7 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Canberra

Are you planning to visit Canberra this summer with your friends & family? If yes, then get ready to see one good thing after another. Especially if you are a big foodie, then you must love Canberra as the place is home to lots of incredible fine dining restaurants that present plenty of delectable dishes you have never tasted before.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday party of your close friend, or just planning to surprise your better half with a delicious anniversary dinner, there are lots of interesting places to go and enjoy super tasty meals accompanied by stunning surroundings.

So, if you are looking to celebrate something special and couldn’t decide which is the best fine dining restaurant in Canberra that is perfect in all aspects, then this is the right article to read till the end. Here I have compiled a list of some top fine dining restaurants in Canberra that can make every moment extra special and wonderful with lots of scrumptious dishes.

Qualities of the Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Canberra:

Every reliable fine dining restaurant offers upscale food quality and services so that people love to visit every time they want to celebrate something special.

Here I have mentioned a few qualities of a fine dining restaurant that can make your moment more special and beautiful.

  • Sophisticated Atmosphere: Every good fine dining restaurant gives you a certain feel and looks about them. From you minute you set foot in and see the overall décor, style, and environment to the moment you depart from the door, the restaurant must provide you with a noticeably sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Top-Notch Services: Providing top-notch services to the guests is one of the most important qualities of every fine dining restaurant. From the moment you interact with their staff to the final farewell, it’s essential to have the utmost respect from their knowledgeable staff.
  • Good Food: The top reason we all love to go out to the restaurant is – good food. If your fine dining restaurant in Canberra fails to offer that experience, then it’s definitely not the right choice to consider. Presenting quality food and a great menu is a top-quality fine dining restaurant. Not only the food should taste great, but their chefs should also be very experienced in making every dish.

Qualities of the Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Canberra

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants Canberra:

Let’s scroll to the list of some best fine dining restaurants Canberra that is sure to please your taste buds with some yummilicious dishes and a quality atmosphere.

  1. Temporada:

Temporada is a well-known restaurant and bar located on the perimeter of Canberra and is surely one of the favorite restaurants of all the locals around there. After all, it’s the best place to unwind as well as enjoy plenty of tasty dishes and meals with friends and family.

Their wine has a great mixture of all the top European and Australian brands. The greatest flex of Temporada is that they are best at making different creative cuisines. Not only this, but they are also experts in showcasing wood-fired fresh veggies coupled with Spanish flavors. They also present lots of seasonal and local produce cuisines which further makes Temporada an ideal choice for Canberrans.

  1. Raku:

Do you love Japanese cuisine? If yes, then Raku must be your favorite choice in Canberra. This is another best fine dining restaurant that offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free food with nutritious and freshest ingredients. Due to its quality food, good taste, and friendly staff, Raku has become one of the top places to enjoy special occasions in Canberra.

They have incredibly skilled staff who craft some attractive plates of sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls, and also cook scrumptious meat, seafood, and different vegetables that can surely please all the big foodies.


  1. Courgette:

Enjoying a truly extravagant meal in Canberra is now possible because you have the option to enjoy fine dining in Courgette restaurant which is popular for its refined ambiance. Courgette is primarily a French-inspired food spot which is located in the middle of 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra.

You are allowed to relax and savor and enjoy your meal with stunning views and the environment at your own leisurely pace. Another best thing about Courgette is, you can enjoy wines from all over the globe, and their professional staff helps you choose the best one according to your mood and style.

  1. Marble & Grain:

Marble & Grain offers is one of the most inviting spaces for diners that offer truly good food and memorable experience. This is also one of the best steakhouses in Canberra where young people love to come and spend some quality moments with their friends.

The restaurant works with seasonal Australian and local produce so they can make diners happy with a paddock-to-plate menu featuring an extensive range of delicious starters, lots of steak options as well a variety of mains and sides, along with cocktails to further enhance your dining experience.

marble & grain

  1. Water’s Edge:

As the name implies, Water’s Edge restaurant is located at the shore of Lake Burley Griffin, which provides people with great spectacular views while enjoying their yummy food.

This is also an award-winning modern Australian restaurant that offers an exclusive range of flavorful dishes and the finest international wines.

  1. OTIS Dining Hall:

OTIS Dining Hall is also a beautiful fine dining destination where you can gather with your friends and family to celebrate special occasions and enjoy wonderful meals in a pretty setting in Kingston.

A popular local chef Damian Brabender launched the restaurant in 2016 and dedicated himself to offering delicious meals with ever-changing seasonal menus. OTIS is the best place to enjoy fine dining with warmth and soul.

  1. Corella:

Corella is another modern Australian restaurant that offers diners an intimate escape from their hectic lifestyle.

The restaurant is inspired by native flavors and ingredients, and usually combines all the classic cooking styles in a contemporary kitchen.

The experienced staff offers excellent service, tasty food, and a super amazing wine list and cocktails, which makes it an exceptional place to enjoy a fun evening with your special ones.

fine dining restaurants in canberra

Ready to Enjoy the Best Fine Dining in Canberra?

If yes, then this is the best time to make your special occasions a little more special by booking your table at one of the above fine dining restaurants in Canberra. All the restaurants I mentioned above offer quality food, great ambiance, stunning views, and excellent services that further make your experience extra special and memorable.

If you have ever enjoyed fine dining at the above restaurants, do not forget to share your experience with us. Or in case, you are in search of some best high-tea restaurants in Canberra that offer super savoury items, then check this article and see what makes these restaurants special.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I choose fine dining restaurants over regular ones?

There are plenty of reasons to choose fine dining restaurants. Especially if you are going to celebrate a special occasion with friends then fine dining restaurants can enhance your experience by presenting exclusive meals and special decor. Moreover, fine dining restaurants are affordable and they have a perfect ambiance accompanied by stunning views.

2. Are fine dining restaurants expensive?

No. Fine dining restaurants are affordable for almost every budget. The restaurants we mentioned above are cost-effective and offer pleasant experiences without even breaking the bank.

3. Do I need to reserve a table beforehand?

Well, not necessarily. But if it’s a weekend or there is a special occasion like Christmas, then I would suggest you reserve your table for a hassle-free experience.

4. Since fine dining features small food, can I get full with it?

Absolutely, and even in a more pleasant manner. The intention is to satisfy the diners and provide them with quality food, not just offer a few sampling dishes that are finished in just 2 minutes.

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