ForeverPen Review – All You Need to Know About this World’s Smallest Pen

Ever have to fill up application forms at any government office and later realized that you forgot to bring your pen along? Well, that’s something very normal and we’ve all been there. Instead of carrying those big ink pens that barely fit in your pockets and give unremovable spots on your white t-shirt, why not use a small inkless metal pen that can easily fit in everywhere and doesn’t give a single black mark?

This handy little instrument that claims to be the world’s tiniest inkless pen is one of the hottest products in the Australian market right now that features Silverpoint technology which empowers you to write on almost anything.

Whether you want to take notes in university or the office, or just want to keep something in your pocket for signing business documents, ForeverPen could be your great little companion. But is this even a sturdy product? and what features make it special from other pens available in the market?

Let’s find out everything in this detailed review today!

What is ForeverPen?

ForeverPen is a revolutionary technology that is creating a strong buzz today due to its incredible performance and features. This is the world’s smallest inkless pen that can be easily clipped onto your backpack, handbag, or keychain. The best part is, nobody will ever notice if you are actually carrying anything.

The pen is an ideal choice for making notes, drawing, signing documents, and all kinds of writing-related tasks. What’s even more interesting about the pen is, it is not your ‘ordinary’ kind of pen that only writes. It’s a multi-tool. You can use it for opening boxes, punching boxes, and doing anything that can be done with a strong pointed object.

As the name implies, this smart pen lasts for a lifetime thanks to its high-grade silver and titanium materials. Moreover, the pen won’t lose its effectiveness and ability to write – forever.

What is ForeverPen

Technical Specs to Note:

  • Material = high-quality silver and titanium
  • Size = 0.99 inches
  • Nib material = solid silver composite
  • Other materials = copper, brass, silver
  • Dimensions = 1 inch long, 0.3 inches wide

Design and Construction:

When it comes to the design and construction of ForeverPen, you will be surprised to know that this 1-inch-long pen is extremely unique despite its small size. It comprises a solid silver composite nib and has made of high-grade titanium, copper, or brass materials. The product is tough and strong which makes it pretty much immune to every wear and tear. Thanks to its high-quality design and construction, you can use the pen for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Its silver tip features a muted grey color and the color of the rest of the pen depends on the material you choose.

The product comprises shiny silver Titanium and gold brass which gives a great golden glow. In terms of its style, the ForeverPen is the shortest pen available that is only 1 inch long.

However, its design is very elegant and the composition of different materials used give it a very great degree of personalization. Plus, it also comes with a small loop on its body through which you can hang it on different things, which makes the pen incredibly useful and functional. Have you ever seen this kind of unique design ever?

Design and Construction

How Does the Pen Work?

Unlike traditional pens, The ForeverPen comes with very old and intelligent silverpoint technology that has been used earliest in the renaissance era. The Silverpoint technology always serves as a successor to a metal point because silver wasn’t deemed to blunt easily as compared to metals like lead or tin.

Silverpoint technology persisted as one of the preferred choices of all the artists until graphite was discovered and then pencils became mainstream. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, the pen lasts longer and doesn’t lose its ability to write or draw.

How Does the Pen Work

Features and Benefits of ForeverPen:

Now let’s come to some most important features of ForeverPen and decide whether it’s the right choice for everyday needs or not!

  • Multitool:

The basic feature of the pen is writing and drawing. However, it can do much more than that. It comes with a sharp tip that is strong enough to tear up hard boxes and open envelopes. This makes the instrument very handy for multiple needs.


  • Smudge-Proof Nib:

Good news for all neat freaks. The nib of ForeverPen is smudge-proof. This means you will not see any fingerprints or other spots left by your hands.

  • Works on Almost Every Surface:

Another best feature of the ForeverPen is, it can work on almost every surface such as plastic, paper, wood, or cardboard. It can effortlessly write quick notes on several hard surfaces.

  • Durable Choice:

As it is made of high-grade silver and titanium, the pen is the most durable choice which can withstand any wear and tear and harsh conditions.

  • Easily Attachable:

ForeverPen is easy to attach to several things which include keychains, coat zippers, necklaces, backpacks, handbags, or even your belt loop.

Features and Benefits of ForeverPen

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Easy to use and reliable For some users, its too small to grip
Portable and durable choice
Affordable for every budget
Works for lifetime
Multipurpose tool
No need for ink refills
Attachable with different surfaces
Fire and waterproof
Risk-free choice

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does ForeverPen really work?

Yes, it does. The ForeverPen has been used by more than 100,000 customers and still counting. This means every user is happy with its performance and truly unique design. Besides writing tasks, it comprises tough Grade 5 Titanium that helps you tear up hard boxes and other things easily.

2. How to use the ForeverPen?

ForeverPen is very easy to use just like a traditional pen. Grip it with your forefingers. Write or draw whatever you want. And then hide it away using a keychain or any other loop.

3. Is this product safe to use?

Of course. The pen is completely TSA-approved, which means you can use it even during traveling.

4. What is the price of ForeverPen?

ForeverPen is affordable for every budget. You can buy 1 ForeverPen for only $24.99 at 15% off. However, if you want to buy more for friends and family, you can enjoy 50% and 60% discounts respectively on buying 3 and 5 ForeverPens.

5. Where can I buy the pen?

If you want to enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year of warranty, then it’s recommended to buy the product from the official website of ForeverPen. Visit the website and check all the deals and discounts before purchasing.


ForeverPen is probably the most ideal choice for people who don’t want to choose those fat and tall pens that sit awkwardly in their pockets and make them feel embarrassed.  ForeverPen is a great solution that you can hide anywhere by attaching the loop to the zipper bag, belt loop, or keyring.

The best thing about ForeverPen is, it is fire and waterproof. The pen will work efficiently even in the rain or any harsh climatic condition. According to one user, “it writes very well and doesn’t fade or rub out.” This means the product is 100% reliable and ideal for every writing-related task. Visit the website link and enjoy huge offers and discounts available with ForeverPen.


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