Shadow X Drone Review – The Best Drone for Photography?

If you are a tech enthusiast and also a photography lover, I am sure you must have fancied getting a drone for taking high-quality photos and videos. On the other hand, you might feel confused between choosing the cost and quality of the drone, because unfortunately, you have to spend a fortune to buy a drone that caters to your photography needs.

However, the good news is that not all drones are expensive. Some of them are very affordable, and they are also quite reliable. Whether you want a drone for fun & entertainment or filming and photography, Shadow X Drone could be a great choice.

No, I have never used it personally. But thousands of people in Australia have. According to the latest reviews, the Shadow X Drone is lightweight, durable, and foldable, which makes it a pocket-friendly choice for photography lovers.

But you cannot predict something without actually knowing about it. Right? So, let’s discuss everything in this detailed review so you can learn if it’s the right choice or not.

What is Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone is commonly called an “XPRO drone”. It is an ideal choice for people who want to take a perfect selfie or a wide group shot without compromising the quality of the photos. Now you can take photos and videos with up to 12 megapixels high-quality camera which allows you to shoot HD photos within seconds.

The Shadow X Drone is lightweight, portable, foldable, and comes in a very sleek design & construction. Since it is made of high-grade durable materials, you don’t have to worry about damage or breakage. It is a three-speed drone with a 720p highest quality camera and also a 120-degree viewing range.

It will last you more than 21 minutes in the air taking a lot of aerial photos & videos for you. Its top qualities and features make Shadow X Drone an excellent choice for beginner photographers and fun seekers.

What is Shadow X Drone

Technical Specs of the Product:

  • Dimensions = 250 x 250 x 35 mm
  • Weight = 85 gram
  • Battery life = 68 minutes
  • Charging time = 70 minutes
  • Controller = Wi-Fi controller
  • Material type = ABS
  • Motor type = Coreless motor
  • Colors available = Black, turquoise

How Does the Shadow X Drone Work?

For using the Shadow X Drone, you need to set it up correctly – which is definitely very easy! All you need to do is, download an app for Shadow X Drone. Make sure you get access to the right app by scanning the QR code which is available in the drone’s manual.

When you install its app, you need to put batteries into it, connect the drone, and then launch the app. Within just 10 seconds, you see your drone flying in the air capturing the best shots and selfies for you for up to 21 minutes with single charging.

The Shadow X Drone is a very classic choice. All the controls are just in your hand. It is simple and intuitive; once you use it, you will be amazed that how fun it is to fly the drone in the air.

How Does the Shadow X Drone Work

Some Key Features of Shadow X Drone:

Flying a drone is a dream of every photography lover. But just because they are expensive, it doesn’t mean that you cannot fulfill your dream. Shadow X drone is very affordable and comes with a lot of amazing features.

  • Compact and Portable:

The Shadow X Drone is a compact, foldable, and portable drone that can be packed into any suitcase or backpack. You can fold it while tucking in the rotors so you can decrease its size. This makes it an exceptional choice for any adventure or outdoor trip with friends.

  • Stable in Breezy Conditions:

The top feature of Shadow X Drone is it comes with advanced stability. It uses a stability algorithm that keeps it stable in even breezy or windy conditions.

  • 720p Camera:

Its high-quality camera is the biggest attraction for photography lovers. It takes superb quality photos and videos and makes aerial adventures super amazing.

  • Gravity Sensor:

The Shadow X Drone comes with a gravity sensor. It allows beginners to fly and shoot simultaneously without even crashing.

  • More Than 80 Meters Range:

Another amazing feature of this drone is, that you can enjoy more than 80 meters of flying distance by using this tiny beast. This means you don’t have to buy those expensive drones that claim the same thing with more money of course.

Features of Shadow X Drone

According to Users Experience:

“I like to spend time on tech reviews. When I was reading reviews on Shadow X Drone, it struck me as a great gift idea for one of my colleagues. It’s economic and apparently, it’s very high-tech.” Adam

“Finding reviews of Shadow X Drone has been a blessing for me. I’m an amateur photographer who can’t afford an expensive drone. Using the Shadow X has allowed me to hone my photography skills.” Brian

Pros and Cons of Shadow X Drone:

Pros Cons
Foldable, compact, and durable Camera quality could have been better
Very lightweight Limited stock
Safe and easy to use  
Advanced stability  
96 grams with battery  
More than 15 minutes of videos  
Compatible with iOS and android  
12 MP camera for high-quality photos  
Gravity sensor system  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s included in the package?

There are four things included in your package. 1 Shadow X Drone, 1 remote controller, 1 English manual, and a 600v mAH Lipo battery.

2. Are there any chances of breakage or crashing while flying?

No. The Shadow X Drone is made of high-grade ABS material. This means the drone is unlikely to get damaged, crashed, or broken even in breezy conditions.

3. Where can I buy the Shadow X Drone?

It is recommended to buy it from the official website of Shadow X Drone if you want to buy the original product with amazing deals and discounts.

4. What is the price of the Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone is very affordable for all. It is available for only £99.00. However, if you want more drones for friends, you can visit the website and check different packages.

Conclusion: Is Shadow X Drone the Best Choice?

According to 15,000 customers who used the Shadow X Drone product, it is extremely amazing and delivers superb results. If you want to get high-quality photos and videos in general and slow-mo mode, this is probably the right choice for you.

In a nutshell, it gives impressive results from all possible angles. So, if you want to make the most of it, let’s order it now. If you order it today, you can enjoy a 60% discount on Shadow X Drone with a 30-day money-back guarantee. What else could you ask for taking the best quality photos in that astonishing deal?

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