Best First Aid Courses Brisbane

Best First Aid Courses in Brisbane

Knowledge of first aid help save lives. Many professions like healthcare professionals, lifeguards, teachers, security personnel, fitness instructors require first aid certification. It is an essential skill to have whether it is part of the job requirement or not.

Learning the skill is something a person can carry in their lifetime and use in life-threatening emergencies such as stroke and cardiac arrest. To become certified in first aid, formal training and passing a written exam is necessary. Successful completion of the training shows one’s competency in performing first aid and understanding the requirements of the technique.

Here, we chose top providers in Brisbane with the best first aid programs available to aspiring and current learners.

Top 5 Best First Aid Providers in Brisbane

  • Brisbane First Aid Courses

Brisbane First Aid is a standard of first aid training due to its flexibility and credibility. It is flexible enough to accommodate individual and professional learners and is certified by organizations like ARC (Australian Resuscitation Council).

There are over 20 locations in Queensland where students can take courses that fit into their schedules (including evenings and weekends).

Brisbane First Aid offers face-to-face classes and blended online first aid training. Online First Aid allows students to do part online, with web-based instructions, self-study materials, and online discussion with a trainer before completing the hands-on skills assessment.

The course cost will depend on which certification you enroll in (First Aid + CPR, CPR only, Childcare first aid) and whether you will participate in classroom or online training.

First Aid Training – $45 – $89


  • First Aid Pro

First Aid Pro has one of the most comprehensive certification programs available all over Australia. With their track records and level of professionalism, it becomes one of the go-to providers for professionals.

Learn CPR, basic and advanced first aid, childcare, and AED use. Blended online courses and face to face training options are available, where students will get the same certification upon completion.

First Aid training is suitable for all levels – including healthcare professionals, labour work, office jobs, and even personal use. The comprehensive coursework and flexible format, making it easily accessible for anyone to fit into their busy schedules.

First Aid pro offers nationally accredited courses in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

First Aid Training – $45 – $95


  • National Training College

The National Training College First Aid, CPR, and AED course fully comply with OSHA and CRICOS standards, meeting the needs of most Australian workplace requirements. It provides excellent options for community and professional learners to fit training into busy schedules by having flexible and comprehensive learning methods.

As with other blended online courses, students can complete the theory part of studies online and take the practical assessment in person. Students can also opt to take full face-to-face classes within the National Training Colleges venue.

NTC trainers and instructors have vast first aid and emergency response experience. Lifesaving methods are based on real-life scenarios, proven by a team of experts with first-hand medical expertise. NTC team is a united group of capable individuals happy to share first aid knowledge and techniques with students.

First Aid Training – $49 – $99


  • St John QLD

St John is Queensland’s leading provider of First Aid and CPR training.

It offers a wide range of training courses available from basic to advanced. The courses are directly available to the public and businesses through several training venues in Queensland.

Learners can complete training onsite at the workplace or any venue of choice all year round. St John QLD offers flexible schedules and can customize course content for industry needs.

First Aid Training – $55 – $159

  • First Aid Training Brisbane CBD

Owned and operated by CBD College Pty Ltd, First Aid Training Brisbane CBD has been on the lifesaving industry training since 2001. The CBD courses are in line with the Australian College of Nursing, Australia (CAN) standards, meeting the criteria of most workplaces.

With the extensive experience, knowledge, and skills in delivering first aid training, they provide students with the opportunity to learn from experts who truly understand the value of these techniques. First Aid Training Brisbane CBD genuinely cares about making Australia a healthy and safe place for its people.

First Aid Training – $69 – $129

The potential for trained bystanders to maintain a casualty’s life until emergency services arrive is more significant than ever. First aid training is now a standard for most professions, ensuring safety at all times.

Providing first aid has evolved alongside technology to become an effective response to accidents and emergencies. Get trained and be part of an essential link in the lifesaving chain.

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