Seedsheet Review – Grow Your Own Mini Garden Naturally

Have you ever tried to grow something at your home? If yes, then I am sure you must be aware of all the headaches and hassles it brings. Growing recommended varieties, obtaining good seeds, preparing the soil, and controlling pests are just a few elements to name that take a lot of time and your concentration.

However, you don’t have to do that anymore. If you love gardening, then you can simply grow your mini garden naturally & healthily at home by using the Seedsheet gardening kit. The Seedsheet kit is curated seeds that can be easily planted at home facilitating fast growth and sprouting.

What makes Seedsheet even more special is, that it is an anti-weed product that encourages weed-free gardens. But how does it actually work? How to use it? and what are the features of this innovative product?

Let’s find out the answers to all the questions in this detailed review.

What is Seedsheet?

Seedsheet is your small herb garden that is available in dissolvable pouches with highly reliable non-GMO and organic seeds. This small herb sheet is very convenient and you can plant it easily in your backyard or even in a separate container.

In simple words, we can also say that Seedsheet is a thriving herb garden that you can purchase in a small box and grow naturally.

At first glance, you may think that Seedsheet is a very complicated product. Especially if you have zero experience in cultivation then you might feel difficult to use it. but the truth is, Seedsheet is a very convenient product to use that can be even used by a person who has no prior experience in gardening.

Simply place your Seedsheet in some pot with soil and then send a message to Seedsheet. After that, you need to add water once you get an alert.

What is Seedsheet

How to Use the Seedsheet Gardening Kit?

Have a look at this step-by-step process if you are planning to buy Seedsheet for growing your own garden naturally.

  1. Place the Seedsheet in a container that has some soil but makes sure that the seed side faces the soil. Now flatten the product with your hands until you think it is completely flat.
  2. There will be three garden stakes included in your package. You need to place them through the X slits which are present at the edge of the sheet.
  3. Now water every pouch for 10 seconds at the same time. When you are done, wait for 30 seconds until those pouches start to dissolve.
  4. Place the mini garden on a patio or a backyard where sunlight can reach easily. Each Seedsheet is available with the information packet that guides you about when to harvest your plants.

How to Use the Seedsheet Gardening Kit

Features and Benefits of Seedsheet:

The review won’t be useful for you until you learn these amazing features and benefits that come along with Seedsheet.

  • Convenient to Use:

Seedsheet is a very convenient product to use. You don’t have to follow complex instructions that you normally do with gardening. Its app gives you text reminders about watering and fertilizing and also gives you different recipes for mini harvests.

  • Place Anywhere You want:

Another brilliant feature of Seedsheet is, that you can place it anywhere you want. You can even build your garden in tighter spaces or on rooftops, fireplaces, or stoops.

  • Safe Food:

You don’t have to worry about buying unsafe fruits and vegetables from the market. You can grow your own safe food by using this gardening kit.

  • Save Time:

Unlike traditional gardening, the Seedsheet gardening kit saves time. You don’t have to waste hours and hours growing seeds.

  • Free App for Instructions:

The free app of Seedsheet helps a lot in growing your own garden. It offers instructional videos & tips, reminds you of plant watering, and notifies you when your plants are ready to eat.

  • Completely Organic:

Seedsheet is a completely organic product to use. It is non-GMO and safe to use which means the product is natural and healthy for all.

  • No Expertise Required:

One of the top benefits of Seedsheet is, that it doesn’t require any expertise. If you are even professional or know very less about gardening, then you can still use this product without any worries.

Features and Benefits of Seedsheet

Pros and Cons of Seedsheet:

Pros Cons
Best for beginners Wait for 40 days for results
Easy and safe product Need direct sunlight to grow
100% reliable
Value for money
Doesn’t need a large space to grow
Affordable for all
Non-GMO and organic
No weeding

What Do Users Say About the Product?

“Thanks for the timely delivery! Love the text reminder feature – I don’t have to worry about forgetting to water the plants. Everything was convenient to use, and the pods were easy to tell apart.” Denise C

“Ordered as a Mother’s Day gift, and my mom was really happy… She said she would post photos every month! We bought the cocktail set.” Samantha G

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there any varieties available in seed types?

Yes. You can choose from a lot of varieties. For example, flowers, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, cantaloupe, broccoli, watermelon, lettuce, and others.

2. What’s included in the kit?

The Seedsheet gardening kit includes the size of the kit you order (large or small), seeds, sterilized potting soil, accessories, and instructions to use the kit.

3. Where can I buy the Seedsheet product?

If you want to buy the original product, then I would recommend you to buy it from the official website of Seedsheet where you can enjoy amazing discounts and deals with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

4. What is the price of the Seedsheet kit?

One Seedsheet kit is available for only $34.99. However, if you want to enjoy it more, you can visit the official website and choose your desired package where you can save money with a buy 2 get 1 free kit.

5. Do I need to bury the Seedsheet product?

No. Just place your Seedsheet product on the above area of your soil. It has dissolvable seed pods that comprise non-GMO seeds as well as a buffer layer of soil, which ensures that your seeds will be protected.


If you are keen to grow your own herbs safely, naturally, and healthily at home, then Seedsheet is definitely the right product to consider. They are safe, fresh, money-saving, and reliable. Especially if you are health conscious, then Seedsheet would be a great choice for your good health.

Let’s give it a try and grow your own garden naturally at home without having to spend tons of money.

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