Lumenology Review – Does This Wireless Motion Light Actually Work?

When it comes to security and protection, light is extremely important to illuminate your home, office, shop, or entire neighborhood. And to have that extra measure of security at your place, it’s better to consider something as beneficial as Lumenology.

You may have not heard about the product so much because it is certainly new in the market but people who have already used it, highly appreciate it.

It is an LED portable motion sensor that can be mounted anywhere to enjoy excess light. This is a compact LED light that comes with a lot of amazing features. That’s why people consider it an excellent source of light as they don’t even need to call electricians to fix their flickering lights anymore because Lumenology is here to brighten up every darker space.

Let’s find out what are its features and does it even work?

What is Lumenology?

Lumenology is an innovative do-it-yourself lighting solution that can be placed anywhere for illuminating your dark spaces within seconds.

You just need to place Lumenology motion lights anywhere you want, and you can enjoy highly professional-quality lighting without having to spend tons of money. The product is available with a tripod as well as a magnetic base. This means it is very easy to install wherever you want.

The best part is, you don’t need any professional help for installing this light. It is very easy to fix even if you have zero technical skills. It’s as easy as flipping a light switch, which makes Lumenology an incredible choice for every home and workplace.

What makes the product even more unique is, that it features a motion detection system. It has a motion sensor that automatically lights up while detecting any kind of motion. You don’t have to install any light switch or use a remote for the light. You can easily install it wherever you need light, then its motion will automatically activate the light.

What is Lumenology

How Does the Lumenology Product Work?

Lumenology is available with three main components.

  • Motion LED light
  • Tripod legs
  • Magnetic base

You need to screw its flexible tripod legs at the back side of the LED light for using the tripod. Alternatively, you can also use the included screw for attaching the magnetic base to the back side of the light. Its magnetic base can easily rest on any flat surface as well as stick to all metal surfaces. However, when you prefer to use Lumenology, you can also mount it anywhere you want.

Many people choose the gadget for outdoors so they can illuminate fences, walkways, BBQ areas, driveways, and other settings.

While many people prefer to use Lumenology indoors. They attach the light to dark closets, dark stairways, as well as different spaces that need additional illumination.

According to the manufacturers of Lumenology, the device is ideal for both outdoors and indoors.

How Does the Lumenology Product Work

How to Use Lumenology?

For using the Lumenology product, you need to wrap the tripod legs around the object. Keep in mind that these legs work similarly to the tripod legs you use for smartphones. The legs wrap around the object or you can even use them to create a steady base for the product.

As an alternative, you can even snap this motion light on any flat surface with the help of a magnet that works on any magnetic surface.

As long as the batteries are working in the device, it will work efficiently in always-on mode or motion detection mode.

How to Use Lumenology

Some Key Features of Lumenology Device:

Are you planning to buy Lumenology? Wait, read these features first and then make your purchase.

  • IP43 Water Resistant:

Lumenology gives excellent results because it is IP43 water-resistant. The device is solar-powered as well as compatible with weather and different temperatures. This means it’s best for both indoors and outdoors.

  • Portable and Lightweight:

Unlike other bulky lighting products, the Lumenology gadget is very lightweight. You can easily carry it while on the go or keep it in your backpack.

  • Three AA Batteries:

The product comes with three AA batteries. They come in a pack of eight and allow you to save enough money on new batteries.

  • Powerful Motion Sensor:

Lumenology comes with a very strong movement sensor that can efficiently detect any motion even if the subject is in the dark. With just a 13-foot range, the motion sensors cover more than 100 degrees of vision. This means the device can detect and catch some minor movements without any hassle.

  • Bright Lights:

The product features a very powerful bulb that can easily lighten up all the areas. illuminance rating of 148 lumens. Its bulb has an illuminance rating of 148 lumens which means they are very effective in lightening up the whole space. The light also comes with 360- degree rotation which is adjustable according to requirements.

Key Features of Lumenology

Pros and Cons of Lumenology:

Portable and lightweight Limited stock available
Easy to install
Run on powerful batteries
Durable and long-lasting
Cost-efficient solution
Saves money on electrician’s costs
User-friendly and secure

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I buy the Lumenology light?

You can buy the Lumenology light from the official website where you can get an authentic product with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

2. What is the range of Lumenology?

Its motion sensor comprises a 13ft detectable range, as well as the light beam, which has an overall distance of 42ft.

3. Why Lumenology is better than other products?

Lumenology is cost-efficient, produces less heat, and delivers ample light both indoors and outdoors.

4. What is the price of Lumenology?

You can buy 1 Lumenology kit for only $39.99. if you want to buy multiple kits for different areas of your home or office, then visit the official website and check for more deals.


Lumenology product uses bright white LED lights and high-quality motion sensing that can easily brighten up any area. You can install it within a couple of seconds. So, if you want to illuminate dark areas of your home, it’s recommended to invest in this product and enjoy extraordinary lighting. You can leave it on one spot of the house or carry it anywhere you want.

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