Tvidler Review – Is That the Safest Tool to Clean Earwax? Works or Scam?

Got an ear full? Or perhaps you pushed a cotton swab too hard to clear your earwax? We all know that a clogged ear from earwax buildup is super-annoying and sometimes causes trouble hearing. Unfortunately, everyone experiences this situation at some point in their life.

What’s more worrisome is, we think that earwax is dirty and unnecessary. But the fact is, it contains a lot of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect your ears from small insects, dirt, dust, and other germs.

So, in short, it’s normal and healthy. However, its accumulation in ears can cause different troubles too, which means you need to clean your ears from extra-accumulated earwax. I know you must be thinking of using a cotton swab as it’s soft, flexible, and seems effective. Well, yes, it’s good and inexpensive.

But what if I tell you that I have a better recommendation for you than a cotton swab? Yes, today we have a Tvidler tool that claims to offer a better solution.

Let’s scroll below and find out if it’s the safest tool for earwax removal, and whether it works or not!

What is Tvidler?

If you are new to Tvidler and heard about it for the very first time then let me explain it for you first before moving to its features, benefits, specs, and specialties.

Tvidler is the safest earwax removal tool. Yes, even safer than small cotton swabs.

what is tvidler

According to the creators of this tool, it is the most effective earwax removal tool which is safe to use for everyone and won’t hurt your ears ever.

Your Ears Require a Soft Instrument for Cleaning, Tvidler Claims to be That One!

Everybody knows that our inner ear is extremely sensitive, which means its cleaning requires a soft and delicate instrument.

Tvidler claims to be that instrument.

It doesn’t only clean the inside of your ears but also cleans the inner side walls as well as removes the stubborn earwax without creating any damage or discomfort. The tool is very easy to use, it’s long-lasting and quite hygienic.

The best part is, it can be used by almost every age group. It features all the exceptional elements that help you in personal hygiene. This small handheld offers controlled cleaning as well as convenient usage.

Did you know what’s the most amazing thing about this tool is?

The product features a very ergonomic design. It has a small tip that is removable and washable. This is made of high-quality plastic and has a spiral silicone head which simply gives protection from all sides.

So, How Does Tvidler Work?

Tvidler ear cleaner is made of high-quality silicone. You can also remove its head and clean it for more good results. After some time, it’s recommended to replace the head. Its grip is very comfortable and perfectly fits in your hand, couldn’t slide away when turned.

Tvidler features a spiral head which is designed specifically to remove all the earwax with twisting motion. Remember, it’s not recommended to insert it deeply into your ear canal, the way you do with a cotton swab. All you need to do is, insert gently into the ear and then turn it clockwise.

According to its manufacturers and users, Tvidler is very simple to use. You can effortlessly clean your ears without the fear of any damage. Insert the tip with care.

Once you insert it, rotate it slowly and allow the pollution to exit your ear canal.

When you are done, clean the tip with running water. It comes with a set of six tips. This means it’s best for multiple people or good for further replacements.

how does it work

Is That Sustainable? Look at Some Technical Specs:

Yes, according to customer reviews, Tvidler is both flexible and sustainable. Here are some technical specs for further proof.

  • It gives 360-degree protection
  • Set is available with 6 durable heads
  • Features a spiral silicone head
  • Washable and replaceable tip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple to use
  • High-quality plastic
  • Length= 12.6 centimeters
  • Width= 1.5 centimeters
  • Color available= white-grey

Some Important Features to Keep in Mind:

Tvidler is a comfortable, safe, and effective tool to remove earwax buildup. It comes with lots of stunning features, such as:

  • No side effects:

Like other traditional instruments, Tvidler comes with no side effects. It’s safe, easy to use, and cause no damages afterward.

  • Portable and travel-friendly:

Its small and easy to carry. You can even take it anywhere you want as it takes a little space in your handbag.

  • Ultra-soft silicone head:

Tvidler features an ultra-soft silicone head that offers deep cleaning. It rotates freely in ear canal without causing any damage.

  • Tvidler is non-invasive:

Another amazing feature is, Tvidler is a non-invasive device that doesn’t go too deep to cause any damage.

  • Comfortable and efficient:

This is an award-winning ear wax removing tool that comes with a comfortable and ergonomic design while offering a firm grip.

  • Eco-friendly:

Since Tvidler lasts long, it doesn’t contribute to any kind of plastic waste. It’s created with high-quality materials that allow you to use the tool repeatedly.

  • 100% protection:

As explained above, Tvidler comes with a flexible tip that features durable spiral grooves. These special grooves offer complete earwax removal as well as protect ears from ear wax buildup.

  • High-quality handle:

It is made of a high-quality plastic handle that offers a comfortable grip and escapes from your hand.

features of tvidler

Pros and Cons of Tvidler:

Now let’s take a brief look at its few essential pros and cons that you might not find anywhere.

Pros Cons
Secure grip with safety assurance Authentic product available at official
Flexible, durable, easy to use Website only
Environment-friendly Not recommended for children
Easy to Clean Limited supply
Soft tips that offer protection  
Suitable for every age  
Easy to carry  
Affordable for everyone  
Available in 50% off  

How Tvidler is a Great Alternative than a Cotton Swab?

