Best Places to Eat in Adelaide

5 Best Places to Eat in Adelaide

In case you missed it, Adelaide is now becoming a true treasure trove of hidden gems especially when it comes to cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are always new spots popping up but do they really outweigh the comfort, affordability, quality, and other features of the old faithfuls?

If you are new to Adelaide and also a big foodie, I bet you are in search of some best places to eat in Adelaide that do not break the bank and provide you with a delicious variety of items that you never tasted before.

Well, there are lots of eating spots you’ll surely want to bookmark this year for your next getaway. But the ones I mentioned below are probably the most suitable choices for people of all tastes and preferences. From salt and pepper calamari to lamington, and coffee bay king oysters to different meat dishes, there are dozens of items available in these best places in Adelaide to please your taste buds.

Without further ado, let’s scroll down and find out some best places to eat in Adelaide.

Best Places to Eat in Adelaide:

Here I have compiled a list of some best places to eat in Adelaide that are committed to offering the hottest food. They can surely make your stay memorable with fine dining and wonderful quality food.

  1. Africola:

Africola is currently one of the hottest and best places to eat in Adelaide. Scrumptious spices of Northern Africa can unleash your adventurous spirit to try some unfamiliar items that you’ll remember forever.

You can either choose the four-course chef’s selection or maybe fill the table with items like golden dahl, sprouted lentils, and fried cauliflower, the expert chefs can help you choose all the exclusive dishes that suit your taste and mood. Due to fresh quality and excellent customer support, Africola is one of the restaurants in Adelaide so make sure you book your table first before Christmas.


  1. FishBank:

Are you a fish lover? Or maybe in your friends or family who love fish more than any other food? If yes, then Fishbank is the only restaurant that can make anyone happy with its lovely collection of all fish items.

Whether you want to order the whole fish or choose from caviar, oysters, sashimi, prawns, mussels, scallops, lobster, crab, pipis, or whatever you name, you can simply order from 30 different kinds of seafood at Fishbank.

Items do not end at fish only. Their after-dinner cocktails follow the special sea theme. So, if you want to enjoy some unfamiliar but wonderful taste of fish, do visit Fishbank with your friends and family.

  1. Parwana:

In case you need more proof that the foodie scene is exploding in Adelaide then you don’t need to look further than this beautiful restaurant named Parwana.

This beautiful and colorful eatery is operated by Zelmai and Farida Ayubi, who successfully fled the Afghanistan war in 1987. And then after a few years of hard work and dedication, they launched Parwana in 2009 so they can establish some connection to their beautiful culture and history.

When you first visit and eat in Parwana, you will feel like you are sitting at some Ayubi home with their care, kindness, and love poured into every dish. So, if you want to enjoy quality food at some kind and colorful place, then Parwana is surely a good choice to consider.


  1. iTL Italian Kitchen:

If you are new to Adelaide, I am sure that you wouldn’t know that the place is packed with lots of incredible Italian restaurants. iTL Italian Kitchen is surely one of the best places to eat in Adelaide that serve quality food that you might not find anywhere in the city.

The place is located at the Swanky SkyCity, which is operated by Italian-born head chef Luca Guiotto – which means the place is credible and reliable. I would recommend you to start with negroni first and also grab a plate of fritto misto before you order one of their yummy pizzas or maybe a big bowl of pasta.

Though I loved the spaghettino chitarra more due to the taste and of course the way they cook and prepare with expertise.

  1. Sunny’s Pizza:

“Pizza is not a ‘trend’, but it’s a way of life”. Agreed? Well, if that pizza is ordered from Sunny’s Pizza, then we can surely say that the quote is true.

Sunny’s Pizza is another best eateries in Adelaide, especially for pizza lovers. Not only the food, but the environment is also very enchanting as the combination of neon lights, cute fitout and funky DJs can surely make anyone feel nostalgic for old-fashioned high school party.

Apart from those excellent vibes, the major reason people love to come to Sunny’s is – the drool-worthy ​Napoli-style pizza. Whatever flavor or requirement you share with them, you can have the most delicious pizza on table within minutes.

What’s even more amazing is, their rates are pretty affordable than other pizza eateries in Adelaide. Whether you are with high-school friends for a pizza party or enjoying a day out with colleagues, you can simply make a budget-friendly deal at Sunny’s Pizza in Adelaide.

Sunny’s Pizza

Final Thoughts:

According to the Economist’s Global Livability index, Adelaide is the 3rd most livable city in the world. And why not? After all, the city has been progressing rapidly in every aspect. From the best food places to different suburbs where you can make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, Adelaide offers a lot and is packed with incredible fun and lifestyle.

In case you are new to the city, you must be looking for the top places to live in Adelaide. Check out this article to explore what are the best places to live in Adelaide that can offer more fun, excitement, and convenience without breaking the bank.

So, if you have ever tried one of the above-eating places in Adelaide, do not forget to share your experience and tell us why you prefer to join them.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles coming up this week.


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