FlexSafe Review 2022 – Is That the Best Travel Safe for You?

Traveling is one of the best remedies for stress, anxiety, and depression. It fosters a medium to build a sound connection with one another. If you are a travel enthusiast, I am sure you understand my point very well.

But on the other side, traveling is also not safe unless you have a portable travel safe with you where you can keep all your belongings safely and hassle-free.

Stealing a phone, wallet, money, bags, and other valuables is just so unavoidable if you left them unattended. Just put your phone on a restaurant table for 2 minutes, and leave. The next minute you come, it will be gone! And unfortunately, you cannot do much to avoid the issue!

To address this highly important issue for travelers, there is a product discovered recently, called FlexSafe portable travel safe that claims to keep your belongings safe, away from snatchers and thieves.

If you want to try it out today, I would urge you to read this detailed review till the end so you can get the most out of your investment.

What is FlexSafe?

The FlexSafe is your latest fashionable travel bag invented by the AquaVault company which has described its product as a perfect “portable safe” best for every traveler.

Yes, it’s more like a fashion bag but trust me, it comes with a lot of amazing security benefits. The product is lightweight, ultra-secure, and water and slash-resistant. Plus, it comes with a magnetic locking flap which makes it extremely secure and safe.

Speaking about security, this portable safe has multiple layers of protection which also include RFID blocking material and EVA foam that protects your belongings against bumps and other shocks.

The best part about the product is, it has no dividers. This means it has ample space to accommodate every large and small item.

What is FlexSafe

Technical Specifications of FlexSafe:

  • Product weight = 10 oz
  • Dimensions = 10“x 6“x 3“
  • Layers of protection = 5
  • 2-way belt loop = Yes
  • Anti-thief safe bag = Yes
  • Water resistant = Yes
  • Reprogrammable lock combination = Yes
  • Strap system = Available

How Does the FlexSafe Travel Bag Works?

Unlike your traditional backpack or travel bag, FlexSafe is a bit different in functionality. Let’s find out how it works.

  • First, you need to set up a lock combination and make sure that you remember the code.
  • Put all your belongings inside the bag
  • Now close its zip
  • Find out some fixed object that you can easily attach to
  • After that, fold the flap over the object you found and then snap its lock into place.
  • When you have to retrieve your items inside the bag, just enter the unique code and get access to the inside compartment or remove it from the fixed object.

Now the question is, what should be the fixed object you need to find? Well, it could be anything from wheelchairs to golf carts, umbrellas to chairs, and strollers to closet rods.

How Does the FlexSafe Travel Bag Works

Features and Benefits of FlexSafe Product:

Want to buy FlexSafe for your next travel? Read out all the features carefully and find out what makes the bag special:

  • Portable and Lightweight:

Unlike your traditional portable travel safe, it is a very lightweight and convenient to carry. It is not bulky or made of any heavy materials. The product has slash-resistant fabric, which means it’s strong to safely store your accessories.

  • Water-Resistant:

FlexSafe is 100% water-resistant. You don’t have to carry transparent plastic pouches when it comes to going to the beach. You can carry the bag confidently without any risks of causing any damage.

  • Reprogrammable Digital Lock Combination:

Another awesome feature of the product is, it comes with a heavy-duty nickel alloy lock with three combinations: water, rust, corrosion, and fire resistance.

  • RFID Blocking Material:

FlexSafe also comprises RFID blocking material that protects you from electronic pickpocketing. You can easily prevent yourself from theft of cards like debit or credit card information.

  • Best for All:

This is not only best for travelers, but it is equally useful for home, beaches, work, hotels, shopping, and all outdoors.

  • Spacious:

Unlike your old backpacks, FlexSafe is spacious from the inside. It doesn’t have any compartments which means you can easily accommodate all your belongings in one place, safely.

  • Reliable and Durable:

The product is a highly reliable and durable choice for all. Since it is made of high-grade nylon and other materials, it won’t get damaged or rusted for years. So, it is safe to say that FlexSafe is a very reasonable and reliable investment.

features of flexsafe

Pros and Cons of FlexSafe:

Pros Cons
Durable and highly safe Not slash proof
5 layers of protection Remembering codes is difficult
Lightweight, easy to carry  
Affordable for all  
Best for every outdoor activity  
Sturdy and robust materials  
Compatible with different fixed objects  
Reprogrammable 3-digit lock code  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I can’t remember the 3-digit code?

Well, yes! That’s the issue many people faced after having FlexSafe. But don’t worry. If that happens with you, just contact the customer support team and they will send you the code. And after that, it is advised to save the code in your account so that next time you can easily access it from your phone or laptop.

2. Why FlexSafe is better than others?

FlexSafe gives you assurance and peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your belongings once you put them in the bag. Moreover, it is made of sturdy materials that protect your bag from any shock or bump.

3. Where can I buy the FlexSafe?

It is recommended to buy the product from the official website of FlexSafe where you can buy it with 30 days of money-back guarantees and enjoy different deals & discounts.

4. What is the price of FlexSafe? Do they offer any discount?

FlexSafe is an affordable choice for all. It is available for only $59.99. You can also enjoy different deals and discounts on FlexSafe. For example, you can buy 2 and get 1 FlexSafe with 75%. And buy 1 get 1 FlexSafe with 25% off.

Conclusion: Is FlexSafe Best for Me?

After reading the review, if you are still wondering whether it’s the best choice for me or not, I would advise you to visit their official website and find out what people say about the product and how Forbes and other media mentions are recommending it.

And if you want my opinion, then I would definitely recommend you to buy this ultra-secure product for enjoyable and carefree traveling. Whether you are going to the beach or camping with friends, FlexSafe is surely your best companion out there.

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