FitTrack Smart Scale Review – Best BMI Smart Scale of 2022?

If there is one important thing that the decade of the 20s has taught us so far, then it is surely the multiple ways of taking care of your health and weight and building a good relationship with healthy foods.

Achieving your health & fitness goals is extremely challenging especially if you are not sure about what things are proving helpful during this journey. You cannot measure or determine precisely what happens when you skip a day without exercising. Or what happens when you eat irregularly for days?

Luckily, there is a gadget called the FitTrack smart scale that can help us track our health & fitness goals from the comfort of our homes. You don’t even need to visit your doctor when you have this helpful gadget at home.

Now you can easily make informed decisions about your health by using this fitness tracker. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s find out how does this device work and whether it gives you the desired results or not?

What is FitTrack Smart Scale?

The FitTrack smart scale is an innovative gadget that gives you insights into your weight and health compositions. At a very first glance, you will feel that this smart scale is just like regular weight scales until you use it once to measure your health and fitness goals. However, you will soon realize that this smart scale outperforms all the ordinary weight scales.

The Dara BMI smart scale is considered the first one in the market that helps track your health and other metrics accurately. Just step up on its metal electrodes and it will automatically display 17 healthy body conditions.

The information you check while using the FitTrack smart scale device actually displays through the FitTrack pro app that can be used for free after purchasing the gadget.

What is FitTrack Smart Scale

Technical Specs of FitTrack Smart Scale:

  • Product size = 304*304*22mm
  • Weight limit = 5kg to 180 kg, 111 lbs. to 396 lbs.
  • Users allow = 8
  • Technology used = Bioelectric impedance analysis
  • Power supply = 4 AAA batteries
  • Weight units = Kgs, Lbs.

How Does this Intelligent Dara Smart Scale Work?

FitTrack smart scale is a perfect weight and health scale for measuring all body compositions accurately using one single device.

It comes with four metal electrodes that are present inside the device. When you will use it to stand on the scale, there will be a low electrical signal sent through your feet. The signal will pass through water inside the hydrated muscle tissue. And then they meet resistance while coming across your fat tissue. After that, the resistance is measured and then sent to the app you are using, which helps calculate all the body compositions.

How Does this Intelligent Dara Smart Scale Work

Easy Steps to Use the FitTrack Smart Scale:

Are you interested to use FitTrack smart scale? Wait, learn these steps before using:

  1. Remove the packaging, and unpack the device
  2. Carefully peel off the insulating tape from the batteries which are at the back side of the FitTrack smart scale gadget.
  3. Choose a flat surface for placing the gadget
  4. Now download the app from the Google play store or App store.
  5. After installing the app, create an account and enter all the required information.
  6. Now you need to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.
  7. Stand on the FitTrack smart scale device with bare feet and then wait for 10 to 15 seconds so that it can finish all measurements and display them in the app.

Easy Steps to Use the FitTrack Smart Scale

17 Body Compositions Measured by the Gadget:

Have a look at 17 important body compositions that are measured by FitTrack smart scale device:

  1. Muscle rate
  2. Metabolic age
  3. Body mass index
  4. Weight control
  5. Visceral fat index
  6. Weight without fat
  7. Overall weight
  8. Bone mass
  9. Protein rate
  10. Protein mass
  11. Basal metabolic rate
  12. Standard weight
  13. Muscle mass
  14. Fat mass
  15. Subcutaneous fat
  16. Body fat percentage
  17. Body water percentage

Some Important Features of FitTrack Smart Scale:

Have a look at these features before investing in the FitTrack smart scale gadget:

  • 100% Safe:

The product is 100% safe to use. People fear the electric signals of this product but the truth is these signals are harmless and shallow for human beings. The device is fully patented and safe for everyone.

  • Best for all body types:

The best feature of the product is, that it is ideal for all body types. You can adjust the reading depending on the scale and even choose the model that suits best your body type.

  • Multi-platform compatibility:

By using this app, everybody can easily monitor their health daily and weekly, and get a monthly comprehensive report regarding health and weight.

  • User-friendly:

Unlike those complicated smart scales, the FitTrack smart scale device is very easy to use. simply create your profile, enter your requirements, and you are good to go.

  • Portable:

It’s not so bulky or heavy to lift. In fact, the FitTrack smart scale is a very portable solution, you can easily carry it anywhere you want and keep it in your backpack as well.

  • High performance and accuracy:

The device is extremely accurate and helps determine 17 body compositions. This makes it an ideal solution for health and weight insights.

Features of FitTrack Smart Scale

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there any weight limit supported by the FitTrack smart scale device?

Yes, the device can easily support up to 400 pounds of weight which is extremely high and suitable for every person regardless of their weight limit.

2. Can we use the scale without the app?

Of course, you can. It can serve as your ordinary scale. You can simply use it without recording the weight and other measurements.

3. How does the smart scale accurately measure all the body compositions?

The smart scale works with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. It is a safe and low electrical signal that is sent throughout your body when you step on the stand.

4. Where can I buy the FitTrack Smart Scale?

The FitTrack smart scale is easily available online. You can simply buy it from the official website of the FitTrack smart scale where it is available with great deals and discounts.

5. What is the price of the FitTrack smart scale?

FitTrack is a bit expensive choice for many people. Though its price is worth all the benefits. Even if you want a bundle, you can enjoy 50% off too. Above all, it is available with 30 days of money-back guarantee so you can check and use the device until you get satisfied with its results.

Final Thoughts:

Do you like tech gadgets around your house? If you do so, then I am sure you’d love this simple yet beneficial machine, especially if you are weight and health-conscious too.

FitTrack smart scale is an incredible solution for all those who cannot go out to gyms or don’t have any proper instrument to measure health and fitness goals. You can simply trust this device and see what it does to you in the long term. Make sure you read reviews and feedback by visiting the official website so you can further learn what makes it an ideal solution for all.

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