We all believe that cotton swabs are best for removing extra ear wax. But unfortunately, these swabs are just pushing the earwax to the canal and you cannot take it out ever which eventually causes trouble hearing or irritation.

When you compare it with Tvidler, you would find incredible differences. Tvidler is a softer, easier, and more reliable option that conveniently removes all the wax without pushing it farther.

Besides, cotton swabs also pose a risk to your inner ear. When they push ear wax deeper, it may cause infection or damage inside. But thankfully, you won’t experience this problem with this innovative tool. It clears wax gently and easily within seconds without any chances of damages, pain, or infection.

better than a swab

Notable Benefits of Using Tvidler than Other Equipment:

Unlike traditional tools and products you use for cleaning wax, Tvidler is easy and safe. It comes with plenty of benefits that make it an ideal product to clean earwax.

  • Since it is a simple tool, it is very easy to clean.
  • You can wash and re-use it several times
  • This small gadget is less troublesome to carry or transport. It’s available with a unique travel case that can be used for traveling or simple use at home.
  • When compared, these are not dangerous and ineffective like cotton swabs. Tvidler offers a great sense of security, reliability, and comfort.
  • Tvidler is efficient enough in removing more earwax as compared to other tools or equipment available in the market.
  • It is also extremely effective in removing microscopic insects
  • You can use the gadget to clean wax, control humidity as well as solidify.

Design and Mechanism of the Product:

Tvidler has an award-winning design with a unique spiral tip that helps clean wax from the inner sides of your ear. It’s a tool that can be used by anyone.

If your inner canal is blocked or full, no other tool can offer complete cleanliness than Tvidler. It will help you clean your ears within seconds, without putting too much effort like cotton swabs.

It is also very simple to use and gives no hard time to anyone. The most notable benefit of Tvidler is, it comes in a standard measure. This means the tool is specifically designed by keeping the size of the ear in mind.

It simply penetrates deep enough into your ear and avoids any kind of damage to the eardrum as well as different sensitive areas of your ear. The portion of Tvidler that goes into your ear is moderately thick, but it doesn’t have a very thick tip as a cotton swab does. This means it can clean your ear without pushing the wax farther, and does not cause any kind of harm or damage to your ear.

design and mechanism

4 Easy Steps to Use Tvidler:

Tvidler is very easy and effortless to use. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps before you use the product to clean your earwax.

  • Step 1: Insert the tip of Tvidler into your ear. Make sure you properly fit it inside the ear. Turn it slowly so that its spiral head starts to spin in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction. When it turns, it will slightly be caressing your ear canal’s walls.
  • Step 2: After that, you will feel how gently it cleans the outer layers of your ear as well with its tip in a gradual twisting motion.
  • Step 3: With each twisting motion, it helps extract all the wax and dust particles from your ear. After that, the dirt will be collected and then stored in the silicone tip.
  • Step 4: Remember, you need to do this exercise for 2-3 minutes. And then pull out the tip carefully from your ear.

how to use it

Is Tvidler a Scam?

Now that you understand all of its benefits, features, specs, and functionality. So, do you still believe that it’s a scam or not worth your money? Let me convince you with some more strong points.

Tvilder Ear Wax is a brilliant ear wax extractor that helps cleans your ear while extracting all the wax, dirt, dust, small insects, and other particles. It comes with swift precision technology that doesn’t cause any harm to your ear canal or other sensitive parts of your ear. When you compare it with some other low-grade ear wax cleaner or cotton swabs, you will feel how gently and swiftly it cleanses your ear without causing any infection.

Before its manufacturers introduced the product in Australia, Tvidler was tested thoroughly by the medical and technical specialists for checking out its efficiency so that they can introduce it with more confidence.

So far, all the reviews and feedback of this earwax remover are 100% positive. The product is now gaining a lot of attraction from all the people in Australia and hence proving that it’s the finest and most reliable earwax remove introduced in the market. Overall, Tvidler is worth buying and of course, not a scam as it’s tested, patented and verified by experts in the US.

What Customers Say About Tvidler?

Do you know what customers say about this innovative product?

Let’s find out:

Nikos Marov- “It really does the job; I am very satisfied and 100% recommend it.”

Sinan Limani- “From all the ear cleaners that I have tried Tvidler is the best. I feel a lot better after using TVidler. Highly recommend it.”

Danielle Muntalo- “This new ear wax remover is a game-changer. Tvidler ear wax is a new innovation designed in a way that is very safe, comfortable, and easy to use.”

What are the Costs of Tvidler?

Every Tvidler package contains 6 spiral head tips

Here we have mentioned its price breakdown so you can easily decide what package you want to use.

  • 1 Tvidler Cleaner is available for $29.95
  • 2 Tvidler Cleaners are available for $44.96
  • 3 Tvidler Cleaners are available for $65.94
  • 4 Tvidler Cleaners are available for $79.96

Conclusion: Should You Buy Tvidler?

Tvidler is one of the best products to use when it comes to cleaning earwax. Its durable, flexible, affordable, and works for every budget. It is secure, effective, and reliable, which means it will never hurt your ears no matter how many times you use it. This makes Tvidler a must-have product that should be used by every member of house without any fear of causing damage or infection to your ears.

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