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Sleeping Duck Mattress Reviews – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

According to experts, getting good sleep is extremely important to maintain sound physical and mental health. Without enough sleep in your routine, you are at greater risk of obesity, high BP, and different heart-related issues.

A mattress plays a crucial role in our ability to sleep well. Yet, I have seen a lot of people who overlook this important factor and keep using mattress that doesn’t provide great comfort, stability, and support to your body.

Therefore, a new mattress could be a sizeable investment as taking this step can unlock your ability to sleep well. So, when it comes to choosing the right mattress, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of Sleeping Duck Mattress which has one of the worthy gems in the Australian mattress market today.

The Sleeping Duck Mattress allows you to swap foam layers to enjoy a more personalized feel. You can get the design in both firm and medium options. Let’s find out what’s special about this mattress, and whether it’s the right option for you or not.

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

Sleeping Duck is relatively a new mattress company established in 2014 by highly qualified engineers in Melbourne. Since mattresses tend to be expensive, they were unaffordable for most people. To offer ease and comfort combined with affordability, Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan created a reliable and top-tier mattress option for everyone who wants customer-friendly pricing.

Therefore, the experts put effort into creating their own mattresses. The objective was to ensure peaceful sleep at night and give sleepers a more versatile option, no matter what’s their weight, need, or preferred sleeping position.

Sleeping Duck provides sleepers with a hybrid mattress that is made of high-quality and top-tier materials. The mattress is available in two different firmness options, called medium and firm. Sleeping Duck mattress is not only comfortable, but it is also very breathable and responsive to pressure. It offers convenient motion as well as various amazing qualities that are not found in traditional mattresses today.

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress

Design and Construction of Sleeping Duck Mattress:

Now let’s talk about the design and construction of this versatile choice. The construction of Sleeping Duck is classy in its own way. The overall makeup and materials contribute to the comfort, support, comfort, and firmness of this luxury mattress.

When you look under the layers, you can easily find what makes this mattress a special choice. The Sleeping Duck mattress uses a perfect combination of comfort foam, pocket strings as well as a high-density foam, to give ultimate support to sleepers.

The top layer of this mattress is created with high-quality bamboo, which is also easily removable and washable in the machine. Due to these impeccable qualities, its cover is called BreatheTech Cover.

Its top layer is created specifically for comfort and convenience and features a newly created Hyper-Adaptive foam which is now called ‘AntiGravity’ foam.

The foam doesn’t comprise any latex or other materials. Hence, it offers increased pressure relief, support, and breathability. As a person moves, the mattress automatically rebounds weight and shapes to the person’s position. Moreover, the product is 100% Australian-made, which further makes it a durable option for all.

Design and Construction of Sleeping Duck Mattress

How Does Sleeping Duck Mattress Works?

Sleeping Duck mattress comes in three common configurations and allows you to learn how to set up the Sleeping Duck Mattress, and what options to choose from. It’s also important to note that the layer with adjustable firmness is no longer available in purple or white. It is only light grey for the medium as well as dark grey for the firm. Here is how you get firmness in three easy steps.

  • Choose between your options from Medium or Firm
  • If the one choice doesn’t feel comfortable, then you need to change the firmness – free of cost for the first 100 nights. Or another option is, you can arrange this for the 40-night check, and visit a website to fill out a form for firmness change. The company will send you a new foam to try.
  • If the mattress still doesn’t feel right after the adjustment, then the company will collect the mattress and then refund your money if you have requested changes in the first 100-night trial period.

How Sleeping Duck Mattress Works

What Does it Feel Like to Lie on a Sleeping Mattress?

Sleeping Duck mattress comes in different customizable options as well as zoned coils. It feels pretty darn comfortable and a convenient choice. Here are the firmness ratings received by the company:

  • The “medium” foam features 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. People assume that it is softer and nicer than other medium mattresses.
  • The “firm” foam features 8 out of 10, and this is definitely the best firmer rating which makes it an ideal choice to consider for a good night’s sleep.

Key Features of the Sleeping Duck Mattress:

Have a look at its key features and benefits so you can buy a Sleeping Duck mattress more confidently.

  • Firmness:

The Sleeping Duck mattress comprises a unique and innovative design that features springs and foam and is best for people who sleep on their backs and stomach. The biggest perk of the mattress is, you can choose your desired firmness level and choose from medium or firm based on your comfort needs.

  • Slight Sinking:

When you will lie on the Sleeping Duck mattress, you will experience a slight sinking. Due to this, you sometimes feel you are on top of the clouds. According to people who have been using this mattress, it is very easy to roll out of the bed in the morning as the mattress offers great support and a spring base.

  • Best Support:

The mattress offers great support and stability to sleepers. It is best for both heavy and light sleepers, especially for those who sleep on their back and stomach.

  • Helps Stay Cool:

Australian weather usually gets crazy sometimes in summer. Therefore, it’s important to have a mattress that helps you stay cool and dry during those hot nights.

  • Edge Support:

If you want a mattress with zero sagging, then Sleeping Duck is the best choice to consider. This unique mattress offers reliable edge support, and you don’t have to worry about rolling off of your bed during unpleasant sinkage when you sit on the edges.

features of Sleeping Duck Mattress

Pros and Cons of Sleeping Duck Mattress:

Pros Cons
Made of supreme quality materials Expensive option
3 firmness options The Queen size is a very heavy
Comes with a bamboo cover  
Great bounciness, good pressure  
Best for back, side, and stomach sleepers  
Sex-friendly choice  
Suitable for bulky people  
Environmentally friendly choice  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the reviews of people who have used a Sleeping Duck mattress?

Most people in Australia are very happy with their purchase. Here are a few comments I noted on their official website:

“Enjoying a great night’s sleep with the half-half design working perfectly.”

“The support, comfort, and temperature of Sleeping Duck is everything my old mattress wasn’t.”

“I am a side sleeper so I ordered the medium. It’s working out really well and I’m so happy I purchased this.”

2. What are the costs of a mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress is a bit expensive choice for many people. However, its comfort, convenience, and support justify the price.

  • $799 for a single mattress
  • $899 for king single mattress
  • $1149 for a double mattress
  • $1449 for a queen mattress
  • $1599 for a king mattress

3. Is it available with any warranty?

Yes, of course. Since you are investing a high amount, the mattress is available with 10 years of warranty.

4. Who is this mattress best for?

The sleeping Duck mattress is a great choice for all sleepers. It comes with a custom firmness feature which makes the mattress a perfect solution for all. However, back and side sleepers usually love this mattress due to the balance of comfort, stability, support, and bounce.


Overall, Sleeping Duck Mattress is the best choice for all especially who want a sturdy and top-tiered solution. The mattress is super comfortable and reliable, and surely it is worth your money so you won’t regret your purchase as it lasts for years without giving you a single backache.

Thanks to its superior edge support, it’s a great choice for back and side sleepers. Above all, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period which further makes it an ideal solution for all.

Hopefully, this review was useful for many people who want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Check out the product on the official website of Sleeping Duck mattress and learn what benefits you can further avail.

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