ThePhotoStick Review – Is It Worth Purchase or Scam?

Did you ever wish to store hundreds of photos safely in one place, free up the storage on your PC, or wish to find all the photos easily on your computer?

If you love to capture every little moment of life, I am sure you must have felt that at one point or another. But unfortunately, you couldn’t find the proper solution to all these worries.

However, times have changed now. Today, you can store all your photos and videos in one place safely and easily at your computer. Yes! I am pointing out at ThePhotoStick device that works like a flash drive but acts thousands of times better.

People who experience memory issues probably need this device once in a lifetime. It helps keep all the memories safe without having to spend tons of money. But what are its features and how does it work? Let’s find out everything in this detailed PhotoStick review.

What is ThePhotoStick Device?

After knowing about this incredible device, you must be curious to find out what exactly it is. So let me begin with its explanation.

ThePhotoStick is an efficient photo storage device that works like flash drives but delivers better performance. This small and compact product can store thousands of photos from your computer and laptop. The device only works with computers and not with smartphones or tablets. However, you can buy thePhotoStick Omni device for saving photos & videos through mobile.

ThePhotoStick device is designed to save unlimited photos and videos. It offers convenient storage and mobility and you can easily transfer files from one computer to another.

The best part about the device is, that you don’t need to install any software or program before using it. The device works on its own.

What is ThePhotoStick Device

How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

What makes ThePhotoStick unique from a flash drive is the way it performs functions.

ThePhotoStick device finds all the files themselves, unlike flash drives. The product can automatically sort out different files for you while focusing on specific formats, and then transfer them on its own.

It performs automatically and ensures that you have to do a little work when it comes to transferring photos. That’s probably the top reason why everyone chooses ThePhotoStick device over different file storage options. By doing this, the device saves you a lot of time in figuring out the right photos to transfer.

This is not only it. But the device can even find photos that are not saved in conventional places. For example, many people think that all of your photos would be stored in the library section of your device, but it doesn’t happen necessarily. Some might be stored in the downloads folder and others are in different drives. It eliminates the duplicates of photos too, and only transfers a single version to the device.

How Does ThePhotoStick Work

3 Easy Steps for Using ThePhotoStick Device:

ThePhotoStick device is very easy to use. You can transfer all the photos from a computer within seconds by using the device correctly.

Follow these steps for transferring photos to ThePhotoStick:

  1. Plug it in the free slot of your computer
  2. Click “go” when the pop-up window appears
  3. After that, it will perform all the functions automatically and back up your memories.

Steps for Using ThePhotoStick Device

Some Interesting Features of ThePhotoStick:

Have a look at some interesting features of ThePhotoStick device:

  • Easy to Use:

Why do most people love to choose ThePhotoStick device? Because it’s very easy to use. You don’t need to watch any tutorials or guidelines before using it.

  • Compact and Portable:

The device is small, compact, and portable. You can even keep it in your wallet or purse if you are on the go.

  • Automatic Backup:

You don’t need to select some specific files from the heap of unnecessary photos. The device works on its own. It automatically backs up your photos instantly.

  • Compatible with Every Operating System:

Another interesting feature that I really like about ThePhotoStick is, that it is compatible with every operating system. Whether you use it for Windows PC or MacBook, it will run perfectly.

  • File Organization Features:

The thing that makes it more impressive than other devices is, ThePhotoStick comes with file organization features. It automatically sorts out your desired files from different folders and then transfers them efficiently.

  • Safe & Secure Solution:

You must have heard about the hacking of cloud storage solutions. This happens because the files are stored online. But luckily, that’s not the case with ThePhotoStick. Your files are saved offline, just like an external hard drive. So, they are secure from hacking or stealing.

Features of ThePhotoStick

Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick:

Pros Cons
Automatic and instant backup Not compatible with mobile
Efficient and reliable Limited storage
100% secure and risk-free
Lightweight, compact, portable
Large storage
Compatible with all PCs
File organization
No duplication

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does it take time to set up on computers?

No, it doesn’t. it hardly takes 30 seconds to set up on your PC. As soon as you run the setup, it starts backing up your photos.

2. Do I need to download any software to run?

No. ThePhotoStick device runs on its own without the use of any software.

3. What’s the price of ThePhotoStick device?

Currently, ThePhotoStick is available with a 40% discount on every version. You can get 8 GB of storage for only $34.99.

4. Can you tell me the storage availability of ThePhotoStick device?

Yes, of course. ThePhotoStick is available in three versions.

  • 8 Gb Storage = $34.99
  • 64 Gb Storage = $49.99
  • 128 Gb Storage = $79.99

5. Does it actually work?

Yes. ThePhotoStick device is trusted by more than 1,500,000 people. This proves that the device delivers amazing results and helps back up photos according to people’s requirements.

Conclusion: ThePhotoStick is Not a Scam!

After analyzing all the features and using it personally, I can finally conclude that ThePhotoStick device is definitely not a scam and delivers 100% results. Its functionality and performance are very impressive which don’t even match some innovative and advanced devices invented.

So, if you want to secure all your photos and videos in one place, then it is highly recommended to use ThePhotoStick device and enjoy all the impeccable features and benefits without having to spend tons of money.

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