Huusk Knives Review – Are These Japanese Knives Legit or Scam?

People who look for a sharp and blunt knife for cutting meat and vegetables often feel a bit skeptical before buying Huusk knives. They wonder whether it’s a legit or a scam? Because how can a simple handmade knife be so helpful for almost every task in a kitchen?

But the truth is, Huusk knives are made of traditional Japanese stainless steel which is the same that was previously used for Samurai swords for centuries.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. There are plenty of things that will make you more surprised in this detailed review. So, if you want to know whether these knives are perfect for your kitchen or not, I would advise you to read the article till the end and learn how it works, what are its features, and what makes them special.

What are Huusk Knives?

Huusk knives are sharp, versatile, innovative, and uniquely designed knives influenced by Samurai Katanas. They are also called “Huusk hand-made knife” and is very easy to use, convenient, and cheap.

As I said above, Huusk knives are made of traditional Japanese stainless steel, which was the same that was used for Samurai swords. This means that when you have these knives in the kitchen, you don’t have to use any other object for cutting and slicing vegs. These knives are sharper than any other knife that offers precise cutting, slicing, and easier use.

Moreover, Huusk knives are handmade. They are made using ancient Japanese bladesmith forging methods. In this method, the manufacturers use the design of a Japanese knife and then add it to the latest technology for making the sharpest ever knife. These knives have a perfect grip and are also a suitable lot for chefs and cooks.

what are huusk knives

Technical Specs of the Product:

  • Blade and handle length = 11 inches
  • Blade and handle width = 2 inches
  • Blade length = 6 inches
  • Weight = 0.5 pounds
  • The angle of the curve = 38°
  • Blade material = stainless steel
  • Handle material = Oakwood and carbon onyx

Are Huusk Knives the Safe Choice for All?

Many people feel a bit confused before buying Huusk knives before they know they are very sharp so they might be dangerous to use.

However, the fact is the opposite. Huusk knives are extremely safe to use. though they have an extra sharp blade that dulls very slowly.

But the best part is, that these sharp blades increase the safety of this knife. I believe every kitchen accident involves blunt and sharp-edged knives, which means you have to apply great force for using them effectively.

In terms of using a Huusk knife which is extra sharp, you don’t have to use any force. These knives are perfectly designed and they claim to give ultimate control and balance. This means kitchen accidents are absolutely an impossible story with Huusk knives.

Are Huusk Knives the Safe

Features and Benefits of Huusk Knives:

Now let’s come to the features and benefits of Huusk knives, so you can decide wisely if this is the right knife for your kitchen or not.

  • Ergonomically Designed:

Huusk Handmade knives are very uniquely and ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable grip. They come with a hole in the blade which gives you enough space for your fingers.

  • Super-sharp:

Unlike your traditional kitchen knife, Huusk knives are super-sharp. They are made of Japanese stainless steel that has been used for Samurai swords, which means they are perfect for sharp cutting tasks.

  • Best for Chefs and Home Cooks:

Huusk knives are versatile and unique. They are not only best for professional chefs but also good for home cooks.

  • Safe for All:

Huusk knives are a 100% safe choice for all. A knife with dull edges is more dangerous because it gets slippery so, you need extra force to use it. Unlike your standard knife, its edges do not dull quickly which means you don’t need to put any pressure or force.

  • Pleasurable for Every Task:

Yes, it’s pleasurable for every task in the kitchen. Whether you want to cut, slice, or chop, you just need Huusk knives for doing things quickly.

Pleasurable for Every Task

  • Lightweight:

Though they are made of high-quality Japanese Steel, it doesn’t mean that they are heavy or difficult to carry. They are very lightweight and comfortable for everyday use.

Features and Benefits of Huusk Knives

Pros and Cons of Huusk Knives:

Pros Cons
User-friendly and safe Limited supply
Comfortable grip Available at the official website only
Versatile solution  
Razor sharp blade  
Offers a good feel and balance  
Affordable choice  
Good for chefs and cooks  

Different Kinds of Huusk Knives Available:

Did you know Huusk knives are available in six different types? They are designed for several tasks and have been used frequently by chefs in Australia, America, Japan, and other countries.

Their types are:

  • Huusk hunting knife
  • Huusk meat cleaver
  • Huusk fillet knife
  • Huusk bread knife
  • Huusk boning knife
  • Huusk butcher knife

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I sharpen these knives after some time?

Yes, you can. But I bet you wouldn’t need to do it for a long time. The hardness of the blade can be easily measured at 57-59 HRC on the Rockwell scale. This means the blade is pretty sharp and you don’t have to sharpen it for a long time.

2. Where to buy Huusk Knives in Australia?

They are only available on the official website of Huusk Knives. If you want to buy, visit the official site and check out different packages.

3. What is the price of Huusk knives?

Good question. Huusk knives are currently available with a 70% discount. This means you can buy them for only $29.95 instead of $99.83.

4. Can I use these knives for camping?

Well, these knives are designed for home cooks and chefs. So, I won’t advise you to use them for camping to avoid any unwanted incidents.

5. Do these knives really work?

Of course, they do. Huusk knives are 100% original, made of premium quality steel, and sold thousands of pieces so far. This means, that every chef trusts the quality, performance, and effectiveness of these knives. They really work and deliver the desired excellence you want.


After using them personally and with lots of positive reviews, I can clearly say that yes! Huusk knives are a user-friendly choice and the best for every chef. They work and deliver amazing results. In fact, they come with exceptional discounts and offers as well. For example, if you order now, you can enjoy a free recipe book with your purchase too.

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