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Copper Protector Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Let’s face it – the world is filled with lots of hidden potential illnesses. If you are not protecting yourself in public, you are exposing your body to a lot of germs and bacteria.

As a result, your body becomes an ideal environment for germs to grow and leave it easily vulnerable to different diseases and infections. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do that. It’s not possible to avoid touching things when you walk through the grocery store or avoid touching door handles and knobs while shopping for different stuff.

I almost get goosebumps when I imagine how many people pressed that lift button before me…! That’s the reason, I was looking for a product that can help me avoid contact with germs through these objects. And luckily, I discovered Copper Protector.

It is an innovative tool that helps you do most of your everyday activities without even touching objects, personally. Without wasting time, I will explain how this small gadget works and what are its key features.

What is Copper Protector?

You must be curious to know what this interesting gadget is exactly. Let’s find out.

Copper Protector is a handheld copper hook or you can also call it a copper door opener that helps you avoid contact with viruses and bacteria and keep you safe. Picking up germs that you can’t see with bare eyes while interacting with door knobs, escalators, and ATMs is completely avoidable by using this small and compact tool.

The best thing about Copper Protector is, that it is made from 99.9% copper, and is antimicrobial. The antimicrobial tools are good enough to kill and reduce bacteria and virus transmission and stop microbes to come in contact with your body and make you sick.

When you use this Copper Protector tool, you can easily avoid touching different surfaces that may have hundreds of layers of germs and protect you from all these germs that later cause serious infections.

What is Copper Protector

How Does Aviano Copper Protector Work?

Aviano Copper Protector helps you protect yourself from hidden germs and infection with the help of its antimicrobial copper. All the germs will be killed by copper when they come in contact with the tool. By using Copper Protector, you can even reach some high-touch areas without personally touching them as germs will not be able to infect you because you are not using your hands.

Despite its frequent use in Australia, it is still not clearly understood how copper kills bacteria and viruses. According to many experts, copper exists in bacteria and virus kills them while replacing the metals in them. Different pathogens responsible for disease cause this process to happen quickly.

How Does Aviano Copper Protector Work

Some Key Features of Copper Protector:

If you are interested to buy Copper Protector, I think it’s important to get fully aware of all the features that make the product useful.

  • Reduced Exposure to Germs:

With Copper Protector, you can simply reduce exposure to germs. By using this tool, you don’t have to touch the surface of door knobs and handles or press the buttons at ATMs.

You will be less likely to catch any bacteria or virus while touching the surfaces with this small tool.

  • Self-Sanitizing Properties:

The copper surface of the product doesn’t support any growth of bacteria and viruses. This means everything you touch with Copper Protector will stay on its surface for a few minutes.

  • 99.9% Copper:

The most amazing feature of the product is, that it is made of 99.9% copper. It is naturally antimicrobial which means it protects you against different germs.

  • Door-Friendly and Touch-Screen Friendly Design:

Copper Protector is designed in the form of keys as it has pieces that look like a hook attached and allow you to open doors having handles with a such hook.

Other than that, it also has a copper tip on the surface which allows you to poke screens while entering PINs, account numbers, and other details at ATMs or banks.

  • Long Lasting:

Unlike traditional tools, it is long-lasting and it never rusts or corrodes. It is made of high-quality copper which means the tool won’t get damaged even after regular use.

Features of Copper Protector

What Makes it Different from Other Tools?

Copper protector is unique in design & functionality. Your traditional tools have an alloy or copper, a lot of brass, and different other materials. But Copper Protector is specifically made of 99% copper.

You don’t have to touch any surface while using this tool. But other gadgets may require you to handle the surface with your fingers.  The tool is also quite cheap than others and has proven to kill germs effectively.

Pros and Cons of Copper Protector:

Pros Cons
Durable design & construction Only available online
Attachable to pockets or key rings Need some time to adjust to it
Entirely made of copper  
Easy to use  
Extremely safe and hygienic  
Self-sanitizing materials  
Lightweight and innovative  
Useful for everyday activities  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you tell me the size and length of the Copper Protector?

Yes. the dimensions of the Copper Protector tool are 3.35-height and1.6-width, which means it’s small and easy to carry.

2. What should I do to maintain the Copper Protector tool?

Well, it doesn’t require much maintenance because it comes with self-sanitizing properties. However, you can clean it with water and cloth if it gets dirty with soil.

3. Do its antimicrobial properties diminish with time?

No. it doesn’t happen. You don’t have to worry about the natural oxidation of copper because it won’t lose its effectiveness even after years.

4. Where can I buy it?

The Copper Protector tool is available online. It is recommended to buy it from the official website of Copper Protector where it is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. What’s the price of the Copper Protector?

Copper Protector is a very cost-effective tool. You can buy it for only $24.99. however, if you want to buy it for the whole family, you can check out other deals and discounts on the official website.

Final Thoughts: Is it Legit or a Scam?

After reading different reviews on the official website and based on my personal experience, I can clearly say NO! Copper Protector is not a scam and it is a 100% legitimate product for everyday use. It helps you protect yourself from germs and viruses and keep you safe in public places.

If you are interested to buy Copper Protector, I would advise you to visit the website and enjoy large discounts available on the product.

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