UVBrite Review – Self-Cleaning Water Bottle with LED Technology

We frequently hear that water is crucial for good health. Why?

It’s simple! Water keeps us hydrated. It regulates our body temperature, protects tissues & organs, and helps create saliva.

There are hundreds of amazing benefits of water. But the only condition is, it should be clean and free from all germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. Otherwise, it leads to various serious diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, and even Typhoid.

Unfortunately, many people get diagnosed with these diseases caused by polluted water. Do you know the biggest reason behind it?

They typically use giant water bottles that remind them to drink plenty of water every hour. But sadly, they are least concerned about cleaning those bottles. When they do not clean the bottles, a musty odor contaminates the entire water inside and as a result, they have to throw them off.

Replace Those Stinky Water Bottles with Insulated Self-Cleaning Bottle:

Luckily, the time has changed. The concept of self-cleaning water bottles like UVBrite has changed the entire scenario. Now you don’t have to clean your bottle from inside or throw it away, this self-cleaning technology can automatically and intelligently clean your water every 6 hours.

Let’s get into more details mentioned in this UVBrite review that helps you know why it claims to be the best product.

So, what is UVBrite? An Overview:

If you haven’t heard about self-cleaning water bottle technology yet, then I hope this article will help you a lot. And you wouldn’t mind buying this high-quality stainless-steel bottle after reading the review.

UVBrite is a self-cleaning water bottle equipped with UV-C Water Purifying and intelligent cleaning technology with a black touch sensor. The bottle helps you enjoy clean, pure, and safe water at the single press of a button no matter where you are. Whether you are planning to go with friends camping, or simply need clean water at home, this is the right bottle to consider that offers guaranteed results.

As mentioned, the bottle features UV-C disinfection that works by breaking down all the particular chemical bonds and then scrambling the overall DNA structure and other proteins, as a result, it effectively destroys all the microbes by 99%.

The high-quality 18.6 oz. insulated bottle purifies your water at the perfect temperature. It also comes with a safety lock which helps prevent accidental exposure as well as offers more than 50 purification cycles on a one-time charge.

uvbrite bottles

Some Amazing Features of UVBrite You’d Love to Know:

It’s not like your traditional water bottle that doesn’t clean or purifies your water and might stink after some time when left open. This stainless-steel water bottle comes with a variety of amazing features that further make it an ideal product.

  • As mentioned above, the UV-C cap helps eliminates all the microbes by up to 99.9%
  • The brilliant self-cleaning technology switches on every time the purification cycle is switched on. It ensures that your water bottle is being constantly sterilized.
  • It features two purification modes. The normal one for standard water, as well as blitz mode for water, needs excessive purification.
  • Well-insulated and keep water hot for more than 6 hours as well as cold for around 12 hours
  • It’s completely safe, BPA-free, and has 304 stainless steel bottles
  • Unlike other self-cleaning bottles, its cap comprises an advanced quartz lens which is equipped with built-in LED light
  • It’s available with a safety lock feature which means the UV-C light won’t be activated when you remove the cap.
  • The bottle also contains a silicone gasket that offers a leakproof seal
  • Comes with USB-C charging option.
  • A most amazing feature is it can purify 6,250 gallons of water as the LEDs used in the bottle are last for 10,000 hours.

uvbrite features

Mechanism- Simple, Quick, and Convenient:

There is no complicated science behind its mechanism. Its use is based on three easy steps:

  1. Fill your bottle with water from any clear source
  2. Simply tap once on the top of its cap and activate its UV-C purification technology. Remember, it comes with two modes. You need to tap once for normal mode, and twice for Blitz mode.
  3. After that, wait for 90-180 seconds and enjoy your clean and pure water.


Important Specs to Note Before Buying:

Have a look at some important specs of UVBrite before placing your order.

Warranty 1 year
Height 10.8 inches
Container material Stainless steel
BPA free Yes
Lid included No
Best for Both cold and hot water
Insulated Yes
Lid included No
Inside capacity 18.6
Affordable Yes

Costs of UVBrite Water Purifying Bottle:

Since its available with LED technology and high-quality stainless steel, you must be wondering it’s extra expensive. Right? But that’s not true. UVBrite is affordable for every budget. It has 2-3 price structures based on the replacement lids.

  • Go Bottle 18.6 oz= $39.99
  • Go Bottle replacement lid in black= $23.99
  • Go Bottle replacement lid in Cyan= $23.99

Let’s Read Some Reviews:

Do you know how people are doing after using this innovative self-cleaning water bottle? Let’s find out below.

“Keeps water ice cold and you can taste the crisp freshness of the water. Worth the money.” Rachel C.

“Love this bottle and it works amazingly well. I just received it yesterday so far it’s great.” Emilie Irene L.

The water tastes so crisp and clean! It stays cold forever!” Brittany L.


The best advantage of using UV-C water bottles is, they clean your bottles without using any chemicals or soaps. The technology keeps steaming hot water hot for several hours, and icy cold-water cold for more than 12 hours. Plus, these bottles are durable and last for years, unlike your traditional water bottle.

However, you have to pay a bit higher to buy these bottles but their advantages definitely worth your money. So, if you want to give it a shot, let’s try from UVBrite and I am sure you won’t be disappointed by its exceptional features and specs.

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