What are the Best Generators for Caravans in 2022?

For caravan folks and adventure lovers, a high-powered generator is one of the most crucial parts of their trip as it offers great peace of mind in knowing that backup is always available in place in the absence of power sources.

So, if you are planning to hit the road shortly, make sure you can use all your favorite appliances even if you are on the off-beaten track, with the help of the best generator for caravans that offers interrupted power supply.

Let us help you select the best portable caravan generator that can help power your appliances efficiently when you are off the grid. Here we have compiled a list of the best generators for caravans so you don’t have to worry about powering up your unavoidable gadgets on the trip and you can make the most of your time with friends and family.

The Best Generators for Caravans – Overview:

Some of the most trusted and best generators for caravans in Australia are:

  • Yamaha EF2200iS
  • Cromtech CTG2400 Outback
  • Briggs & Stratton P2400i
  • Honda EU22i
  • Westinghouse IGEN2500

Let’s find out the best pick for your trip.

1. Yamaha EF2200iS:

Yamaha EF2200iS

Wherever you go, and whatever you do, this portable and compact Yamaha EF2200iS generator are here to charge all the gadgets and accessories.

This superior quality caravan generator strikes a great balance between quality power and portability. With only 25 Kg, this is an excellent lightweight generator for all your outdoor or camping trips. Yes, it’s ideal for caravanners, adventurists, tourers, campers, and travel enthusiasts.

It is also one of the quietest portable generators as it features a Yamaha Quiet Technology that allows it to perform all the operations without making any noise.

Features and specs:


  • LED-lit control panel
  • Powerful, compact, travel-friendly
  • Comes with three handles to carry easily
  • Innovative design, featuring advanced Yamaha technology
  • 2 kVA high power
  • 5 hours performance
  • 57 dba low noise technology
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • User-friendly option
  • Affordable and reliable

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2. Cromtech CTG2400 Outback:

Cromtech CTG2400 Outback

Cromtech CTG2400 Outback is one of the best generators for caravans and outdoor trips that comes with 2.4 kW and is the most compact, portable, and lightest solution. It is an excellent choice for caravanning and camping as it is available in a compact suitcase size. People love to select this portable generator for recreational and domestic use.

The best feature of this generator is, it comes with a 1-year warranty and can also power your portable fridge freezers, your small workspace, and a few power tools.

Features and Specs:


  • 2x USB outlets (5v-2Amp)
  • AC reset button
  • Bonus dust cover
  • Convenient access points
  • Easy maintenance
  • 2x single phase outlets
  • Main LED sensors
  • 4-stroke
  • Forced air-cooled
  • 2400W max power
  • Low noise levels

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3. Briggs & Stratton P2400i:

Briggs & Stratton P2400iIf you are looking for an affordable, small, and compact generator for a caravan, then this Briggs & Stratton P2400i is the right option to consider. You can enjoy all the conveniences of home while being on road.

This ultra-smart series inverter generator comprises a 2.4kva model which is extremely reliable, easy to use, and durable. Briggs & Stratton is one of the trusted brands that offer consistent and smooth power no matter where you are.

Whether you are on the road, camping somewhere, or just out with friends on an adventurous trip, this caravan generator is the best companion, indeed.

It is also a quieter choice than other camping generators. You can enjoy straight 8 hours of power with this handy and portable generator. If you need some extra power then you can also link two inverter generators with a connector kit.

Features and specs:
  • Designed specifically for camping
  • Quiet, portable, small, and compact
  • Advanced and quiet power technology
  • Easy to move anywhere
  • Multiple outlets for various power needs
  • A safer choice for big & sensitive appliances
  • Patent-pending CO guard carbon monoxide shutdown
  • Parallel connector port
  • 2400 starting watts
  • 1800 running watts
  • 8 hours run time
  • Twin carry handle for easy transportation

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4. Honda EU22i:

Honda EU22i

This is one of the best-selling leisure generators for caravans and camping trips.

This new Honda EU22i has just got better as it is the replacement model for an old version of the EU20i model. This new and high-quality model is designed to deliver a straight 200 watts of power. It has also been upgraded to a larger motor size which runs at lower revs and delivers more power output. It is available with 12V charging leads and also provides an accessory pack upgrade that contains a dust cover and security cable.

This generator is fuel-efficient, compact, reliable, and lightweight, which makes it one of the best generators for caravans in 2022.

Features and specs:
  • 21 kg, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Better commercial quality than traditional generators
  • Low coil alert system
  • Safely powers your electronic and computer devices
  • 12v charging leads, tool kit, security cable
  • Super quiet and easy to start
  • Built-in Eco-throttle for best fuel efficiency
  • 8 hours of continuous run time
  • Engine 20% larger than old models

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5. Westinghouse iGen2200:

Westinghouse IGEN2500

If you are looking for the best generators for caravans, then Westinghouse iGen2200 which produces 2,200 watts, is probably the right option for you, especially in the event of a power outage or emergency home backup.

This generator type is also an idea for camping and caravanning as it features a 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine, the iGen2200 which is designed specifically to adjust the engine speed so it can generate a sufficient amount of power needed for increased fuel efficiency.

Features and specs:
  • Best for emergency use, power outage, and recreational trips
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and compact.
  • Real-time LED display with details like run time, volts, and others
  • 2200 running watts
  • 10 hours run time
  • Powers all the big and sensitive electronic items
  • Super quiet, efficient, and durable

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Best Generators for Caravans in Australia – Your Pick?

Here is our list of some best generators for caravans in Australia that give efficient power supply to your appliances when there is no power available. These generators are the tried and tested options and are trusted by thousands of customers.

If you are in search of the best generators for caravans to make your trip enjoyable, safe, and convenient, then Yamaha EF2200iS is the most reliable and ideal choice due to its impeccable features and specs. Other options are also quite amazing as they are upgraded with the latest technologies as well.

So let’s give a shot at these options and see how they help you spend quality time with your friends and family.

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