photo stick omni review

The Photo Stick Omni Review

Are you worried about losing your sensitive data, pictures, and videos due to some accident or a glitch? If yes, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Photo stick is here to help address all your problems efficiently. It is a powerful, reliable, and tiny device that backs up your data automatically and provides great peace of mind. Whether you want to save hundreds of photos, videos, or other files in different sizes, the device offers ease of storing your data conveniently.

You can connect it with both your phone and laptop as well. From 32 GB to 256 GB, the Photo Stick device brilliantly stores your data. It keeps your data secure and protected without giving any fear of losing access to your important information.

What’s more amazing? The device doesn’t need any lengthy or complicated setup. It is easy to use, reliable, and result-driven device available at affordable prices.

Let’s learn more interesting details in this review of Photo Stick and find out what makes it a great choice for every person.

What is Photo Stick Omni?

ThePhotoStick Omni is the latest, smart, and innovative device that backs up all your data including photos, files, and videos that you might want to protect forever.

You can save your files and photos with just a single click. All you need to do is, select GO. It will automatically find all the photos and files on the device. It will back them up inside the stick and you can use it anywhere anytime without installing any complicated setup.

With Photo Stick Device, you can securely and efficiently store important information that you might not want to lose. Unlike different devices that are prone to significant damages, errors, and corruption, ThePhotoStick is extremely user-friendly, reliable, and helpful in storing information as long as you want to save it. The device features a simple interface, which makes it an ideal solution for every use.

What are the Benefits of Photo Stick Omni Device?

The Photo Stick device offers a lot of incredible benefits, such as:

  • Its durable, reliable, and of high-quality
  • It is simple to use.
  • Ideal for even old-age people as they do not need to memorize any login details or install complicated setups.
  • Available with no subscription
  • It doesn’t take any time to store photos
  • Stores all kinds of photos, videos, and files.
  • Works on its own
  • Affordable for all budgets

The Photo Stick Omni Reviews from the Real Users:

Like many people, you must be looking for reviews before buying anything so that you could make a great deal and don’t waste money. Here we have a lot of reviews from real people who have used the device many times and are 100% satisfied with its results.

Have a look at a few reviews from real people and find out what they have to say about the Photo Stick Omni.

 “I actually don’t believe in these backup devices. It feels like they’re marketing impossible things like ‘sorting’ automatically. However, my perspective toward ThePhotoStick OMNI changed when my son got it for himself. I’ve never seen him more surprised. The bottom line is the device works like a charm.” Tom.

 “The name ThePhotoStick OMNI got my attention as soon as I came across a review. Coincidentally, I was considering a cloud-based backup service at that time. After I saw this USB driver, I thought why pay a monthly subscription when I can buy a huge space right now? So, I got the 256 GB one and it’s been serving me amazingly.” Kevin.

How Does Photo Stick Works on Computers?

As mentioned above, the device is user-friendly and has an easy interface. Follow the steps below to use it on computers.

  • Step 1: Connect the device with your computer from which you want to store photos, videos, and other files.
  • Step 2: Select “Open Program”
  • Step 3: Now choose the “Go” command to run it smoothly.

How to Setup on Mobile?

The device is highly compatible with mobiles as well. Follow the steps to run it on your mobile devices:

  • Step 1: Download and install the Photo Stick app on the mobile device
  • Step 2: In the second, insert the adapter into your mobile. It should run smoothly on both iOS and Android.
  • Step 3: Now it’s time to transfer your data. Plug-in the USB device to the mobile and initiate data transfer. It will take a few minutes in transferring all your data from mobile to the device.

Storage Space of Photo Stick Omni Device:

The storage space in your device depends on the model you buy as well as the size of the data you want to store.

  • The PhotoStick OMNI 8 version has 8 GB of storage space, which is good enough for saving more than 3,500 photos.
  • If you buy 32 GB, it will store more than 15,000 Photos.
  • In the case of buying 64 models, you will enjoy 64 GB of capacity which can save more than 30,000 photos.
  • With 128 version, which is probably the highest in the series can simply hold more than 60,000 photos which offers 128 GB of extra storage.

Price Chart:

Worried about the prices of this highly efficient device? No problem. The device is affordable for every budget. Its prices are:

  • 32 GB Storage= $59.99
  • 64 GB Storage= $79.99
  • 128 GB Storage= $99.99
  • 256 GB Storage= $148.99

The best part is Photo Stick Omni doesn’t offer any hidden charges. Once you pay for the device, you don’t have to pay anything extra.


So, after having detailed information about this brilliant device, do you consider it useful for saving your data? If you think that you might lose access to your data at some point in your life, then it’s better to invest in this high-quality and affordable data backup device that is available at extremely affordable charges.

If you have decided to buy the device, make sure you purchase it from a reliable manufacturer so you can get an authentic version that keeps your pictures safe without causing any difficulty.

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