Difference Between PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile
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What’s the Difference Between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick Mobile?

Let’s admit it – we all love to take photos and videos and want to save them in a safe place so we can cherish them later… I know most people believe that a “safe” place is their computer where they can organize all their memories in a folder.

But unfortunately, when your computer gets crashes, there is nothing you can do but mourn the memories that you’ve lost permanently.

The good news is, you don’t have to fear it anymore. There are smart devices like ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile that can back up your photos from one device to another in no time! It is not only the fastest but also the most straightforward way to store your memories safely and confidently.

However, there is one problem.

Most people get confused when it comes to buying thePhotoStick device and thePhotoStick mobile devices. Why? Because they are almost the same in functionality and performance but still some differences make people wonder what is the best solution for their backup needs.

If you are also confused about it, let’s have a detailed comparison and find out the difference between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile devices.

ThePhotoStick Vs. ThePhotoStick Mobile – Comparison Chart:

Let’s find out the difference between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile in this comparison chart:

ThePhotoStick ThePhotoStick Mobile
Works on both PC and mobile devices Works only on mobile phones
Uses ThePhotoStick app Uses modern software (TPS)
User-friendly than others Have to follow a lot of steps
More cost-effective A bit expensive
Support image types JPEG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, PSD, Support image types JPG, PCT, ICO, MOV, RAW, GIF, WMV, TIFF, PNG, BMP, AVI, and MPEG4
Storage available: 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB Storage available: 8GB, 16GB, and 128GB
Check for pricing plans Check for pricing plans

What is ThePhotoStick?

The PhotoStick is a smart innovative solution that allows you to back up your photo, videos, documents, and other files from your computer. This is a self-contained gadget, which means you don’t need to select, copy, paste, or perform any kind of task. The device automatically captures and stores your files instantly without any hassle.

If you want to know more details, check this detailed review of ThePhotoStick device created recently.

What is ThePhotoStick

Features of ThePhotoStick Device:

Have a look at these impeccable features of ThePhotoStick so you can learn the real difference between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile:

  • Adaptable: ThePhotoStick device can be used on every device such as phones, tablets, PC, and iPods.
  • Versatile Storage: The device comes with versatile storage options. You can choose from 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB versions.
  • No duplication: You don’t have to experience any duplication issues with the device as it intelligently sorts out hidden files and organize everything for you.
  • Cheap: ThePhotoStick is a very affordable solution for all as compared to ThePhotoStick mobile.
  • Easy to Use: Since it performs automated functions, it is very easy to use and maintain. You don’t have to install any other software.

Features of ThePhotoStick

Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick:

  • User-friendly and safe
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Fast performance
  • Suitable for all picture and video formats
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Find lost and duplicate files
  • People experience freezing issues with the device.

What is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

ThePhotoStick Mobile is another beneficial version that is compatible with the computer operating system as well as mobile phones. It is a compact USB drive that helps you back up all the photos, videos, and other media files from your smartphone to the device. It is similar to a USB thumb drive designed for your mobile phone.

It perfectly works on both Android and iOS devices. But you need to install the app from your respective app store to operate the device easily. It doesn’t only back up your photos and videos but also organizes them efficiently. Moreover, it can back up 15,000 photos with a single click.

Let’s learn more details in this ThePhotoStick Mobile review.

what is ThePhotoStick Mobile

Features of ThePhotoStick Mobile Device:

Planning to buy thePhotostick mobile device? Have a look at some important features of the device if you want to know the difference between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile:

  • Supports Multiple File Formats: ThePhotoStick mobile supports multiple file formats. Whether you have.jpg,.png,.gif, or .tif images, it will back up all the files within seconds.
  • Adaptable: The PhotoStick Mobile device is adaptable and compatible with most mobile phones including iOS, Android as well as other smart devices.
  • Massive Storage: The device comes with a maximum storage capacity of more than 128GB, which means you can effortlessly back up more than 60,000 photos and videos.
  • Doesn’t Require any Software: The device doesn’t require any software for operation. Insert it into your phone and it will work on its own.

Features of ThePhotoStick Mobile

Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick Mobile:

  • Organizes and stores file quickly
  • Store a large number of files
  • Doesn’t require the internet to operate
  • Doesn’t require a subscription
  • Easy to use
  • Protects your files against cyber attacks
  • A bit expensive
  • Available online

So, What’s the Difference Between ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick Mobile?

After a detailed analysis of both devices ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick mobile, it is clear to say that they are best for backing up your files instantly within seconds. The main difference is in their compatibility. ThePhotoStick is best for both mobiles and computers. But ThePhotoStick mobile is only best for mobile devices.

Another difference is their price. The 8Gb PhotoStick which is commonly used is available for only $34.99 (with 40% off). But thePhotoStick mobile is a bit expensive. It is available for $64.99 (with 45% off).

Final Verdict: What’s the Superior Option?

Now that we have reviewed both devices, it is easy to conclude that thePhotoStick device is the best among all. The reason is, that it is compatible with every device including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Plus, it is very user-friendly and cost-effective. So, if you want more storage in a few bucks, then PhotoStick is probably the right solution for you.

But if budget is not a problem for you, and you want a more mobile-friendly solution, then I would recommend PhotoStick mobile version that is available with massive storage, but with a few more bucks.

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