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Best Dessert Adelaide – 6 Options that You Shouldn’t Miss

Calling all chocolate lovers and pastry queens… if you are an avid lover of sweet treats, you must be looking for the best dessert Australia… Right? Well, good news for all the sweet tooths with the finest taste. Now you can try some best hot spots in Australia that are surely going to please your taste buds with their yummiest and sweetest desserts.

From gooey chocolate cakes to cheesecakes and flakey sugary pastries to milkshakes, these dessert bars in Adelaide serve you the options that you can’t risk avoiding at any cost.

What’s even more amazing about them is, they taste as delicious as they look. With the mixture of innovative flavor combinations, these desserts just hit differently to every choice, every taste!

So, let’s not waste any more time and indulge yourself in a sweet delicacy for the evening at these hot dessert places in Adelaide.

Best Dessert Adelaide – An Overview:

Drop in to taste very tasty, very yummy, and very sweet dessert places in Adelaide that offer a range of pastries, chocolates, tarts, cakes, hot chocolate, and much more.

  1. Koko Black
  2. S Candy Bar
  3. 48 Flavors
  4. St Louis House of Fine Ice-cream and Dessert
  5. The Original Pancake Kitchen
  6. Chocolatree

Ready to try the world’s best dessert Adelaide? Let’s find out what exclusive sweet items are available at these dessert bars.

  1. Koko Black:

  • Location: Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall
  • Specialty: Experts in producing the best chocolates in Australia

Koko Black is one of the finest dessert restaurants in Adelaide operated by the Melbourne-based chocolatier who is famous for producing the yummiest and best chocolates in the country.

Their philosophy is to simply combine all the romance, peace, mystery, excitement, and ‘wow factor’ of chocolate to give a sensory experience from beginning to end. Their special Classics Collection now brings together the quintessential Australiana and well-made chocolate flavor. Gaytime, honey joys, lamington, and jam wagons are some of the delicious foods you’d love to try.

Koko Black

  1. S Candy Bar:

  • Location: 127a, Gouger Street, Adelaide
  • Specialty: Cheesecakes, macarons, milkshakes

Are you a blogger or Instagrammer who loves to try mouthwatering desserts and foods? If yes, then I am sure you would love S Candy Bar which presents the most Instagram-able desserts to all sweet tooths. Not only that, but their picture-perfect plating with immaculate creations further enhances your experience. Cheesecakes, crème brûlée, macarons, and milkshakes are some of their special desserts that everybody craves …!

Besides these desserts, the overall menu of this Central Market dessert bar is super-delicious. What’s more, they are affordable and best for every taste and preference. Whether you want to try matcha basque cheesecake or are in love with decadent chocolate macarons, they have everything you can’t miss for sure.

  1. 48 Flavors:

  • Location: 78 Gouger Street, Adelaide
  • Specialty: Best ice creams and sorbets

What about enjoying some high-quality desserts with unique flavors and options? Now you can try some exclusive items at this award-winning ice-cream bar, which is named 48 Flavors. They are specialized in creating exotic ice creams and sorbets by using some top-notch ingredients.

The best part is, all the ingredients are sourced from the Adelaide Central Markets. You can enjoy the versatile taste and food by having an ever-changing menu which means you won’t be sure what sweetness you are going to taste today! But one thing is for sure, the flavor would be extraordinary.

48 Flavors

  1. St Louis House of Fine Ice-cream and Dessert:

  • Location: Shop 2, 20 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide
  • Specialty: Rich ice cream, hot chocolates, and coffee

Sure, the name of this auspicious dessert bar is so mouthful, but just wait until you try their sweet treats. Extremely decadent and exotic, the dessert bar is famous for several items that you may not find anywhere in Adelaide. Their menu is locally made and comes with rich ice cream flavors that you’d be amazed to try. On top of that, their different types of coffees, hot chocolates, and delicious cocktails invite you every day to taste the uniqueness and sweetness.

  1. The Original Pancake Kitchen:

  • Location: 13 Gilbert Place, Adelaide
  • Specialty: Best-quality pancakes

Are you also crazy about pancakes like thousands of Aussies? If yes, you must be looking for the best place to enjoy unique types and flavors of pancakes.

Generations of Aussies have grown up here enjoying quality time at The Original Pancake Kitchen, by celebrating memorable events like childhood birthdays and anniversaries. This means the dessert bar is serving for decades and catering to all the needs and preferences, so there’s absolutely no excuse to miss this iconic place. The place is also perfect for intimate date nights and other celebrations.

The Original Pancake Kitchen

  1. Chocolatree:

  • Location: 25 O’Connell Street, Adelaide
  • Specialty: Oreo brownies with cookies ice-cream, milk chocolate crushed Oreos

Looking for a relaxing place to enjoy sweet desserts with all your chocoholic friends? Let’s come together and taste the yummiest chocolate dishes ever…!

For people who struggle with having eyes bigger than their stomach kind of syndrome, that’s the place I would suggest you choose and indulge in the taste of sweetness. Whether you want to choose the Oreo brownie with cookies ice cream or milk chocolate crushed Oreos, Chocolatree has everything to offer. Especially if you are in love with desserts like coconut cream, lychee, and coconut sorbets, then I guess, nothing is better than this wonderful dessert destination in Adelaide.


Ending Thoughts:

So, here was our round-up of the best dessert Adelaide that serves you sweet and yummy treats to satisfy your taste buds. These exquisite spots with enchanting tastes have everything you want to consider for a lovely evening.

Surely, you haven’t tried all of these sweet spots, but if you have ever tried any of these, do not forget to share your experience with other Adelaideians. Are you ready to indulge in the sweetness of these desserts? Or maybe you want some more opinions about the best places to eat in Adelaide?

Let’s celebrate every moment together at the wonderful places to eat, stay, and enjoy in Australia.

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