MaskFone Review – The Perfect Face Mask with Built-in Mic and Earphones

When the world gives you a pandemic, you don’t have to cage up…Instead wear a perfect MaskFone that offers complete protection against Covid19 while allowing you to talk with friends & family without having to remove the mask.

This innovative kind of maskfone launched by Binatone seeks to address a lot of issues with its unique technology. And one of the biggest issues is muffled voices during phone conversations when you are out in public spaces.

Wearing masks during a pandemic is an important precaution as it can keep from spreading the disease. But after wearing a mask, it’s hard to communicate on phone and you have to remove it, so your voice doesn’t get muffled.

But now after the invention of MaskFone, you can simply talk on the phone clearly while wearing a mask. Because the mask has embedded a mic as well as earbuds that offer a streamlined connection with the other person on the phone.

Let’s discover everything in this MaskFone review and learn its features and benefits.

What is MaskFone:

Maskfone is a smarter and optimal face mask that offers absolute protection against airborne health risks and provides an intelligent, convenient, and reliable way of attending phone calls as well as listening to music without having to remove the mask.

It boasts a stress-free and luxurious aesthetic while offering a lot of convenience and comfort. The maskfone is enjoyable to wear and you can even use it for hours without experiencing any issues. It features a built-in microphone as well as lightweight and high-quality earbuds that offer crystal-clear audio you cannot attain with any other mask.

The mask features multi-layered protection and also included PM2.5 filters, which means there could be no smarter alternative than maskfone that can keep you safe and connected with the world.

How Does it Look Like?

If you have never used or heard about maskfone, you must be wondering about its design and visual appearance.

This high-quality fabric mask features N95 or PM2.5 disposable filters. Besides, it also has a mic that is strapped in the wearer’s facepiece through hook-and-loop fasteners as well as two soft earbuds that are hanging on the wires via ear loops. You can see the buttons on the mask front that should be carefully aligned with a volume controller or an internal mic, but you can easily answer and hang up every call on the mobile.

Its design is also perfect for listening to your desired music on the phone, you can enjoy high-quality sound while wearing the mask, which might be interrupted when you receive a call from someone.

Remember the design is extremely convenient as it contains a bendable nose bridge as well as adjustable ear loops.

According to the inventors of the maskfone, the mask offers a lot of incredible benefits besides communicating clearer. You can listen to music, a task with your friends and family without taking out the phone from your pocket and exposing it to germs. It will hopefully save you from sanitizing your phone every time you take it out for attending calls.

What Is So Special About Maskfone?

Maskfone is made of 100% breathable, water-resistant, and washable fabric that even includes a pocket for PM2.5 filters to block out dangerous particles and harmful pollutants. You can connect the mask with your smartphone effortlessly as it also has one-touch voice activation, particularly for Google Assistant.

Besides having a high-quality embedded mic and earbuds, the maskfone features control buttons on its two adjacent sides. You can also get access to the Hubble Connect app which can be used to boost the voice of a user.

12 Hours on Time:

You can wear the maskfone for as long as 12 hours with hands-free calling and direct communication with the receiver while wearing a mask with the help of its built-in microphone.

Basic Features of a MaskFone:

Face masks are not going anywhere as long as we are fighting with deadly coronavirus disease.  By keeping this consideration in mind, the inventors have created the mask and implemented all the features according to the convenience of users. Some of the notable features of maskfone are:

  • Elastic ear hook material- neoprene
  • Small and lightweight earbuds
  • Cable clip
  • Controller buttons inside
  • Twill fabric
  • Speaking into a microphone will lead to a clear voice while wearing a mask

What is the Price of this Mask?

Unlike other expensive masks with innovative technology, this super-comfortable, and high-end mask was available for $50 before, but it’s now available for $34.99 only on their official website. Make sure you purchase from a reliable and trustable source, so you don’t have to pay exorbitant money.

Who can wear it?

The maskfone is for every age and person. Whether you are young, old, or a kid, you can wear it anytime to communicate with your family and to protect yourself from exposed Covid19 risks.

Where can I Buy the MaskFone?

Maskfone is available on different online platforms, but we would recommend you buy it from their official website so you could also avail an original product and amazing discounts. Other retailers might not offer you the same price privileges as the official website.


So, if you are tired of removing your masks and attending phone calls by taking out the phone, then you don’t have to do that anymore as you can simply buy a maskfone that features a built microphone and offer easy access via connecting it with your phone. Make sure you read the review once again and also check its technical features and specs if you are really planning to buy the product.

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