5 Best Hair Salons in Canberra that Offer Quality Services

Did you know your hairstyle plays a vital role in your outward appearance and can influence your self-confidence? I know trusting a stranger is pretty difficult as it takes a lot of courage for having a fresh haircut from someone you barely know.

However, experimenting with new hairstyles is also fun for many people. Some people want fresh highlights, while some want little coloring and styling with a blow dry. With a plethora of options available in hair styling and cutting, people often get confused and cannot decide which is the right option to consider or who’s the right hair stylist that can understand things based on their personality and preferences.

If you belong to Canberra and looking for the best hair salons that offer quality services then it’s important to know where to begin. Today I have come up with a list of some best hair salons in Canberra that not only give you a super fantastic haircut but also give advice and suggestions based on your personality.

Important Traits to Look for Before Choosing the Hair Salons:

While all hair salons have unique specialties and wonderful qualities, it’s important to check for these traits first if you really want to get good results.

  • A Knack for Listening: Every good hairdresser or salon should have a knack for listening. They should respect their client’s opinions and show their consideration by listening to everything the clients want to share.
  • Turn Visions into Realities: Good hair salons are efficient enough in turning visions into realities. They work with skilled and professional hairdressers who follow the latest trends and know how to execute a specific style in a better way.
  • Honest and Transparent: Another important quality we may overlook while choosing a hair salon is, their staff should be honest and transparent. They should tell you clearly about what looks good, what suits your face, and what should be avoided to enhance the features of the clients with a good hairstyle.
  • Adaptable: An excellent hair salon or hair stylist should be adaptable to changing trends. They must know how to use all the tools and techniques and how should they apply their creativity and talent to accomplish the hardest goals.

Traits to Look for Before Choosing the Hair Salons

The Best Hair Salons in Canberra:

So, are you looking for the best hair salons in Canberra that help you achieve the look you desire for years? Do not wait any more, and scroll down to explore the top hair salons in Canberra.

  • Saatu Hair Design:

Are you aware of the Saatu Hair Design services in Canberra? If not yet, then maybe this is the right time to avail of their services. The hair salon features a team of three professional, skilled, and experienced hair stylists who have more than 57 years of experience in hair styling, cutting, and treating.

They offer a wide range of services which include several haircuts, hair treatments, hair dying, perms, and many more.


  • Anton’s Hair Studio:

Anton’s Hair Studio is another fantastic hair salon in Canberra that takes pride in offering a wide array of services. They work with a professional team that is experienced in different hair treatments. Their team has undergone extensive training in the art of hair as well as they are enthusiastic about everything they do. Above all, their friendly attitude further makes them an ideal choice in Canberra.

They also offer expert advice on what type of haircut would suit your face and make sure that you leave their salon feeling happy and more confident than before.

  • 121 Hair:

121 Hair is expert in offering high-quality and professional hairdressing for over 15 years. When you first set foot in, you can clearly feel the vibrance, energy, and progressive yet inviting environment which definitely makes you feel good and motivated. They work with an honest and dedicated team and help clients turn their hair dreams into reality.

  • Franco of Canberra Hair Salon:

If you live in Canberra and are fond of changing hair styles every season, then I am sure that you have already heard about the France of Canberra Hair Salon.

They are the leading hairdresser in Canberra who offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Their team is skilled, professional, and evolving and they passionately believe in doing magic in hair artistry. They are backed up with top-notch hair products as well as have a responsible footprint in transforming your personality with a superb hair style.

  • Bentley’s Hair of Canberra:

Bentley’s Hair of Canberra is another popular name that has been loved by most Canberrans due to its professionalism, skills, and high-quality services.

The friendly and honest team at Bentley’s greet happily with all the clients and makes sure that you feel at home as soon as you enter through the door. They try to make you feel comfortable with the staff and overall environment.

They listen to your opinions, needs, and preferences, and guide you throughout your experience so you can leave confidently and happily.

Best Hair Salons in Canberra

Have You Ever Considered the Services of the Best Hair Salons Canberra?

After reviewing the list of the best hair salons in Canberra, I am sure that you would love to choose them for a better hair styling experience. OR if you have ever considered their services before, do not forget to share your experience with others so that people can make wise decisions before investing money in their new haircuts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I find the best hair salon in Canberra?

Finding the best hair salon in Canberra is pretty difficult due to the plenty of choices available. However, when you check the traits I mentioned above, you can easily decide what’s the best choice for your hair styling needs. Or perhaps, you can check their online reviews, visit their website and social media channels, and check out their experience and portfolio for better ideas.

2. What are the costs of haircuts and dye in Canberra?

Well, the costs differ from one salon to another, and also what style or whether you want to dye full hair or just the roots. Typically, a hair salon charges around $200 for haircuts and dye in Canberra.

3. Do the above hair salons also give advice and suggestions according to modern trends?

Yes, of course. The above hair salons work with a dedicated team of experts who give awesome advice and suggestions according to your face type, preferences, and modern trends.

4. What kind of haircut should I get?

There are different types of haircuts that your stylists might suggest you consider. You can choose from fine, oval, round, and square cuts, and also consider your stylist’s advice as he can tell you what suits your face the best.

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