6 Best High Teas in Canberra

Sunday mornings and high tea is such a wonderful combination in Canberra which is definitely not complete without those decadent cakes, yummy banana bread, and delicate strawberry macarons accompanied by a glass of bubbling champagne.

Indulging in high tea or afternoon tea is not only best for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries but also ideal for everyday life when you really want to take some time out from your hectic routine and spend quality moments with friends and family.

High tea is primarily a British tradition that hails back to the 1700s. Previously, it was a special meal that contained all the savoury items served standing, like finger sandwiches, cocktails, and burgers. Even today, high tea includes all these items but in a much better and transformed way. High tea is served in countless locations in Australia, but it turns out Canberra is already leading the way due to all the popular spots that serve afternoon tea with a scrumptious selection of tarts, pastries, cakes, cookies, and much more.

Here I have compiled a list of the best high tea spots in Canberra so you don’t have to do any research if you are really looking for a great place to enjoy afternoon tea in Canberra.

How to Select the Best Venue for High Teas in Canberra?

High tea is a great opportunity to enjoy delicious meals and hot steaming cups of tea with great company. You can either make the occasion casual or fancy, depending upon your mood or requirement. Let’s find out how to select the best spots for high teas in Canberra.

  • Items to Serve: A high tea menu is always light and usually focused on fries, cakes, pastries, scones, lemon curds, and related items. Every good high tea restaurant serves items on three-tier stands so they can display savoury items and cakes beautifully.
  • Tea Options: This is the most important part of a high tea party. Choose a restaurant that serves you at least two tea options. For example, one should be caffeinated tea and the other should be herbal.
  • Gracious Hosting: Having all the fun, delicious food, and the best tea is one part of the party, but gracious hosting and superior services are probably the other parts – which are the most important ones, I guess. This also includes the minute you step in and are greeted by the staff members, and the moment you depart.
  • Breathtaking Locations: If the location of your high tea party is breathtaking, then there is no way that you don’t enjoy the party. Coupled with sophisticated surroundings, slow music, and beautiful seaside views double the pleasure and fun. What do you think?

How to Select the Best Venue for High Teas

The Best High Teas Canberra:

Now that we know what to look for in a restaurant for a great high tea experience, it’s time to see the list of the venues that serves the best high teas in Canberra.

  1. Howling Moon:

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying the best meal with your loved ones on the highest rooftop bar? If yes, then Howling Moon is your way to go! This is not only one of the trendiest and Instagram-able spots in Canberra but now serves the world’s best high tea with stunning views around. Mini lamb burgers, scones, crispy sausage rolls, and different tea options have made Howling Moon a preferable choice for all.

You can make bookings via email or visit their website to find availability for weekends.

  1. Burbury Hotel:

The Buvette high tea has now become one of the favorite spots of high tea lovers in Canberra as it replicates the taste of traditional high tea that most people love today. Served in a beautiful light-filled room, with yummy pastries, mouthwatering sandwiches, and a variety of macaroons, Burbury Hotel gives the most delicious taste of high tea that you have ever enjoyed in Australia. Coupled with fresh coffee and sparkling wine, Burbury Hotel serves everything for everyone.

There are also some Gluten- free options available but unfortunately, there is nothing in vegan and dairy-free food items.

  1. White Rabbit:

If you are a high tea lover, I bet you must have visited White Rabbit in Canberra which is the top spot for enjoying all hot and soft meals. The place is usually known as the local hidden gem, which is popular for its elegance, charm, and earthy atmosphere. White Rabbit hosts a Tipsy Tea party every weekend and serves an amazing feast of savoury bites as well as moreish dessert treats.

  1. Hyatt Hotel Canberra:

Hyatt hotel is one of the most established and wonderful locations in Canberra where people come from all parts of Australia to enjoy the delectable taste of some exclusive items. They take pride in offering afternoon tea parties in the popular heritage-listed Tea Lounge. The signature stands of Hyatt Hotel are full of some sweet, yummy, and savoury foods including meringues, pork sliders, as well as custard tarts.

  1. Queen’s Terrace at Parliament House:

Now you can enjoy high tea at one of the most iconic locations of Australia – Queen’s Terrace at Parliament house. This beautifully refurbished Queen’s Terrace Cafe serves an amazing high tea experience that features all the savoury treats made by their qualified in-house pastry team. Their food items come with an Australian twist and comprise all the native ingredients such as the lemon myrtle crumble choux.

  1. Tea Salon High Tea at Blissiimo:

Another favorite spot of all the Canberrans for the best high tea is the Tea Salon at Blissiimo. The decorations and the entire place are as beautiful as the taste of their high tea crafted by their professional and skilled team. Velvet sofas, lots of brass notes as well as a subtle Persian charm adds unique elegance which further enhances the beauty of the place.

At Tea Salon, you can expect some delicious French-inspired flavors, which include macaroons, tarts, and sweet & savoury bites.

Best high teas in canberra

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do we usually call it “high tea”?

It is called high tea because it is more like a working-class meal that is served at a high-standing table and three-tier stands with high-back dining chairs. The meal includes all soft and light items which include pastries, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, and different savoury foods.

  1. Is there any difference between afternoon tea and high tea?

Well, yes there is a slight difference between high tea and afternoon tea. Both of them include light foods and beverages, but afternoon tea features some more delicate items like pastries, finger sandwiches, scones, or cakes.

However, high tea is a wholesome meal of meat, potatoes as well as vegetables that are enjoyed after a long hard day.

  1. Is high tea only for ladies?

Yes and No. Historically, the party was only hosted and enjoyed by ladies at a special spot where they all gathered and enjoy delicious meals. But with time, things are changed and now the high tea party is enjoyed by both gents and ladies.

  1. What is the dress code for high tea?

Generally, there is smart and casual attire requested for all guests attending a high tea. And avoid t-shirts, sweat pants, trainers, and sportswear because it is more like a formal occasion where you should look decent and well-dressed.

  1. Is high tea expensive?

No. In fact, high tea is a more affordable choice than lunch or dinner. The above-mentioned high tea spots not only offer the best high tea in town but also charge affordable rates for every budget.


So, what’s your experience with high tea in Canberra? Have you ever visited one of the spots I mentioned above? If not yet, then this is the right time to book your table and enjoy the best high tea with friends and family. Do not forget to check their official websites where you can find the menu and booking details.

If you are looking for more ideal dining options in Canberra, I am sure you would like to explore the best fine dining restaurants in Canberra to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

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