Buzz B Gone vs DynaTrap – What’s the Most Favorite in Australia?

If you have been looking for a solution to get rid of mosquitoes and all the flying insects, congrats! You don’t have to look further; you can end your search here. Buzz BGone and DynaTrap are the two most popular mosquito killers in Australia that keep all the mosquitoes at bay using their UV lights.

Block all the buzzing, bites, and bumps on your sensitive skin every time you go out for a trip or even on a walk at night. These two mosquito trappers are here to address your problem. However, it is a bit difficult choice to choose the right option as both have the same functionality and purpose.

To combat this problem, we have created an in-depth comparison between the two so you can easily learn which is the right product for you.

Have a look at this detailed comparison guide of Buzz BGone vs DynaTrap and eliminate those bunch of annoying insects from indoors and outdoors.

Buzz BGone vs DynaTrap – Let’s Compare Them First:

If you are confused between the two options and cannot afford to buy both of them, don’t fret! This comparison table will give some helpful insights that may impact your buying decision.

Features & specs Buzz BGone DynaTrap
Kills insects instantly Yes Yes
Expensive No Yes
Operates with UV light Yes Yes
Give 100% results Yes almost No
Safe choice Not for kids, pets Yes
Reliable and flexible Yes Yes
Best for indoors & outdoors Yes Ideal for outdoors
Durable and long-lasting Yes No, bulbs get damage
Availability Limited in stock Frequently available
Kills all flying insects Yes, mostly mosquitoes Yes, but not big ones

What is Buzz B Gone?

Buzz BGone is a next-gen insect-killing zapper that features high-quality LED lights that lures insects and make them think that they are going to grab some food. As soon as they come in contact with high-powered electric grids of Buzz BGone, they die on the spot.

It operates with a rechargeable battery. This means the tool is small, compact, and travel-friendly. You can carry it anywhere to keep mosquitoes at bay. Moreover, Buzz BGone zapper is hangable. It comes with a hook so you can hang it either on the wall, tree, or any convenient place. this makes it an excellent companion for camping and other adventures.

When you are outside, you can simply leave it on to kill all the insects and bugs. If you are using it at home, you can hang it in your garden or backyard to keep your home insect-free. People love to purchase multiple units of Buzz BGone to extend its coverage.

What is Buzz BGone

Key Qualities of Buzz BGone:

Some key features and qualities of Buzz BGone zapper are:

  • It is very easy to use
  • Effective and easy to clean
  • A most environmentally friendly solution
  • Affordable for all
  • Safe electric grids
  • No chemicals are involved in insect killing
  • Good success rate
  • Best for both outdoors and indoors

Key Qualities of Buzz BGone

Technical Facts of Buzz BGone:

  • Soft UV light that never bothers users
  • Runs calmly and never creates and sound
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a hook for handing anywhere
  • Runs for 3-4 hours with a single battery charged

How to Use Buzz BGone?

Buzz BGone is very easy to use. Follow these steps:

  • Plug the device into some USB electrical outlet
  • Keep it somewhere where mosquitoes gather
  • It emits soft blue light that attracts and traps insects
  • Once it kills insects, dump them out of its holding container and use it again

how to use buzz bone

Pros and Cons of Buzz BGone:

Pros Cons
Environmentally friendly Quickly runs out of stock
Follows natural approach
High-quality UV light
Quiet working volume
Cost-effective solution

What is DynaTrap?

DyanTrap is also one of the favorite choices of people in Australia. It works like Buzz BGone zapper but features different shapes and mechanisms to kill insects.

It also kills insects using the UV light feature. However, it is very environmentally friendly and uses light, warmth, and CO2 to attract and kill insects. According to manufacturers, it’s best for both indoors and outdoors. But many people believe it’s ideal for the outdoors only.

Let’s find out some more facts in this detailed Buzz BGone vs DynaTrap review.

What is DynaTrap

Key Qualities of DynaTrap:

If you are planning to buy DynaTrap, make sure you learn all its qualities and features.

  • Operates with UV light and CO2 emissions
  • Easy to use
  • Best for outdoors
  • Cylinder like shape, which makes it’s a good and stylish blend in the environment
  • 100% safe and effective
  • Doesn’t feature electric grids, which means its safe for kids and pets as well
  • Works for hours
  • No harsh chemicals
  • A high-powered fan that generates a bit of noise

Key Qualities of DynaTrap

Technical Facts of DynaTrap:

  • UV light for insect-killing
  • CO2 emissions to lure insects
  • A fan that further attracts flying insects
  • Long runtime
  • It also includes Octenol attractant

Pros and Cons of DynaTrap:

Pros Cons
Uses best techniques to kill insects A bit pricey
No noisy zapping Doesn’t kill big mosquitoes
No propane tank needed Bugs may escape sometimes
No insecticides or harsh chemicals Not sure if it really emits CO2
Environmentally friendly
The safest choice for all

What are the Differences Between Buzz BGone and DynaTrap?

You must be wondering what differentiates these two devices. Well, don’t worry. Here we have highlighted some key differences in this Buzz BGone vs DynaTrap review.

  • Buzz BGone and DynaTrap both claim to be noiseless devices. However, many people witnessed that DynaTrap features a fan that creates some noise. Though it’s not much audible but you can hear it when sitting beside.
  • DynaTrap tends to be the safest choice. It operates with UV light, CO2 emissions, and a fan. However, Buzz B Gone features high-powered electric grids to kill insects which could be dangerous for humans and pets.
  • Buzz B Gone is also a very budget-friendly solution. But DynaTrap is a bit pricey option for many people.
  • Buzz B Gone is good for both indoors and outdoors. DynaTrap users believe that it’s good for the outdoors only. And when you use it outside, it also needs shelter to not get damaged.
  • DynaTrap and Buzz BGone operate on UV light. But Buzz BGone features a more powerful and result-driven UV light as compared to the other option.
  • Moreover, we heard that DynaTrap’s UV light bulbs also get damaged after every 3-4 months.

Differences Between Buzz BGone and DynaTrap

What’s the Favorite Choice of People in Australia?

Now we are going to answer a very important question. What’s the most favorite in Australia?

Well, the answer is Buzz B Gone. The device has already won several hearts in Australia due to its magical qualities and features. It is durable and long-lasting and delivers 100% results. Though DynaTrap is more ideal for killing gnats, wasps, and moths than big mosquitoes.

So, yes! Buzz BGone is the most favorite in Australia as it’s worth the purchase due to its high-powered UV light. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return it in 30 days so make sure you purchase it from an official website.

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