iMemories Review – Should You Choose This Digital Conversion Company?

Many of us have a stash of old videos and photographs from years ago, but unfortunately, we don’t have a proper way to preserve them. We cannot even use high-quality reels and photos for them that are actually designed to last. What we need something is that lasts forever in a modern and clear format that is always accessible to us.

Luckily, iMemories is a company we all can trust right now. Why? Because they claim to preserve your old memories in a high-quality digital format that can be used on all modern devices such as smartphones and tablets.

When you will learn more about the company, you will feel surprised about the way they function and the methods they use to preserve your old memories.

But many people still have confusion if it’s actually true or a scam. Should they trust this company or not? So, let’s find out everything in this detailed iMemories review and clear all the confusion.

What is iMemories?

iMemories is a reliable and trustworthy company that helps you digitize all of your old family videos and photographs so you can have access to them on your modern devices.

The company is responsible for converting all the photos and videos into a reliable digital format that can be shared with others as well.

Currently, we are living in a modern era where we can capture, record, and view all the photos and videos the minute we take them.

But when it comes to viewing your old photos and videos, you have to lug out your outdated video player so you can watch them. Even then, there are distractions and poor format & quality issues that don’t let you enjoy the movies fully. However, the problem is solved today. You can send all the old photos and videos to iMemories which can digitize them in a modern format and store them in one place for your convenience.

What is iMemories

How Does the Company Work?

Let’s find out how the iMemories company works for you.

First, you need to send all the photos and videos that you want to digitize. You are required to mail the items through a SafeShip Kit or a box. Remember, your SafeShip Kits will have a crush-proof box, bubble cushions, as well as waterproof bags so they can prevent any kind of damage to the items. You can even enjoy free shipping to the iMemories facility if you choose FedEx.

The company features a 50,000 square feet area as well as more than 200 dedicated employees who are responsible for digitizing thousands of modern formats every day. This means your precious items are totally safe with them. The company also keeps you updated about the status of your photos and sends them as soon as they are converted into your required format.

A user can even check the real-time status on their Order Status page in case they don’t want to wait on email updates.

iMemories employees will update you:

  • When they receive your items
  • About the order and payment approval
  • When the team starts working
  • When they are about to finish your order
  • After sending your digital items to you
  • And when your DVD drive is shipped

When you will ship the items, you will receive the exact estimate. If you want to continue with them, you need to submit the required amount. Once they finish, you can easily download them and view the files. Even if you have a USB, the company will still allow you to download your digital copy.

Moreover, you can download the iMemories app on AppStore or Google Play Store to get complete access to the digital library.

How Does the Company Work

Features and Benefits of Using iMemories:

You must be wondering what benefits the company offers. Let’s find out some amazing features and benefits that further make them a reliable choice for you.

  • Variety of Formats:

You can send your files in a variety of formats which include photos, videos, films, and others like DVDs and Mini DVDs.

  • High-quality Results;

You can enjoy high-quality results even if your old photos are badly damaged and in the worst condition.

  • Watch and Share:

You can watch the files in your desired item and also share them with others digitally. A user can even sort and label the items he receives.

  • Easy to Use:

The service is very easy to use. all you need to do is ship the item, and track the status of your order.

  • Fast and Reliable:

iMemories is a one-of-a-kind service that works quickly. You will need to wait for at least 3-5 business days to get your items.

  • Saves Time:

You don’t have to waste time finding or sorting required files, your items will be saved in one place and you can check them without wasting any time.

Features and Benefits of Using iMemories

Pros and Cons of iMemories:

Pros Cons
Files stored neatly in one location Expensive service
Files are accessible through disc, DVD, etc Some formats look low-quality
All files are saved online  
Quality enhancement of old files  
Works with outdated technology  
View old memories on smart devices  
Get original footage back  
Fast process  
Reliable and trustable  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many files can I send to iMemories?

Well, there is no actual limit. iMemories even received 100+ VHS tapes, and 10,000+ photos. So, you can send them as many as you want.

2. Can I download videos online from iMemories?

Of course, you can. You need to log into your iMemories account and download any photo or video you want. Find the “download” button and save your files under easily recognizable names.

3. Can I trust the company?

Yes, you can. The company has received the highest rating on different websites and even got 4.6 stars on Trustpilot. They started their business in 2004, and since then, they received only 4 complaints and unlimited appreciation.

4. How long does the process take?

The process takes 2 weeks maximum. During that time, you can receive the items digitally.


If you want to keep your old precious memories of good quality, then iMemories is definitely a reliable company to consider. They can digitize your old files in a superb format and send them as soon as possible. You can convert your originals to modern cherished yearbooks and then upload them to your social media as well.

So, if you really want to go for a modern option for your old memories, then iMemories is worth considering the option.

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