Best Places to Live in Adelaide

10 Best Places to Live in Adelaide

Wondering which are the best places to live in Adelaide and make your stay comfortable, wonderful, and memorable? Well, you have come to the right place. Today I am going to reveal some top places to live in Adelaide, which is popularly known as the city of churches (because of plenty of beautiful churches).

Adelaide is not only the capital of South Australia and 5th largest city in Australia, but it is also a fabulous city with diverse cultures, rich history, and wonderful weather. With a population of 1.29 million people, the city is well-known for being calm, livable, and relaxed. When you visit Adelaide for the first time, you can clearly feel the warmth and sweetness among people who make you feel at home.

Adelaide also claims to be the “20 minutes city”. Why? Because you can get anywhere in only 20 minutes by car. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it simply means that Adelaide is a pretty straightforward city to get around.

If this is your first visit to the city of churches, I am sure you might be looking for some best places to live in Adelaide which are not only affordable but also breathtaking and livable. Let’s scroll through the list below and explore some pretty suburbs and areas in Adelaide that allow you to make every moment memorable.

Adelaide – A General Overview:

  • A capital city of = South Australia
  • Population =29 million
  • Exactly situated on = South coast of Australia about 600 km northwest of Melbourne.
  • Adelaide weather = Mild winters and warm dry summers
  • Popularly known as = The City of Churches
  • Famous for = Best-selling opals available, festivals and sporting events, food and wine, and coastlines and hills.

Best Places to Live in Adelaide:

Now that we know all the common or general details of the city, it’s time to learn about some best places to live in Adelaide which is blessed with plenty of neighborhoods and suburbs.

  1. North Brighton:

North Brighton is one of the best places to live in Adelaide. It is a beachside suburb which is located about 13km south of the CBD. It is around 25 minutes drive away by car, and only 49 minutes by public transport.

The area is not only beautiful but also offers spacious homes, community centers, and pretty lush green parks, which makes North Brighton an ideal choice for families and couples.

You can find tons of shopping blocks, good boutiques, and cafes around the city to make your stay more convenient and comfortable. Besides, you can enjoy some spectacular views from the beach homes. Wake up to a fantastic view of birds and crystal-clear water which absolutely make your day as fresh as ever.

North Brighton

  1. North Adelaide:

North Adelaide is listed second in our list due to its hundreds of affluent characteristics. The stunning hilltop neighborhood of North Adelaide exists on the fringe of the CBD which gives young people unrivaled access to culture, fun, and entertainment.

Dotted with some amazing Victorian homes and terraces, the place has a well-designed and refined atmosphere accompanied by the River Torrens on its doorstep. The people of North Adelaide are spoilt for choice when they have to decide between the best cafes and pubs.

  1. Henley Beach:

Punctuated by lush green open spaces as well as the beautiful sandy shoreline, Henley Beach gives a wonderful opportunity to enjoy seaside living at its finest.

It is located 10km from the city center though it feels like a world away. You can enjoy the views of beautiful greens mixed with towering apartments and cottages from your shoreline home.

Its landscape is also very amazing as its crystal-clear water always attracts swimmers and kite surfers. Oh, and about the food, there are lots of delicious items that are exclusively available at Henley Beach and sure to please your taste buds.

The place has an awesome pick for families and empty nesters who want to enjoy the holiday lifestyle. Shopping places, fun & entertainment, and several adventurous spots further make it an ideal place to live in Adelaide.

Henley Beach

  1. Kensington:

Did you know Kensington is home to some most elite schools? This makes the area best for people who want to enroll their children in high-quality institutes. Not only that, but this also makes Kensington one of the best places to live in Adelaide from all aspects.

Kensington is basically a small and beautiful suburb albeit which is packed with a lot of fun, food, and excellence.

The city offers economic transport, wonderful housing, affordable dining, learning, and lots of local amenities such as Kensington park.

You can discover an excellent connection between work, parties, and relaxation, along with an extensive road network and diagonal streets layout.

  1. Glenelg:

Glenelg is another beautiful suburb in Adelaide for families and couples. This beachside suburb exists on the shore of Holdfast Bay in the Gulf of St Vincent. It features golden beaches, breathtaking landscapes, a vibrant night scene, fun clubs and pubs, and big shopping malls which further makes it an ideal tourist destination.

It has become the most energetic and youthful place due to the best fine-dining restaurants, cafes, shopping streets, and much more. Glenelg provides its residents with lots of spacious homes, high-rise buildings, and luxury apartments, along with high-end amenities.


  1. Salisbury:

Salisbury is one of the most livable, relaxing, and attractive suburbs in Adelaide which is best for families with kids, working professionals, and young couples.

The area offers a very tranquil atmosphere and some of the best-rated schools, big housing options as well as lush-green parks.

Besides, it is also the most affordable suburb in South Australia, as compared to others.

  1. Prospect:

Beautifully lined with some modern Edwardian and Victorian homes, the beautiful Prospect is coveted by people who are in search of ideal features & amenities as well as a vibrant community atmosphere.

With Prospect Road at its heart, you can find myriad cafes, locally and independently-owned boutiques, and several gourmet grocery shops, while being close to schools, parks, and hotels.

  1. Black Forest:

Black Forest lies in the inner part of the city and comprises some attractive tree-lined streets and straightforward access to the CBD. The suburb is small, but undoubtedly it has close-knit communities and high-quality educational institutes.

You can find homes and apartments brimming with character and a very lively neighborhood. Also, public transport is only 29- minutes away, which makes it a convenient suburb in Adelaide.

  1. Bowden:

Thanks to the artsy vibe and vibrant dining scene, Bowden is one of the most attractive and fastest-growing neighborhoods in Adelaide.

Bowden is also home to wonderful art spaces and lots of eateries that offer a fine dining experience to the residents of Bowden. This redefining and urban city of Adelaide has been using innovative and stylish apartment designs filled with all advanced amenities and providing an inspiring environment for a fun lifestyle to families and couples.


  • Semaphore:

If you want to make the most of your yearly holiday, head to Semaphore. This is a beautiful beachside suburb that sits only 20 minutes from the city center of Adelaide and is home to sparkling waters, a bustling foreshore as well as some well-structured pubs and cafes. Families and old couples love to move in because of its calm and relaxed lifestyle and amazing sense of community.

Ending Thoughts:

Doing your research on the best places to live in Adelaide? Maybe you have skipped the options I mentioned below or perhaps you want to add something to help people decide wisely. Whatever the fact is, you can simply make the most of your stay when you choose to live in the places I highlighted above.

Apart from Adelaide, Woden and Canberra are also great places to live and experience new things. Especially, if you are a foodie, you can explore the best restaurants in Woden, and the best fine dining restaurants in Canberra for a pleasant experience.

Looking for some top restaurants to eat at in Adelaide? Maybe this article can help explore the best places to eat in Adelaide for every taste, budget, and mood.

So, if you are looking for a change, Adelaide is a wonderful city to start where people are warm and welcoming and facilities are absolutely top-notch. So, if you are thinking about moving to Adelaide, now is the right time to do and pick the hottest spot to make your stay more livable, convenient, and memorable.


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