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XY Coin Review – Is it Legit for Earning Passive Income?

Imagine you have just downloaded an app from your Google Play store or App store, and you start earning money through it by occasionally checking it every day.

Sounds a bit weird, right? How can a simple app help you earn money without doing anything valuable? Well, I also wondered the same thing until I came across the XY coin app that claims to bring huge profits in no time.

My curiosity was raised further when I got to know that more than 750,000 people are earning passive income through this magical app. I remember when the app was first announced I was a bit skeptical about it. Why? Because its features sound odd to me. In fact, many people were reluctant to use it due to its different sort of nature.

So, I decided to dig deeper and learned some new facts before using it. and what I discovered was no less than a shock. Yes! the XY Coin app is 100% legit and helps earn a lucrative amount if used correctly and consistently.

Confused? Well, don’t be. Let me explain everything in this detailed XY coin app review.

What is XY Coin App?

XY Coin app is discovered by a non-profit organization called XYO with a mission to provide a decentralized network for location verification.

According to people who have used the app, it’s very similar to Pokémon GO, which tracks where you are when you move and then rewards you for having the app. You can easily earn rewards with the XY coin app. If you have a smartphone, earning rewards is extremely easy for you. You don’t even need to be good at stuff like video games.

When you use the XY Coin app, you get a “COIN” that can be traded for some stuff like PlayStation 4, DNA test kits, and others such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that can later be converted into cash.

What is XY Coin App

How Does the XY Coin App Work?

This app operates with a device called The Sentinel which tracks your location and allows you to get COINS at various locations after checking in. The locations shouldn’t be specific, they can be random just like you do everything in your daily routine. This small device easily fits into your wallet as it simply looks like your credit card.

So, when you install the app after buying the device, it automatically checks you in so you can get a COIN even if you are just driving around.

It allows you to have a percentage of the coins that other people earn after checking in to different locations (for example, your neighborhood).

The makers of the XY coin app add new features and always experiment with different beneficial things for users’ benefit. The best thing about the app is, that users can decide how much money they want to earn.

If you want to earn a good number of rewards or coins, you need to explore XY coin further, and then achieve big by participating in this coin game.

For earning coins, you do not even need to leave your home. Simply moving around can increase the earning potential. People earn several flier miles getting on the ground.

Users are allowed to earn maximum attractive rewards with the premium plan while doing the same things you normally do in your routine.

How Does the XY Coin App Work

How Can You Participate in it?

That’s the easy yet interesting part. All you need to do is, purchase the Sentinel device by visiting their official website.

For generating bonus COIN and then rewards, you can choose their basic plan or a premium one.

With small monthly costs, you can earn 12x rewards that come with their free plan. Besides, you also help a non-profit foundation fulfill its mission.

Significant Features of XY Coin App:

XY coin app comes with plenty of amazing features that you’d love to discover.

  • Explore:

By using the “explore” feature of the app, you can simply discover hidden ideas to increase your earning potential. Some prominent ways are geo mining, geo drop, auto-explore, and others.

  • Referral Links:

When you recommend XY coin to others and bring new users to the app after you help someone get started with this app, you receive a reward.

  • Team Lift:

It’s possible to earn a great number of rewards, all on your own. The XY coin app allows you to work in teams for collecting more attractive rewards.

  • Leaderboard:

A leaderboard is basically a motivating tool that helps you get started. When you download the XY coin app, you can use different fun names, select your desired picture for the profile, and then climb the leaderboard to the top.

  • Achieve:

If you want to get some physical rewards, you can join the “achieve” feature of the XY coin app.

  • Physical Redemption:

By using this currency, users can efficiently swap them for physical items, which include games, gadgets, t-shirts, and others.

  • In-app Badges:

After completing one landmark in the app, you simply earn badges and then show them to the other users.

Features of XY Coin App

Pros and Cons of XY Coin:

Pros Cons
Earn money & digital assets easily No direct monetary prizes
Fun and easy to use The payout threshold is high
Available throughout the world
Trade tokens for cryptocurrencies
Reasonable plans

What Do Users Say About the App?

“Love this app, gives me something to focus on and feel good about when I need a simple distraction, all while earning cryptocurrency.” Victoria M

“This app is guaranteed to make you money but you need to get the pro. I swear to you if you get the pro and travel just a bit day to day you will make your money back with more.” Gunner S

Final Thoughts: Should You Use XY Coin?

Despite being a new concept, geo-mining is quite lucrative and allows lots of people to earn passive income. Especially apps like XY coin are extremely beneficial in every regard because they allow you to earn bonuses and shields with geo-mining.

There is one thing about the app that makes people a little displeases. Their basic or free plan doesn’t include some advanced features. But the solution is, once you start using the plan and learn all the features & benefits in one month, then you can shift to the premium plan and enjoy more amazing things. This will help you earn 2x more and you can simply have a good source of income, without having to do anything.

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