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PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile – What’s Better in 2022?

Worried about losing your favorite memories due to computer crashes? Or perhaps they might become corrupt due to malware issues? I know this sounds very stressful for everybody who has tons of photos and videos on their PC or mobile and they’d definitely hate to lose them…!

But the fact is, there are only smart people who know how to create a solid backup plan to protect all the memories! If you are smart enough, you must have heard about the PhotoStick Omni and PhotoStick mobile devices that claim to back up hundreds and thousands of photos & videos with just a single click…

Millions of people across the globe have been using these devices and saving their precious memories. If you are new to this and haven’t considered them yet, then you must be confused about what’s the better device for your files as both of them are high-rated among users.

Well, don’t worry. Today I am going to reveal everything you want to know about PhotoStick Omni vs. PhotoStick mobile. In this detailed comparison, you can learn what’s the better solution to consider in 2022.

PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile: Comparison

Let’s have a look at the brief comparison between PhotoStick Omni vs PhotoStick Mobile so we can consider the better option.

PhotoStick Omni PhotoStick Mobile
Compatible with both PC and mobiles Compatible with mobile phones only
Storage space till 256 GB Storage space till 128 GB
Easy to use, no special steps to follow Difficult steps to follow
120,000 photos saving options Not specified yet
A bit expensive Affordable for all
USB adapter included USB adapter not included
Check pricing plans Check pricing plans

What is PhotoStick Omni?

The PhotoStick Omni is the latest version discovered in the PhotoStick family, which is mainly an upgrade from PhotoStick mobile, which has been the most popular solution for photo backups since 2019.

With PhotoStick Omni, you can discover a unique way to back up your precious files including photos and videos on every device such as mobile, tablet, and PC. The device features a unique U-shaped design that helps you store more than 256 GB of data securely and efficiently with a single click.

This powerful digital storage device is compatible with almost every operating system and device. It looks like a compact thumb drive that connects to your PC through a USB port. Let’s find out more details in this PhotoStick Omni review, so you can learn why should you even choose that.

what is PhotoStick Omni

How to Use PhotoStick Omni Device?

The PhotoStick Omni device is available with its own software program that automatically does everything on its own. For PCs and Mac, the software is already installed within the USB stick. But for Android and iOS devices, you need to download the app first.

Just plug the device into your PC or mobile with the help of the USB adapter provided, click the software, and then press “Go” to activate it. The device will immediately perform a quick scan of the device and find all the images and files stored there.

How to Use PhotoStick Omni

Features of the PhotoStick Omni Device:

In this comparison between PhotoStick Omni vs. PhotoStick mobile, we cannot ignore the features that give you a complete overview of these gadgets.

  • Comes with a USB adapter for supporting every device
  • Compatible with every operating system
  • One-click back and organization
  • 10x faster transfer speed
  • Saves enough time and energy
  • A safe and secure solution
  • Very easy to use than other devices
  • No internet connection required
  • Durable and aesthetically appealing design

Features of the PhotoStick Omni

What is PhotoStick Mobile?

Let’s find everything about PhotoStick mobile now in this detailed PhotoStick Omni vs. PhotoStick mobile comparison.

PhotoStick mobile has been providing a quick backup solution since 2019. This is a mobile-friendly device that ensures safe & secure backup for everyone who requires frequent backups of memories stored in their mobile phones instead of the computer.

The PhotoStick mobile looks like a small USB thumb drive. However, it comes with two ports. One for mobile devices and the other for computers. The larger USB port can be connected virtually to any computer, and the smaller one is a USB connector that only connects to your phones or tablets.

What is PhotoStick Mobile

How to Use the PhotoStick Mobile?

Using the PhotoStick mobile is somewhat very similar to the PhotoStick Omni.

But unlike the Omni device, it’s not possible to use it across different platforms as it comes with OS-specific functionality.

For example, the USB type-A connector of the PhotoStick mobile can be used for backing up files from all Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, but it’s not possible to use the other connector end on both Android and iOS phones. Now this means, that if you want to use it on your specific phone device or tablet, you need to buy the PhotoStick Mobile version designed specifically for its operating system.

Let’s find out some pros and cons in this detailed review of PhotoStick mobile before you invest in it.

How to Use the PhotoStick Mobile

Features of the PhotoStick Mobile:

Let’s learn some features of the PhotoStick mobile device in this PhotoStick Omni vs. PhotoStick mobile comparison.

  • 10x faster transfer speed
  • One-click back and organization
  • Saves enough time and energy
  • Safe and secure without the internet
  • The durable and long-term solution
  • Best for backing up files on mobile

Features of the PhotoStick Mobile

PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile: What’s the Difference?

In this PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile comparison, you must be looking forward to finding some basic differences that can help you decide what you exactly need for your backup requirements.

  • The real difference between the two devices is surely their compatibility. You can use PhotoStick Omni for every device and computer. While PhotoStick mobile is only compatible with mobile devices and it has a slot for a smaller USB connector.
  • Another important difference is price. The PhotoStick mobile version is relatively cheaper and affordable for all due to its limited compatibility. But the Omni device is a bit expensive as it is compatible with all.
  • With PhotoStick Omni, you can simply back up 120,000 photos and videos while freeing up the storage of your PC or mobile device. But with PhotoStick mobile, you don’t have the option to store that much data instantly.

So, What Device Should You Choose?

Now the most important question is, what is a better option? PhotoStick Omni or PhotoStick Mobile?

Well, in this PhotoStick Omni Vs. PhotoStick Mobile comparison, we have found out that both of these devices are excellent in performance and functionality. They do their jobs automatically and quickly while sorting out photos on their own. The only difference is compatibility. So, if you want to use a photo backup solution for both PC and mobile, then I would recommend you choose PhotoStick Omni.

However, if you want to use a relatively cheaper option and have limited backup needs, then PhotoStick mobile is surely the best choice for you which also saves a few bucks for you.

Whatever device you choose for photo backup, you can rest assured that both PhotoStick Mobile and PhotoStick Omni are smart options backed by quality, excellence, and 100% satisfaction.

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