How to Become A Security Guard in Australia

How to Become A Security Guard in Australia in 5 Steps

Security guards are known to maintain peace and protect surroundings, property, and people. Their profession includes monitoring buildings and other areas to stop or prevent potential incidents of threats and violence. Some people think that being a security guard in Australia or anywhere in the world is an easy job to do and to get into. That is where you are wrong… Little do you know that security guards in Australia have requirements to fill.

The Australian Security Industry is estimated to be worth over 8.5 billion dollars. It is comprised of $4.5 billion in manpower and over $4 billion allotted in hardware and electronics. Overall, the security industry employs about 170,000 across Australia.

The average salary for someone in security ranges from 40,000 to 51,000 per annum. However, it can vary greatly depending on your qualifications and certifications. So this number is an indicator only based on data and information from the internet.

Most security guards can explore different sectors, be it in public or private sectors. You will rarely see banks, museums, hospitals, corporate buildings, malls, and other areas and properties not having their own security personnel. The presence of security guards is needed not only to show authority to a possible threat. It also protects not just the place, but also the people in it.

If you are a person that is interested in becoming a security guard in Australia or an employer looking for a guide on the requirements for your security guards, then this blog is for you. If you are wondering how to become a security guard, here are the requirements to become a qualified security guard.

  1. Basic Education

To qualify as a security guard, you need to have a complete understanding of security operations. The standards and practices in the security industry are necessary to be able to perform and fulfill all tasks in a professional manner. Having the right education and training ensures that you can find and maintain a steady career.

It is recommended that you complete a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education to become a security guard. Secure a VCE, QCE, HSC, and gain basic training in first aid.

Plus points if the candidates have an associate’s degree or higher. Knowing a second language may also have a hiring advantage. Previous experience in law enforcement or the military may also become advantageous.

  1. Security Training Courses

This is where the importance of security education and training comes in.

Security education and training are all about gaining enough knowledge on principles, concepts, and facts regarding security that will develop your analytical and problem-solving skills. You will gain a set of skills that you will be able to use in a particular job.

For that to happen You will need to successfully complete a nationally accredited security training course from a trusted Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Different courses are depending on the type of security you want to apply for, from crowd control to private armed guard. Here are the following qualifications you should consider if you want to start a career in security.

  • CPPSEC3101 Manage conflict and security risks through negotiation

This unit of competency specifies the skills and knowledge that is requiring you to manage conflict and security risks using proper negotiation techniques.

This course covers reviewing and application of workplace procedures and policies. It includes workplace health and safety (WHS) to comply with legal rights and responsibilities. You’ll learn how to maintain situational awareness to identify and assess sources of conflict and risk. Learn how select and implement response options using negotiation and communication techniques. This is to resolve conflict, minimise risk, and encouraged a shared approach among team members.

  • CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques

This unit of competency lets you have access to the learner’s guide and knowledge in controlling a person using empty hand techniques. It covers topics on identifying threats and assessing response and withdrawal options. You’ll learn how to negotiate with the subject/s to defuse conflict. You will also learn how to give spoken warnings and directions.

  • CPP31318 Close Protection Operations

Having this qualification is suitable for those who wish to deepen and broaden their skills and knowledge in security operations. It is also recommended for lead security teams in the field. This unit of competency provides a pathway for further learning and work in a wide range of security roles, including security risk management.

Note: Every state and territory in Australia have their own licensing and qualification process. Most of them involve similar steps, except for a few differences here and there.

  1. Gain experience.

Apply for work and gain experience within the security industry.

Security Guards are employed in a wide range of industries, including schools, universities, government buildings, banks, transport companies, retail stores and, office buildings. Due to the diverse fields that you can apply to, there are lots of employment opportunities waiting for you. Make sure your resume is up to date and well-crafted before you start applying for work.

Each security position is different and will require specific knowledge. Most private companies are willing to hire starters for basic building security. You can also enter the field by working within the transportation industry.

To ensure your success within this field, the first step is to consider your career goals. While you can apply for starter positions, you can do several things to position yourself for higher-level security positions.

  1. Upskill for more employment opportunities

As we said, there are high-level security positions you can go after such as in security risk management or bodyguard roles. The more qualification and security licenses you have, the more employable you will be.

For that to happen, you will need to gain extra training in certain areas including criminal justice, conflict resolution, and event management. Gaining extra qualifications under your name will open up your ability to secure higher-paying jobs in security. Holding firearms and other weapons will open up doors for a wider range of positions.

It is not easy to be a security guard in Australia. They do not just stand and check on people that go in and out of a building. Security guards have to be alert, attentive, punctual, honest, and have the presence of mind. They must also know how to communicate effectively when it comes to issues or problems that need to be solved in a calm manner.

Before you pursue a career in this field, be sure to have these important security guard skills. Because the moment you don that uniform, people’s lives are on your hands. There is no time for slacking off.

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