Woobles Crochet Kit Review – Must Read This Before You Buy

Aside from eating, sleeping, cooking, working, and watching TV, there are plenty of other things you can try at home to spend your time creatively. Recently I and my friends discovered a genius and fun way to pass the time, which is ridiculously adorable and surely a great learning activity.

With arts and crafts taking over, we decided to try crochet because we have heard a lot of interesting and amazing things about it.

Since we were beginners, we picked Woobles crochet kit because we heard that it’s perfect for both professionals and newbies. Plus, it is very easy to use; you can create different cute animals like penguins, hippos, and bunnies with it. Not to mention, it is also quite affordable even for small budgets.

Well, if you are also a crochet lover, maybe you find this Woobles crochet kit review an extremely helpful beginning. Here I have outlined some features and other things about this ergonomic crochet kit.

Woobles Crochet Kit – An Overview!

If you love crocket, but are unsure how to do it, the Woobles kit offers you a great way to get started.

When you buy the Woobles crochet kit, you get a complete crafting set that comprises all the items you need. For example, if you want big stuffed animals such as crocodiles and the teddy bear, the company will supply you with polyfill, yarn, a tapestry needle, cotton yarn, and plenty of other items.

If you are new to this like me, I would recommend you to start with a beginners’ kit that will have everything you need to jumpstart. The manufacturers have included the right number of materials in the kit so you don’t waste your time or money looking for hooks or ended up buying the wrong yarn.

Learn more interesting facts and features in this Woobles crochet kit review so you can make the most of it.

Woobles Crochet Kit

Step-by-Step Tutorials – The Thing That Makes Woobles a Bit Special:

Do you know what makes Woobles kit a bit more special than other crochet kits? It comes with detailed guides and step-by-step tutorials.

Yes, each crochet kit you buy will have its own exclusive step-by-step video tutorials. The experts broke down each step in this learning process and helped people understand how this crochet activity works well, and what things you need to tackle first. By following all the steps in the tutorials, you eventually master all the basics and advanced crochets.

These easy-to-follow instructions teach you everything about crochet. Whether you want to make a teddy bear, bunny, fox, or any other stuffed animal, you can easily enhance your skills while watching these tutorials.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Features You Might Love About Woobles Crochet Kit:

Once you start with Woobles kit, you might feel that it’s a totally different path that you are following. But trust me, when you will continue doing crochet, you will realize that this is the best thing you have been doing so far. Why? Because it comes with a lot of interesting features which make the product inspirational for beginners and professionals.

  • Easy to Use:

According to manufacturers, the Woobles kit is very easy to use. Someone with zero experience in crochet can manage things efficiently.

  • Lots of Items:

Every crochet kit comes with lots of items that make the activity easy, helpful, and more interesting.

  • High-Quality and Pleasant Materials:

All the materials included in the kit are aesthetically pleasing and equipped with a flimsy loom and come with a wooden needle that causes materials to break into fragments.

  • Amigurumi Designs:

I can’t stop myself from falling in love with these cute amigurumi designs. For example, cute Nico the cat with a fish bib and Francois the Pop with a backpack strongly appeal to your eyes.

  • Ergonomic Crochet Hooks:

Unlike some traditional crochet hooks that are hard to handle, these crochet hooks are very ergonomic in design, which makes crochet a more fun thing to learn. Even if you are a newbie like me, you can easily make clear stitches that don’t fray. Try it, I am sure you will love it.

  • Suitable for Ages 12+

Woobles starter kit is great for children of 12+ ages. They can easily learn it and enjoy the activity while making different cute animals.


Items Included in the Woobles Kit:

When you will buy Woobles Kit, you will get a lot of items inside the pack such as:

  • The Woobles easy peasy yarn
  • Plastic eyes
  • Pre-started crochet piece
  • Stitch maker
  • Stuffing
  • Tapestry needle
  • Drawstring bag for carrying things
  • Pattern as a PDF download
  • Ergonomic crochet hooks of 4mm
  • Easy to follow video tutorials

Items Included in the Woobles

Did You Know 50,000 People Learned Crochet with Woobles? Hear What Others Say:

Yes, that’s true. More than 50,000 people have learned crochet using this Woobles kit. Have a look at what people have to say about it.

“I absolutely love it. The directions are clear and they come with everything that you need as a beginner.” Lisa

Another customer believes:

“This was an amazing starter kit for me. It helped me to learn how to read a pattern and to complete steps of an amigurumi.” Karen

Where to Buy?

Woobles crochet kit is available online on different platforms. However, I would recommend you to buy from the official website of Woobles where you can get different bundles.

Some best-selling bundles are Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle, Zero to Hero Bundle, Limited Edition Hoppy Easter Bundle, and many others. The best part is, they are available at attractive discounts.

Woobles Crochet Kit Review – Should You Buy it?

After reading this detailed Woobles crochet kit review, I am sure you can easily decide whether to buy it or not.

Since there are some positive and negative sides to Woobles crochet kit, many people are confused about whether they should try it or not because the product demands a lot of focus and attention, which many people couldn’t manage to do.

Still, Woobles seem to be the best option to start learning crochet which comes in different bundle forms, items, and tutorials, so it’s very easy to use. You don’t have to put much effort to learn crochet. Just follow the instructions and get started.

If you have a crafter friend around, or you want to learn it for yourself, I think Woobles crochet is the best thing to choose. You will feel comfortable while learning the basics and making some new and cute animal friends after following all the steps.

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