Stop Reading Through Dirty Lenses When You Have ‘Peeps Glasses Cleaner’

Let’s face it- We are all guilty of using a microfiber cloth to wipe up the lenses after buying a brand-new pair from the optician. After a while, it’s hard for us to use the cloth and we start to clean smudges and fingerprints with a rough t-shirt or any other dirty cloth.

In case, you don’t know, this is an extremely bad practice. Cloth causes scratches and dents on the lens of your glasses, and you start seeing blurry as time goes by.

And unfortunately, just after a few months, you need to buy new lenses for clear vision- as that hard fabric, rough t-shirts and tissues have already caused enough damage.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to splurge more on expensive eyeglasses, as you can dust off all the particles easily with Peeps. This is a small pocket-friendly device that cleans off all the oils and smudges with the help of two face carbon pads. Its shape is intelligently designed by experts as it can even reach the hard-to-reach corners.

Turns out, Peeps is one of the most affordable, portable, and reliable devices that can give great relief to every person who is tired of cleaning the lenses with sprays, clothes, and tissues.

Let’s find out more about Peeps, its features, benefits, and functionality.

Peeps – An Overview:

Peeps is one of the brilliantly designed devices for cleaning all the dirt and dust from eyeglasses and lenses.

This small, pocket-friendly, affordable, and wire-free device efficiently cleans the smallest dirt particles from your glasses over and over again. The device never expires or gets itself dusty or dirty.

Whether you want to clean smudges, fingerprints, dust from airs, or anything else, Peeps can easily remove everything from the lenses within seconds.

This means you don’t have to waste tons of money on expensive chemicals and sprays that do not even provide any kind of guarantee about cleaning. You can simply spend a small amount on this useful device and clean your glasses smoothly.

That makes Peeps one of the most essential devices to buy today and you are no longer required to do the laborious and tedious tasks of cleaning your lenses every day.

How Does the Peeps Cleaner Work?

The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is the most effective device for cleaning glasses. The device features a small cap at its one end, and it opens with a hidden brush inside. Now, this cap will keep all the dust and dirt from sticking to the brush.

Hold the lenses in one hand and gently run the brush across the front and backside of the lenses. It will remove all the dirt, lint, and skin cells that are stuck badly onto the surface and also other debris collected. The cleaner will slide out from the case and reveal two pieces that resemble tweezers and have soft pads added between them.

When you are holding glasses, make sure you slide its lens in between the pads and gently press it down. You don’t need to worry about dropping the frames as they will be held inside the two pads. Also, the pads have a carbon compound that is designed to clear all the smudges created by natural oils.

You need to gently move pads across glasses for a couple of seconds so you can clean all the smudges on the lenses. It’s easy to clean the back and front sides of the glasses at the same time or you can also clean one side first and then the second side.

Approved by NASA:

Are you also one of those kids who dream of working in NASA and wearing a spacesuit? Well, meanwhile, it’s not possible and we are all stuck with our 9-5 job, unfortunately. But luckily, you have got a chance to use the products that are approved by NASA.

Peeps is the one and only eyeglass cleaner that is approved by NASA and allowed to be in space. If it’s still not enough to convince you for giving it a try, then what could be?

Features and Benefits:

Now that you understand how does Peeps work, it’s time to learn its important features and benefits.

  • Carbon molecular technology:

Peep’s device uses carbon so it can attract dust particles and wipe all the oil and smudges from the lenses. The carbon repels dirt oil and helps protect the lenses in the future.

  • Long-lasting:

You are not spending money on something that you can buy and then throw it after 2-3 uses. Peeps glasses cleaner is extremely efficient for more than 500 cleanings with each pad. When it gets rough, you can easily replace the pad. In fact, when you take good care of it, it will last long years.

  • Safe and reliable:

Peeps is safe for all lenses. Whether you are wearing sunglasses, eyeglasses, or reading glasses, it is extremely suitable for every lens type. You can even use it for different kinds of lens coatings. That’s the reason, people call it the best device for cleaning glasses.

  • Works in every condition:

Since the device is being used by NASA in space, you can use it under every condition. Its effectiveness and cleaning power will never get affected by heat or cold.

  • Eco-friendly:

The carbon pads of Peeps are extremely eco-friendly and natural which makes the device reusable for next time. You don’t need to dispose of it after every use, because it would last for more than 500 cleans. It means you will have less waste as well as zero chemical residue.

What Makes Peeps a Special Device Among Others?

There are plenty of elements that make Peeps a special device among others. For example:

  • It’s gentle and durable
  • It’s affordable for every budget
  • Its user friendly
  • NASA approved

Where Can You Buy Peeps?

You can purchase the device from any reliable retailer in Australia. However, the best source is their official website that invites you to buy Peeps at great discounts. Each device is individually packed, making it suitable for gifting purposes as well. For more details, you can visit the website, check offers, and read reviews by people who have been using it.

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