Ulla Hydration Reminder Review – Does it Help Stay Hydrated?

Staying hydrated is crucial for your health and well-being. Our body is comprised of 60% of water. This means water is not only essential for your kidneys but for other bodily functions as well.

That’s the reason we have heard our moms, teachers, and dieticians telling us to drink 8 ounces of water every day. Unfortunately, we ignore this cliché and do not consume enough water, which leads to unlimited health problems.

I mean it’s very difficult for a person to keep track of his water intake during his hectic routine. How can you possibly think of drinking water when you have a bunch of clients to deal with every minute? But luckily, there is a gadget that reminds you about drinking water and getting the dose for proper body functioning.

Yes, this super awesome gadget is called Ulla which claims to keep you hydrated and allows you to drink 3x more water than your normal routine.

With Ulla, your body won’t be dehydrated anymore. So, let’s find out some more interesting facts about this gadget in this detailed review.

What is Ulla Hydration Reminder?

Ulla hydration reminder is a small and compact gadget that serves as a reminder and can be easily attached to almost every cup, glass, or bottle. If you have set some fitness goals and don’t want your body to stay dehydrated, then nothing is better than this smart reminder.

Ulla hydration alert reminds you to drink another glass of water during your busy routine. It is just like a tracker that trackers your water intake activity during the day, and immediately reminds you when you forget to take another dose.

When you have a gadget that reminds you to drink water, I think you can easily achieve your fitness goals and stay hydrated every time.

What is Ulla Hydration Alert

How Does the Ulla Gadget Work?

Ulla hydration alert is a small attachable tracker for water intake which ensures that you are properly hydrated throughout the day.

For using this intelligent gadget Ulla hydration reminder, you need to wrap it around the bottle or glass. The device comes with a flexible silicone mounting band that easily fits your bottle or any other device, Ulla should work.

The compact device features a blinking flashlight which serves as an alarm to drink water after every 30 to 40 minutes. It has an embedded smart motion detector that automatically detects when you pick up the water bottle or glass that you have attached to.

It also comes with a power system that automatically activates Ulla when the device is exposed to light and then switches off to sleep when you turn off the lights.

How Does the Ulla Gadget Work

Comparison Between Ulla Hydration Alert and Smart Water Bottle

Product Specs Ulla Hydration Alert Smart Water Bottle
Smart water tracking Yes No
Custom glow pattern No Yes
Best for bottle, cup, glass Yes No
Sensing technology Yes Yes
Easy to use Yes No
Need device pairing No Yes
Need app to operate No Yes
Rechargeable battery No Depends on the device

Features that Make Ulla a Unique Gadget:

Ulla hydration alert is popular among people because of its simplicity and effectiveness. If you are interested to buy Ulla, have a look at its features that make it amazing:

  • Smart Alerts:

Ulla hydration alert comes with smart alerts and reminders. It has a blinking light that reminds you to drink water after every 30 minutes.

  • Proximity Sensor:

Another brilliant feature of the Ulla hydration alert is, that it comes with a proximity sensor. The alarm will only ring when it will detect your presence. When you are not in the vicinity, the alarm will not keep running or bothering you.

  • Flexible Option:

Unlike smart bottles or other gadgets, the Ulla hydration alert gives you the flexibility to attach the device to any bottle, glass, or cup you want to use. You can attach or detach it from the container if you don’t want to use it.

  • Best Health Benefits:

With Ulla, you can enjoy plenty of health benefits. For example, if you are suffering from terrible skin issues, kidney problems, or stubborn fat, Ulla’s water consumption technology would help you alleviate problems with constant reminders.

Features that Make Ulla a Unique Gadget

Pros and Cons of Ulla Hydration Alert:

Pros Cons
No buzzing sounds, only blinking alerts Falls off if not attached properly
Simple to use
Eco-friendly choice
Affordable and reliable
Safe for health
Keeps you hydrated
Easily attachable or detachable

Price of Ulla Hydration Reminder:

Ulla hydration reminder is the best choice for all who want to stay hydrated every time. It provides good value for money as it is only available for $27.99. you can buy more than one Ulla by visiting the official website and checking different deals & discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the Ulla device also make any sound to alert?

No, it doesn’t. Ulla hydration alert is a completely sound-free device. It only comes with small LED lights that blink when it’s time to drink water.

2. Is that a portable solution? Can people use it while traveling?

Yes, it is 100% portable. The device is small and compact and you can easily use it while traveling.

3. Does Ulla really work?

Yes, it does. Ulla hydration alert has been used by more than 280,000 people all over the world and every day more & more people are using it for staying hydrated.

4. Can I attach Ulla to a plastic water bottle?

Yes, you can. But we don’t recommend using it on plastic water bottles that you throw away after one-time use. It’s better to use it with reusable water, which makes Ulla an eco-friendly choice.

5. How can I use Ulla?

There are no tutorials or guidelines for using Ulla. It comes with a flexible band that helps you attach the device to your bottle or glass. Once attached and activated, it will be ready to remind you about drinking water.

Final Thoughts:

Drinking water is the most fundamental requirement of our body. When you don’t fulfill this need, you face a lot of serious health problems. That’s why using devices like Ulla hydration alert is a great rescue. It is safe, portable, user-friendly, and reliable.

I forgot to mention one more thing, Ulla is available in different colors. you can choose from pink, white, blue, black and green. Whatever color you choose, it will offer the same exceptional performance.

So, if you are interested to buy Ulla, let’s visit the official website first and check what deals and discounts are available with your purchase.

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