Amaranth Vase Review – Does this 10” Vase Keep Your Flowers Fresh?

Flowers are the stars of Earth. Their rich warm colors and elegant appearance definitely make a way to someone’s heart. Not only you can express your deep emotions with flowers but they also make your environment fresh, fragrant, and beautiful.

But we all know there is a sad truth about flowers – they don’t last longer than a week. No matter how much care you provide them, they die within 5-7 days. Especially if you live in a hot and stuffy area.

What if I tell you that now you can increase their lifespan by just having a specific vase?

Yes! Amaranth vase is not like your ordinary floral vase for decorating flowers. It also controls the floral life without having you put in much effort and time. This means, there is simply no mess and hassle with the Amaranth vase.

Let’s find out how this vase works, and what are its features in this detailed review.

What is Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase is an innovative and high-quality flower vase that is shatterproof, crackproof, and chip-proof for helping your flowers to grow, flourish and live longer.

This beautiful vase is capable to withstand any harsh mildew stains and can even survive toddler knock overs as well as pet bump-ins.

If your sweetheart has bought you a bouquet, this vase will help it stay fresh, vibrant, and fragrant for weeks. Now you don’t have to see your expensive flowers wilt away overnight. This vase can provide a better experience due to its unique qualities and features.

what is Amaranth vase

How does the Amaranth Vase Works?

Amaranth Vase is the only practical vase that claims to keep your flowers fresh. According to the users of this vase, it has a very stylish and patent-pending exterior that simply justifies the tag of your colorful, mood-boosting flowers.

We all know that most fresh-cut flowers droop and die within a few days due to bacterial infections. You cannot replace clean water every single day to extend the life of your flowers, especially if you have kids, work, and other responsibilities.

The vase comes with a quirky “twist and turns” design that allows easy access to the flowers. Its design enables you to cut flower stems, drain excess water, as well as wipe away any dirt within seconds.

The makers of this clever product say that the patent-pending design helps prolong the life of your flowers without doing much work. Moreover, this vase is more organized, easy to handle, and user-friendly. Its “twist and turn” feature can be used by any person, even youngsters and the elderly.

How does the Amaranth Vase Works

3 Steps to Use the Amaranth Vase:

Have a look at three easy steps to use the Amaranth Vase:

  1. Twist:

The base of the vase twists smoothly and allows you to drain the water. As the makers said, the “twist and turn” feature is very easy to apply even for people with agility and strength issues.

  1. Trim:

Thanks to the exposed base of this vase, you can easily cut the stems. The manufacturers claim that you can easily replace the water without removing your flowers.

  1. Enjoy

People who used the Amaranth vase say that it doubles the longevity of flowers. All you need to do is change the water and then trim the stems regularly. It will surely increase the longevity of your beautiful blossoms.

3 Steps to Use the Amaranth Vase

Notable Features of Amaranth Vase:

Are you planning to use the Amaranth vase? If yes, you need to read all the features first so you can fully understand if it’s a great choice or not.

  • 3-D Geometric Design:

Amaranth vase has a diamond floral pattern that enhances your overall decoration. You have options to choose different colors, and find the one that complements your interior design.

  • Fits Every Bouquet Size:

Whether you have a tiny bouquet or a giant one, the Amaranth vase can beautifully fit every bouquet.

Fits Every Bouquet Size

  • No Mess or Hassle:

Amaranth vase keeps your flowers fresh and organized in one place. The vase is unbreakable and chip-resistant, which means it’s unlikely to produce any kind of messes or hassles.

  • User-friendly Option:

This vase is a very user-friendly solution for all. All you need to do is, alter the water level and then trim the flower stems without disturbing the petals.

  • Best Gift:

If you want to make your loved ones happy with a unique gift, the Amaranth vase is probably the best choice to consider.

features of amaranth vase

Pros and Cons of Amaranth Vase:

Pros Cons
Durable and reliable Limited stock available
Available in different colors  
Big 10 inches vase for every bouquet  
Twist and turn the feature  
Easy to use  
Patent pending design  
Unbreakable and chip-resistant  
Lightweight, easy to hold  
Shatter resistant plastic  
Comes in 2 sizes  

Price of Amaranth Vase:

Amaranth vase is currently available with huge deals and discounts.

  • Buy 1 Amaranth vase for = $39.99
  • Buy 2 get 1 free = $109.8
  • Buy 3 get 2 free = $164.97

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I fill the vase?

Filling Amaranth vase is as simple as other traditional vases. You just need to pour water through its long neck. Its draining mechanism is the only thing that differentiates it from other vases.

2. Is an Amaranth vase a safer option than glass vases?

Yes. Amaranth vase is much safer than glass vases. Though it is made of high-grade plastic and features a marble composition but it can still crack or shatter if you drop it from too high.

3. What’s the size of a smarter vase?

The smarter vase is available in 10 inches size which is perfect for larger bouquets or cascading ones. Its height is perfect and offers ideal support to mid-sized bouquets and stems.

4. Where can I buy the Amaranth vase?

Its recommended to visit the official website of Amaranth vase and select the desired package based on your needs. When you shop from the official website, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee and huge deals and discounts.

5. Can I wash it in the dishwasher?

No. The dishwasher is not a safe option. Use water and soap to wash it.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Amaranth Vase?

After a detailed analysis and 30,000+ happy customers, we can clearly conclude that yes! Amaranth vase is a good choice for decorating and extending the life of your flowers. Unlike other vases, its twist and turn feature allows you to cut stems and drain water without even damaging the petals. So why not invest in something that offers such class and durability at the same time? Ensure the longevity of your flowers and choose different hues to enhance the décor of your entire place.

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