands and influencers who might need your help in managing multiple duties.

Build an active social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram so you can reach out to different brands.


10. Investment in Stocks:

Want to make fast money? You have to do some work- and of course some investment. However, if you are not much interested and expert in choosing a stock, then you might want to give up on this idea.

But trust us, it is one of the highest paying tricks, but you have to be very careful as you can lose your money if you don’t have enough expertise in the area.

investment in stocks


Making money online in Australia is no longer a difficult thing as you have a lot of opportunities and ways to do that. You can even become a full-time entrepreneur if you consider the ideas carefully and implement them wisely.

The only need is to stick with them and do some hard work. After that, we are sure that you won’t even need your boring 9-5 job as you will be responsible to manage your own work.

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